Historic photos of Duluth, Minnesota.  Top:  Detroit Publishing Company panorama, circa 1898.  Second & Third:  Skyline views of Duluth, circa 1905, by Detroit Publishing Company via shorpy.com.  Fourth: View of Minnesota Point from Incline Railway, Duluth, circa 1905 by Detroit Publishing Company via shorpy.com.  Fifth:  Duluth Ore Docks, circa 1907, by Detroit Publishing Company (Library of Congress).  Bottom:  The Aerial Lift Bridge, circa 1920, from USC Digital Collections.

Ore Dock

Yo, regarding that picture you reblogged of the Lower Harbor Ore Dock. I was confused because I have no memory of there being a small island NORTH of the existing ore dock. I found the full (very cool) image here (http://www.shorpy.com/files/images/SHORPY_Marquette_Harbor_Panorama.jpg) and you can see that that ore dock is no longer standing, and the existing structure is farther north, with Ripley Rock to its south. HISTORY

Oh dang! I had completely forgotten that there were multiple ore docks in the lower harbor. Thanks for the catch!

Image also here for lazy folk: