Finally got to making this! I wanted to make one once when I hit 800, but I did other things instead and pushed this aside… so im doing one now :)

This is a thank you for making my feed so beautiful and staying on tumblr so I can enjoy your wonderful presences. That’s like everybody, but i’ll try to pick out ones I recommend and/or one’s I’ve interacted with! You need to know how cool you are.

Please forgive me if I forgot or didn’t add you, i reaally tried to pick as few as possible ): you guys are all wonderful 

In bold are the super cuties and/or tomodachi, italics are sempai!


51kmaokaori I akiseruarinoamai-elegy astroemia ayakashic I baaika I besho-san I black-raven-5blueberrymaplecherrydangochiisai-hope I crisalyscyurei cinness colormyworldd I drieielsamaria-2d


fuyuuyume I furumii I gahora I gayza I ghostlyhouse I habuti houtarun I  ichiino I kazenosorakooiizora I lenpai Ilu-loo I laexoc leafeon I magicalseifukumassushiromei-shii I minuga-hanamyuun I nisoku I orekihoutanoupandaruri I pandorafullypankago


reii-sama I rain-png I robctsakiruu I serephinshioshishio I s-k-y I sinful-kittysnowkun I tensh-iithe-graceless I teromea-no-ubugoeteddiurza I tokyo-yuureiutekis umekoriwhiitestarwhimsicalesqueyamaken-chiyuasashokozero-no-kiseki

I love u all (づ◡‿◡)づ

hope you dont mind me calling you a cutie


Thank you for 2k followers :D I decided to do follow forever since there is this really cute pictures of Dan and Phil. I hope I didn’t misspell anybody’s url! These are like the blogs I reblog things the most from and my favorites. If you are not on the list, don’t feel bad because if i follow you, I love you and I love your blog and you are my favorite. Thank you so much for following this boring and disorganized blog!

a-pea-sized-dan amahzingphil / analzingphil /  sunshinelester / phanofficial / orekihoutanou / danlsnotonfire / philslesters / kevilafire / onlydanhowell / marcobut  / adorablehowell / neptunc philiplesters / satansgiantcock / dailyphan / danthighs / ihateyoutubers / daanhowell / danlhowell / jokerhowell / danhowcll / wirrovv / danception / koido / hnngphan / gettingmildlysuggestive / gillions / danielhwowell /  angelmp3 / helenismylover / lushplant / howellslester / stickzthepj / danvsphil / dlgby /   danxieties / danosaur-the-philion / westborovevo ]