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There's gonna be an equal balance of writing and art prompts this year, right? That was a pretty big deal last year.

The prompts will be divided into sections for each day to make sure everyone’s getting some consistent gemweek action. There will be one or more writing prompts/challenges for each day of gemweek this year, but I still wouldn’t necessarily call it “equal” tbh…

I know there may be some who would prefer more gemweek attention on writing prompts & challenges, but I’d really highly suggest making it a community effort and creating your own community quick-prompts during gemweek (visual artists in the past have done this too). Maybe under a tag like #writers gemweek? I’ll be sure to track whatever tag everyone wants to go with and reblog what the community puts out. I’d love to hear everyone’s ideas, what they want to see from everybody else! 

Frankly, gemsona week came from the basis of a drawing design challenge like a lot of ‘sona trends in fandoms tend to. The bigger projects definitely are biased towards illustration & design with writing mixed in, but illustration & design centric none the less. I apologize if anybody feels under-appreciated or under-represented during gemweek, I certainly would love to see more authors get involved this year and will make more of an effort to seek out written posts to feature on the blog. (However, please keep in mind that if your fic gets really lengthy a “readmore” cut in the text would be appreciated, especially if there’s a lot of dialogue stretching out the text.)

I’ll attempt to drop a few quick-fic prompts of my own during the week, but feel free to either post prompt ideas in the tags for me to reblog or send asks with your prompt idea! I can wrack my brain during gemweek prep to think up over a dozen prompts/challenges relevant to the recent episodes (like i attempt to do every year) but I have a feeling ya’ll could outdo me easily. If you aren’t satisfied with my ideas or the amount of writing prompts, please post yours! That sounds like a lot of fun that we could be having. 

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Holy shiiisct how does it feel knowing that you rejected an official gemsona from CN (although to be fair he IS a Very Important Gem)

hahaha…. I dont know about Gigi, but I’m kind of sad I was so overwhelmed and busy with submissions I didn’t check out their blog before rejecting them. As soon as I did and saw their posts it dawned on me they were a really good artist trying to draw worse than they could, and with the crossover ep coming up…. I definitely hounded ianjq on twitter asap. Poor guy, always hounded by fans.

It would have been so cool for someone to have been partnered up with them!! I’m sorriest about that, really, if I had known CN was up to something themselves I wouldn’t have been worried about copyrighted characters yikes… 

Getting that submission was hilarious, Gigi got it and brought it up and we giggled over it but ultimately decided we needed to reject it, even though we wanted to put it through for everyone to see. haha It was really cool to get to draw a gif response to them, and to have a crew member draw us!!! So amazing they took the time to get silly with the gemsona fandom. I’m glad I decided to jump-to and throw gemweek this year, it all turned out really amazing even if it was a bit short notice. The timing was perfect and all the hard work is well worth it. (Not over, either, the gemsona au roleplay forum is gonna launch preeeetty soon.) 

I feel bad for Mr. Gus, he worked so hard and got rejected from the blog and then his drawing got all messed up, but I hope he feels better after getting a personal portrait done by Rebecca Sugar herself (casual gem jeans series no less!!) and being our permanent V.I.G. ♥

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I just want to wish you happy aboriginal day! Your tribe is lucky to have you, and while we may not know each other much, I want to thank you for being a positive influence in my life. I can't help the loneliness you feel in being the only mihxóge, but if it's any condolence you have others rooting for you and appreciate your time.

thats honestly so kind of you to say and something i didnt know i needed to hear, wow… thank you so much. i’m so blessed to get a message like this, ill do my best to not brood and waste so much of my energy being upset and focus on ways i can be productive. <3!

