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What's your opinion on small baby animals like bunnies or puppies?

Shuu: Thinks they’re noisy, but actually likes to pet them when he’s awake. Rarely, yeah, but still. Prefers the more quiet ones.

Reiji: He knows that baby animals are naturally meant to be cute in order to be loved and draw attention, so he tries not to involve himself with them.

Laito: He finds them cute and has tried using them to caught some girl’s attention; a piece of trivia: he doesn’t like keeping animals in cages.

Kanato: Uhm. He doesn’t really like them. He rather have the cuddle toy version of them. … actually, maybe some of his cuddle toys were originally…?!

Ayato: He really likes puppies and he’d like to try training some; Ore-sama shall own the best puppies, right? Unfortunately, Reiji doesn’t allow any pets at home.

Subaru: Fakes indifference, but he finds baby animals to be cute. If he was to meet with one, he would at first ignore it, then start to pet it… who’s cuter?

Ru- [MTK: Ahahahaha.]

Kou: Absolutely adores kittens, playing with them, petting them… likes bunnies and puppies as well, but not as much as kittens.

Yuuma: Thinks how can they be so tiny. How is it possible? Or is him too big? Likes to feed them, especially bunnies with the vegetables from his own garden.

Azusa: He likes their softness and… he wants to try and provoke them to bite or scratch him. But, surprisingly, baby animals feels always very calm around him.

Carla: He doesn’t show any interest towards them in front of others; when he’s approached by baby animals while he’s busy, he will simply ignore them.

Shin: He’s the wolf cubs’ godfather, so how could he not like them? He likes to train them and plays with them as reward; “plays” means fighting, of course.

Kino: He doesn’t mind them; they’re cute and he’d pet them as long as he’s bored. That means when he isn’t able to play on his smartphone. Rarely, yeah.

Not to be a negative nancy but that new FoD with Ahsoka was crap. Ahsoka was already proficient with two lightsabers when we first met her. And by the time she has her updated outfit in the timeline, she’s been kicking ass on screen with two lightsabers for a while.

(ETA an anon pointed out that I was remembering that wrong… she didn’t get her sabers until she got her new outfit… oops.)

But even if we set aside that fact, the whole 3 minutes was just Yoda sticking his ore in and training Anakin’s padawan for him, because apparently Anakin couldn’t say the magic words that would actually help Ahsoka learn, even though Yoda should have already done this basic training when Ahsoka was a youngling before she was promoted to padawan and assigned to a Jedi Knight for further advanced training.