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Ayato: I’m so great I should have more than one birthday a year.

Reiji: I thought you already had enough special days.

Ayato: Huh? What do you mean?

Reiji: Trash day comes every week, does it not?

Diabolik lovers Lost Eden Ayato Sakamaki (dark 9) ~translation~

This translation was made by @ariadnasmtk
Gracias a @yaochangneko por el video :3c

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Place: ???

*It keeps raining*

Yui: A-Ayato-kun. If you keep walking that fast the umbrella won’t cover you…
Yui: (Ayato-kun will get wet…)
Ayato: Ah? Ore-sama don’t need a thing such as an umbrella.
Aayto: Unlike you, I won’t catch a cold.
Yui: ……

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Chocobros ordering ice cream


  • would get a Phoenix Orange creamsicle because he couldn’t be bothered to decide on any one flavor
  • strangely likes to have ice cream on cold days
  • “it balances the body heat to the outside temperature” he’d say
  • the lack of science behind it bothers the others but they say nothing about it
  • he’s awkward enough as it is, no need to nitpick his excuses on the few occasions he allows himself to indulge in food
  • besides it’s always funny watching him try to figure out what to do with the stick once they’re in the car and there’s no where to put the trash


  • first considers ordering a massive Leide Mango and Ulwaat Berry ice cream sundae with roasted almonds, syrup and shaved chocolate
  • is reminded by Ignis that he’s gonna get fat
  • doesn’t want to get fat
  • so the sad chocoboy settles for vanilla-mango-swirl in a waffle cone
  • it looks good on camera tho!
  • “(ง •̀_•́) IM DOING IT IM ADULTING


  • orders whatever is on sale and eats it like any other food
  • just straight up bite and chew
  • popsicle? bite that mofo
  • vanilla in a cone? bite that mofo
  • shaved ice? spoon and chew that mofo
  • his teeth are made of diamond ore
  • would rather eat something hot than something cold
  • give him a shot of Ebony or a cup of noodles and he’ll savor every sip
  • but ice? nah
  • tastes good on a hot day tho so count him in whenever


  • orders anything new he hadn’t tried before
  • Cactuar juice and mint frozen yogurt? he’ll have that
  • Ravatogh mountain yams on shaved ice? yes please
  • he’ll even try your experimental Galdin Quay sea salt soft serve
  • what’s this i hear about Old Lestalum carrot puree used as ice cream in mochi? give it to me!
  • always orders it in a tiny pot tho
  • never in a cone
  • it’ll ruin his gloves and drip everywhere
  • besides, it’s more civilized to use a spoon
  • except for when the others want to have a taste and there’s only one spoon
  • he will give them all the test tastes they want because if they like it he might want to recreate it for them later
  • at some point it stops being a taste test and he’ll end up with someone’s bland chocolate ice cream cone or someone’s licked Jetty’s Popsickle and none of his actual order
  • he says nothing
  • he lets them have all of his ice cream
  • he never liked cold foods to begin with

Bonus Ravus

  • Says he doesn’t like ice cream or cold foods or happiness in general
  • actually craves the cold jello shots the maid used to make with honey, collected from bees living around Tenebrae’s wild flower fields
  • The town doesn’t produce honey anymore, not even after Luna planted that whole field
  • the bees just never came back
  • honey from other regions make him simply gag
  • he screams internally whenever he is offered something cold or sweet
  • (for fucks sake)
  • (just stop giving me your awful commoner treats)
  • (i’d rather eat a malboro’s entire ass)
  • “No thank you, I am on official business.”