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Ummm is it weird to ask you to explain a little about your culture cause i wanted to learn about it but couldnt find much on it

#same LOL sorry thats just a little ironic to hear. 

there’s not much left, thanks to the missionaries. we’re called the baxoje [bah’KO-jay] (more well known as ioway but that was another tribe naming us to white ppl so i prefer to not use it cause yanno iowa is iowa and not baxoje thanks) and idk we were a rad and sexy hot nation with more style than all of europe combined

this is Great Walker below, he was a fucking legendarily strong badass and he was super close to my ancestor Chief White Cloud, total best buds, and they did all this crazy shit like escape prison and assassins together and scalped tons of white guys but in the end they had a falling out and Great Walker refused to compromise with invaders. i admire him a lot for his courage and loyalty to his people, even turning away from his best friend/Chief for what he believed in. an assassin finally got to him while he was sleeping, he went rogue for a while with a small band of warriors. live by the sword die by the sword kind of thing, he refused to submit and drop his weapons.

this is my direct ancestor Chief White Cloud, he was a good man. he trusted white people too much, he was so optimistic and believed in their humanity too much. he tried to reason with them and discuss things and they ended up tricking him into signing what he thought was peace treaties, but really he was signing away land for chump change- without a translator, might i add.

he went overseas to indulge white folks in their fascination with culture (shocking) and try to raise funds and support for our people, since we were being pushed out of our homelands and into a rez at the time. while he was gone with a group of clan elders, the US Gov decided to finally toss coins in our direction for the ancestral land they stole out from under us (pipestone MN to the missouri river). since he was gone trying to raise money for our starving people, they handed all that money for all our lands to the missionaries who set up shop on our rez. they spent it all on a church and a reform school where they punished children for speaking our language, cut their hair, and erased our culture.

haha :) lol

umm but yeah what else. i always liked our traditional political system. ive never been fond of western ideas of politics but hearing about our own makes the most sense to me. black bear clan, my clan (and white cloud’s) was the ruling clan in the fall and winters. buffalo clan ruled in the spring and summers. buffalo clan were good at agriculture and during the springs and summers our nation formed what was pretty much cities ranging from kansas city to saint louis, especially around the delta region feeding the missouri river in to the mississippi. some other clans had more power/responsibilities at this time, like buffalo clan had their crew of clans and bear clan did, too.

in the fall and winter the bear clan would take over with the wolf clan at their side to hunt and provide for everyone through a more old-fashioned way of tracking down game. our people would head north and find shelter, basically hunker down for the winter while the bear clan got them through the worst of it. i do believe bear clan and wolf clan were the warring clans too, meaning they would jump up first when there was a threat. though the eagle clan ruled during war, they had the bear and wolf right behind them. very old clans, some of the first to manifest in our stories. lots of warriors in the fall/winter ruling clans. 

anyways, if bear clan or buffalo clan abused their power, it got checked in a matter of months. all decisions were made in a counsel of the active chief and the leaders of all 7 clans:  Black Bear, Buffalo, Eagle, Wolf, Elk, Pigeon, Owl. some of them we know next to nothing about anymore, and there’s word that there used to be a Snake and Beaver Clan, too. lots of stuff was lost, it was a cultural genocide.

each clan had their specialities, their skills, their place and their role within the nation. they also had their own clan secrets. every clan has their own story about how all the clans came together to form the baxoje, and generally a bear clan person would never hear the eagle clan’s story. some things were just too private, even within the same people. each clan had their bundles and medicine to offer. 

the elk clan were the fire masters and also brought mihxoge medicine/spirit into our culture, so after a time every clan had elk blood mixed in and mihxoge born to their clan. pigeon clan was a peace making clan. 

each clan was given a gift, a responsibility, and the creator brought us together to complete each other as a people. our creation stories might differ, but thats constant in all of them. our people were given the responsibility to be the guardians of the red pipestone to use for ceremonial pipes. 

bleh idk, look up more if youre interested. also im pretty sure im the only person ever posting in the “baxoje” or “ioway” tags other than like Iowa archeological/academic blogs. 

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Can you do a scenario where the Sakamaki's lover is doubting herself of being worthy of them. You get me?~ ( ̄ω ̄;) O god.

Mun M: I’m pretty sure I do!! ^•^ Oh! I’m answering this with barely any sleep, so if there was something you wanted please let me know and I’ll add it for you!!! ^•^ some of the boys won’t be all to loving so sorry if it isn’t as sappy as you wanted it to be, and some might be longer than others. I’M SO SORRY FOR THE LATENESS! I just haven’t been feeling all the great and then things happen and I just haven’t felt amazing and I lost my muse to write… So the requests are closed for the moment since I got a shit ton of asks to write.

You watched as he laughed and talking with a beautiful girl who was another sacrificial bride, you had enough watching the other bride flirting with him, so you quickly walked away from them feeling the self doubt about what you were to him come up again, you sighed as you walked in your room, you sat at the desk trying to do some school work trying to force yourself to forget about the doubt, but feeling even more doubt come on, you went to your bed and curl up, not noticing that the vampire you didn’t want to see was at the foot of the bed frowning.

Shu: When the eldest brother saw you walked away, he thought he must have done something wrong so he quickly went to where he thought you might be, he looks at you in the bed, he walked towards you, he studied your form before he crawl into the bed and wraps his arms around your waist, this cause you to stiffen and tried to hide your sadness, but he noticed it, he always saw the doubt flashed in your eyes. “What’s got you so upset my little human cupcake?” He asked as he held you tightly against his body. You sighed and tried to push him off of you. “Leave me be and go have fun with the other bride, she much more suited for you.” You muttered as you stared at him. “That’s where you’re wrong. I don’t have any interest in her, she was just there and I didn’t know where you were, so I just used her for my entertainment.” Shu whisper against your neck smirking. “How about I show you who I want to be my lewd woman?” He asked as he rolled on top of you.

Reiji: “Who give you permission to walk away from my side?” He asked and pushed up his glasses when he didn’t hear you answer him. He sighed and walked towards the side of the bed that you were lying. “Your manners are awful.” He said before he noticed a look he have noticed in your eyes to many times for his liking. He sat down beside you and place your head into his lap, he barely does this, but when he saw how broken you look, he couldn’t have help himself, so he began trying to cheer you up in anyways he could. “Tell me what’s wrong now or I’ll force it out of you.” He mutter. “Why do you care?” You muttered back and look at your hands. He sighed and just hugged you closely to him. “Why, I’m not as beautiful as the other bride, I’m horrid at having manners, so why do you like me?” He arched a brow at your statement before he smirk and lean down so he could kiss you. “I can show you why I like you.”

Ayato: “Oi! What made you think you could leave ore-sama like that?” He asked and narrowed his eyes slightly, crossing his arms. You blink at him trying to keep the tears away from falling, you snorted slightly not feeling like being verbally abused, you kept your gazed away from his own, this made him angry so he quickly hop onto the bed and pinned you to the bed and forced you to look into his cat shape like green orbs. You felt the tears well up once more. He growled softly and stared harshly at you. “What not going to answer ore-sama?” He asked as you sighed and began to weep from the harsh grip he had on your arms. “It because I’m no good for you, I don’t see why you like me.” You said and look up at him who just shrugged. “I don’t know why I like you either. But I do so you’re Ore-Sama’s girl.” He said and kissed you.

Laito: The male stared at you until he figured out how he could get to answer as to why you had decided to go off without him. He crawl towards you on the bed. “What’s the matter bitch-chan?” He asked and held you to him and nuzzled his head against your neck, giving it a gently nipped. “Go away.” You said and tried to pry him off of you. You wanted nothing to do with him, that includes him touching you. Laito chuckled and shook his head as your failed attempts to get him off. “Tell me what the matter.” He said before he noticed his shirt was wet, he grew concern. “Y/N what’s wrong?” He asked not bothering with the nickname he usually use. “Why do you care? You have someone who can satisfy your hungry better than me.” You admitted that when he press his lips to yours in attempt to tell you how much he actually love you, he grips you tighter, that’s when you let yourself get wrapped into his warm and caring embraced.

Kanato: The purple haired male wasn’t having none of it, when he saw you had gone away from him he had thought you was leaving him after you had promised him that you wouldn’t leave him, he was trying to track you down to asked why you decided it was a good idea to leave. He had managed to finally find you when he saw that you were sleeping, and that you had tears at the corner, he sighed and laid down before he got up and walked to stand in front of you. “Wake up woman! I said get the hell up!” He said and yanks the covers off of you, being hit by cold air you say up and growled at him. “Go away!” You scream which only caused him to hit you across the cheek. “HOW DARE YOU SPEAK TO ME LIKE THAT!” He scream which only added more fuel to show how truly upset you were. “Go away, go be with your new dolly…” You mutter and looked away from him. “Why would I want her? I got the perfect dolly.” He mutter back and hands you teddy so he could hold you both.

Subaru: Subaru watched you walked away, but only did it took him not seeing you come back for him to realize that something was upsetting you. He quickly walked towards your room. He sighed and sat down beside you and place your head on his lap softly. “What’s wrong Y/N?” He asked awkwardly but you just wasn’t going to answer him, so he growled and slam his fist into the headboard of your bed growling. “Answer me! What’s wrong?!” He yelled at you which made you look up and push him away. “Why don’t you asked your new fucming girlfriend since you want her more then me!” When he heard that, it brought tears in his eyes, so he quickly pin you down only to show you what you truly means to him.

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Who is your favorite character? ꒰◍ˊ◡ˋ꒱੭ु⁾⁾♡

[MTK: Oh, I guess you’re asking me X°D Imagine if you asked the boys instead: all of them answering “Ore-samaMyself!” but Azusa-kun replying instead with “My brothers °w° ♥”, ahaha.

By the way; my favourite character is-

Ruki: Me, of course.

[MTK: … *sighs while blushing* Oh, and I care a lot about Laito-kun, too.]

Laito: Aw, Funny-chan~! ♥

[MTK: … *whispers* Carla-san’s magnificent hair bewitched me a bit. *runs away while Ruki’s eyes start twitching*]

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This is probably a really pointless question that has been asked before (so feel free not to answer lol), but what anime (animes?) would you recommend and why?

!!!!!!! Oh my gosh, that is NOT a pointless question! Friend! FRIEND!!! I have been waiting my whole life for someone to ask me for anime recommendations!!

Like, 90% of the reason why I even have this blog is because I watch So. Much. Anime. And I kept wanting to talk about it with people, but there was no one I could talk to about my deep love of anime, and how much I wanted to recommend them things, but no one cared about my anime recommendations, so it was like, “oh, ok, fine, I’ll just go obsess quietly in this corner of the internet for a while…”

So, THANK YOU. Gosh, I will try and contain myself but I was really so excited to be asked. (You are probably already regretting asking the question. Sorry.)

But I watch so much anime that I literally have recommendations in any genre. You want to watch something that will break your heart? Got one for that. You want something that’s just funny and dumb? Got that too. Mecha? Historical fantasy? Shoujo? Shounen? I have them all!!

I’m going to try and limit my recommendations to my top four. And I’m going to offer up a wide range, just for fun. I’m also staying away from sports anime, because at this point, I just assume it’s a given that I recommend all the Sports Anime Ever. (I apologize ahead of time for the length of this post).

The most important thing to me with anime I watch is the story; as a big reader in all genres, it is not often I am surprised by where a story is going, and one of the reasons why I love anime so much is because their stories do surprise me, all the time. All the anime I recommend here have incredible stories and amazing characters. So here are the top four anime I recommend, based on my deep love for them, how much I wish they had a bigger fandom, and also how often I rewatch them:

1) Tiger and Bunny.

Originally posted by ali-chaaaaaaaaan

If you like: One Punch Man and My Hero Academia, you should really watch Tiger and Bunny. I was so excited to see it on my dash.

