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The first rays of the sun rises over the Jim Sage Mountains and illuminate the granite spires of Castle Rocks, Idaho. This little known gem located near the Utah border packs spectacular scenery and diverse natural features into a compact area. Granite spires rise up to 400 feet above the mixed aspen, fir and pinon pine forest. Single-leaf pinon (shown in photo) is relatively rare in Idaho and is a traditional food source to area Native Americans. The area is of great importance to the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes of Fort Hall and the Shoshone-Paiute Tribes of Duck Valley who have worked with the Bureau of Land Management to protect sensitive resources here. The adjoining Castle Rocks State Park offers developed camping, hiking trails and other visitor amenities with expansive vistas of the spectacular rock formations and surrounding mountain ranges. The area served as a landmark along the California and Oregon National Historic Trails. Photo by Bob Wick, Bureau of Land Management, @mypubliclands


15 Charming Illustrations That Fight Fatphobia With Doodles And Flowers

Fat-positive feminist and artist Rachele Cateyes is fed up with [people’s] fatphobic bullsh*t. So she decided to draw about it.In her illustrated series called “ Glorifying Obesity,” the Portland, Oregon-native expresses how she feels about those who shame, harass and bully obese people for being fat. The illustrations are honest and powerful – pairing phrases like “Fat people don’t owe you shit,” with dainty flowers and hearts.  

Kintpuash, also known as Captain Jack (c. 1837 – October 3, 1873), was a chief of the Modoc tribe of California and Oregon. He led a band from the Klamath Reservation to return to their lands in California, where they resisted return. From 1872 to 1873, their small force made use of the lava beds, holding off more numerous United States Army forces for months in the Modoc War.

Kintpuash was the only Native American leader ever to be charged with war crimes, and he was executed by the Army, along with several followers, for their ambush killings of General Edward Canby and Reverend Eleazar Thomas at a peace commission meeting. Canby was the only general to be killed in the Indian Wars. The Modoc leaders were hanged for war crimes by the Army.


Love bees? Here’s a selection of bee-friendly flowers from my garden that are blooming in fall: aster, nasturtium and zinnia as well as an echinacea flower that attracted a little native bee!


Workshopping at Southern Oregon University (SOU) in Ashland, OR. This was a collaborative workshop between myself and the students at SOU. Thank you Brook Colley and Queer Indigenous Gathering for hosting this sign making workshop!

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eyyo does anyone else just kinda adopt other people’s ocs as your mental image of a personification that isn’t canon??

Pacifica Headcanon Time-

Ahh Pacifica, time to expose you..

• Pacifica is not a morning person. She’ll sleep until 11 PM or noon if she ever can. She always stays up until at least 1 or 2 AM watching TV or other things.

• She hates coffee.

• She actually doesn’t like to dress all fancy- she’ll jump at any chance to dress like a normal kid. Her parents force her into “proper” attire to make sure their family name isn’t displaced.

• After Weirdmaggedon her least favorite shape became the Triangle.

• She works at Lazy Susan’s diner after McGucket gets her mansion.

• She’s allergic to cats.

• She is the ultimate bird person. She can recite all the birds native to Oregon within 15 seconds, and owns at least 40 bird-watching books.

• After her and her family were kicked out of the mansion, she decided she wanted to spend as little time with her parents as possible. She ended up hanging out with McGucket and helping him tend to his small garden, and clean up around the mansion. They’re good buds.

• Pacifica must have her nails painted at all times. No exceptions.

• She would murder a person to get a cake pop.

• She would also murder a person to get her hands on a horse.

• *taps mic* Dipcifica.

• Ultimate Ghostbusters fan™ 

• She tries to stay away from the internet. It’s safer that way.

• Tea is her favorite drink, biscuits with honey and jelly are her favorite food.

• Probably ends up being BFFs with Candy and Grenda after Mabel leaves.