ore no imouto ga konna

wowww i can’t believe donald drumpf becoming president is literally JUST like in oreimo when misinformed fake news-middle american kyosuke chose to date his thot roastie stacy imouto instead of the pure, chaste, traditional homemaker goth loli best girl kuroneko. (third party voters are manami in this case, in that people who think that manami did nothing wrong WILL be sent to camps). sad!

Daily Draw No.3 Kuroneko

I set out to try and draw one thing daily to post, I don’t doubt I may have days where I cannot post something. But it doesn’t mean I’ve failed and will stop the dailies altogether. 

It’s important to myself to keep trying and to just try my best the next day instead of agonizing over it. Thank you to everyone who will stick around my blog regardless of my upload schedule haha! You all give me a lot of happiness ♥