oregon map


“And Cygnus is right… there!”

“…That’s literally just five stars in a t-shape; how the fuck am I supposed to see a swan out of that?”

Gravity Falls?

Okay, like a ton of other people, I’m trying to locate the “real” Gravity Falls, namely the Bill Cipher statue that should be there as proof. Here’s what I’ve gathered so far…

Using the show’s own map of Oregon, I was able to find a few actual landmarks/ places bordering Gravity falls.

(Edit) I’ve managed to make some sense of the three large tracks on the mystery map. Clearly, it represents Bigfoot, but according to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, Oregon ranks number 3 on their top 10 most active Bigfoot states! A-ha, we’ve got the number but now, where does it represent? Bigfoot sightings in OR are all over the place, but going off of what we know, this “3 tracks” county is next to Bly’s (Klamath)– in the real world, that would point to Jackson county, but when compared to the map from the show, the “3 tracks” county is extremely dis-proportioned to that of Jackson county.

Going off this information,“3 tracks” county is likely an homage to Oregon’s weirdness rather than a crucial locator. Instead, let’s focus on real places that can be used to zero in on the elusive Gravity Falls.   

We know that the town lies to the south of Mt. Hood, north of Bly and somewhere having to do with two pine cones, and east of Corvalis. After a search, I found two possible places that could identify the two pine cones on the map– Twin Pines RV Park (A Gleeful reference?) and Two Pines Family Restaurant (sounds fitting enough).

From the show’s map, we know Gravity Falls doesn’t extend past Bly, so the purple line represents the point of no return, or no Gravity Falls. Corvalis runs almost through the center of GF so it MUST BE somewhere on the black line. Since the section Corvalis sits in covers half the distance from it to Bly, GF should occupy the other, eastern half to the “Bly line”. Thus the black circle.

Now even in that black circle, there’s a lot of ground to speculate. Allow me to name a new locations that stood out to me (and possibly Alex).

Wizard Falls (need I say more?)

Three Fingered Jack (which is a volcano!)

Pioneer Ford Campground (get it? Ford. eh? eh?)

These are just guesses but I think the location should be pretty close. So, if anyone in or around those areas wants to look for a demonic triangle, please do and let us know! Good luck and don’t shake his hand!


#503-Samurott, The Formidable Pokemon ***By Request***

Samurott can be found in most of the same areas as its predecessors. However, In the Great Lakes, it is exceedingly rare to find, and will no longer be found on the beaches, and just be found swimming in the waters. 
Though Pokemon generally change to bipedal as they evolve, Samurott become quadrupedal. However, when it is in battle, it will stand on its back two legs and use its swords. With its ability to use bipedal during battle, the quadrupedal adaptation, makes it extremely faster, when swimming and running, and still and extremely formidable battler

The Man in the Tan Jacket is Stanford Pines (the author) from Gravity Falls. The portal under the Mystery Shack leads to a point underneath Night Vale. When he got sucked into it in 1982, He was transported to Night Vale on January 1st, 2013. Because of something having to do with time travel, no one can remember what he looks like. The map he keeps showing to people is a map of Oregon and his is pointing to Gravity Falls, begging people to help him get back, but no one has ever heard of it because it’s in a different dimension’s version of the U.S.