oreburgh city gym

Roark Headcanons

(For @harbingerphiala! The most patient of them all!)

  • Roark is horrendous at cooking, but can make a fantastic bacon sandwich that doubles as a hangover remedy.  
  • His Japanese is embarrassingly rudimentary. Sometimes the shame causes him to randomly order Japanese handbooks and dictionaries online, which he swears he will use to better his knowledge, but by the time they arrive he’s usually put it to the back of his mind again. 
  • After his appointment as Gym Leader, he won a number of people’s choice Sexiest Male awards, much to his confusion. He has a sort of rugged, everyday attractiveness that he’s never paid much attention to, but women go mad for it. 
  • He is better at tutoring children than more advanced trainers, as he’s still quite junior himself. Whenever interviewers ask him about the details of his technique, his most truthful response is to rub the back of his neck and say ‘whatever works, I guess’. 
  • You cannot bring steelix up in conversation without Roark piping up to remind everyone that, for all they look so scary, they’re actually just timid softies that want to eat their rocks and keep away from loud noises.
  • When he was a child, his cranidos headbutted his bedroom wall so forcefully that it cracked the bricks. He tried to hide the damage by shoving a bookshelf in front of it, but wasn’t successful. His pokémon weren’t allowed out in the house after that.
  • His taste in films is slack. He’d enjoy Sharknado (Sharpedono?) as much as any critically acclaimed movie. 
  • When he was appointed as Gym Leader, many people attributed it to nepotism - which did, truthfully, tip the balance in his favour. The pacifier is that he has strong ties to Oreburgh, which the locals appreciate, and that he understands how lucky he was to get the position. He’s still rough around the edges as a trainer, but committed to improving. 
  • His pokémon have custom-made collars fitted with torches (flashlights), which they wear when exploring the more poorly-lit areas of the underground.      
  • His parents are divorced, but amicably - the split occurred after Roark had grown up. Whenever he goes to visit Byron, his mother tells him to make sure that his father is eating properly.  

just-another-joshua  asked:

(@dailyrocketchu) Hello! You seem to be in a hurry! Going someplace fun? Maybe a festival of some kind?

Botan: “We’ll most likely be waiting till night since trainer wants to catch a Kricketot. We will head to Jubilife soon though! We might check out the tv station before heading to Oreburgh City for the first gym badge.”