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Cute little fruit bat and California poppies for Lindsay. Thanks so much for jumping on that cancelation spot, lady!

Healed photo of Julie’s garlic botanical illustration! I LOVED DOING THIS TATTOO, and super duper appreciated an opportunity to take a healed shot! Thanks for stopping by!


Lion with wildflowers (wheat, larkspur, anemone, wild rose, california poppy, marigold, daisy) in progress on Lara. Thanks lady! Excited to finish this one!

(Those stickers on Tumblr mobile are pretty dang cute lol)

HEY GUYS!!! You’ve probably seen me reblog my newest ko-fi page in the last couple days because I’m pretty tight on money and I’m struggling to save money. My dream is too move out of Utah and move to Oregon so that I can start on my career in Tattooing. However, I need to buy a car to move out, and I also need to save money for tuition because Oregon requires tattoo artists to go to school and take courses before they can apply for the job (tuition ranges between $10,000- $20,00 yikes). So, I’ve been saving all I can from working at a restaurant 9-10 hours on the daily and more if I have to. So far, I’m at between $1000- $2,050 in my savings, not nearly enough, so I decided to open up a ko-to account for people to donate if they can to help me out. I’ve never been one for donations, but whatever helps me move out as fast as I can, right?
My ko-fi account if anyone is interested:


Recently, I had another idea to help out with money: cheap self insert art. I am planning on only charging $3 on a drawing of you and your choice of character together! Not only is it for a good cause, but I also thought it would be a fun way to raise money. Currently, I have 3 commissions (almost done with one), but I plan on posting as many self insert requests as I can each Sunday! Since Sundays are my day off. If you are not interested in this kind of special, but still want to help, please PLEASE reblog this, tag people, anything. I really need all the help I can get.

If you are interested in commissions, check out my art blog @raining-static-art

My PayPal is yasminedraws@gmail.com

And again, my ko-fi account is Ko-fi.com/A8273OAH


🎀🌙✨A clip from my Sailor Chibi Moon transformation piece. ✨🌸🦄She’s looking for a leg to call home, if interested, shoot me a email (💌in the bio) or come find me at @adornbodyart west.💖 @micromachinedee

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black and grey peony shoulder cap for Kristin! Thanks lady!