Why: It had a new take on the Super Hero trope that I hadn’t seen before. It also has an amazing cast of well-developed, interesting characters. And it has one of the most inclusive casts I have ever seen in any show: kickass ladies, kickass people of color, kickass canonically gay characters—and all of them were well-developed, complex people. The story itself had a lot of interesting twists and has a really refreshing look into the Revenge Motive. The villains are all kind of fascinating too. Plus, Kotetsu and Barnaby are married af, and that’s always nice.

(Also, I just watched the Movie for the first time last night and I’m still sobbing. I have never seen such a respectful focus on a genderqueer character in a movie/show where being genderqueer was not the focus of the movie/show.)

2) Princess Tutu

Originally posted by imnothereee1

If you like: Fairy tales, or you’re interested in story-telling, you really have to watch this anime.

Why: I periodically rewatch this anime because I just love it. So. Much. It really is like watching a new fairy tale. It’s also an amazing metafictional look into what it means to tell a story, and what it would be like to rebel against the story and the role that is written for you. And it’s probably the only anime I’ve ever watched where the ships I shipped in the beginning are definitely not the same ships I shipped at the end. Also, you should watch this AMV, if you’re not convinced.

3) Erased

Originally posted by kidomarus

If you like: Time travel, or complex psychological dramas, this anime is for you.

Why: Yes, I am slightly biased, because I just wrote a fanfic about this show, but I really do think it’s amazing. I think in so many stories we are used to hearing, the story is about how things started out Right and then they all went Wrong. And this anime is the story about how things were Wrong, and one man does everything he can to make them Right again. And I really like that.

4) Ore Monogatari!!

Originally posted by goku-z

I saved this one for last because it’s going to be long. Largely because I just re-watched it and I have ALL THE FEELS. And I’ve been wanting to talk about it.

If you like: Pure, fluffy, romance. This is the anime for you.

Why: This is the story of how Two Cinnamon Rolls Too Pure, Too Good For This World, fall in love with each other. And their salty asexual friend who will shank anyone who gets in the way of his cinnamon roll friends’ love.

So, OK. I have read a lot of romance, either in shoujo manga/anime or in YA lit, or chick lit, or just unrepentant romance novels. And my biggest, biggest problem with romance (especially in shoujo manga and YA) is the fact that I almost always hate the love interest hero. Because I just hate, hate the trope of “beautiful, mysterious man who is an asshole, but everyone falls in love with him anyway.” And I hate that these women keep falling in love with beautiful men who are assholes to them. And I also kinda hate how there’s never really a reason why the beautiful asshole likes this woman in particular? It’s always like, “Oh, this girl. She’s different than the rest.” Because of course everyone is in love with the beautiful asshole, but only the heroine Can Win His Heart.

Takeo completely subverts that trope. He is set up as a guy who is not good-looking, no girls ever fall in love with him, but he is just genuinely kind. He’s nice to everyone, he’s 1000% respectful towards women, and he’s always happy to help anyone in need.

Originally posted by hyouka

I also love Yamato, because you never wonder why he would fall in love with her in particular. She is pure sunshine, but at the same time, she is also very assertive, and that is *so* rare in romance stories. This girl sees her man, wants her man, and does everything she can to *get* her man. Like, damn, Yamato. Girl knows what she wants. And I just love how she is always the one to make the first move in their relationship. I also love the fact that she clearly has a libido and openly lusts after her boyfriend. It is amazing how often women aren’t allowed to feel sexual attraction in their own romance stories.

This show also challenges the idea that established relationships are boring. And the idea that a good romance story has to have a lot of drama before the couple can get together. These two refreshingly love each other, trust each other, trust other people, and communicate their concerns when they have them and it is just So. Nice. Not to have needless drama in a love story.

Originally posted by hyouka

Equally important, I love asexual best friend Suna. One of the things this anime does is that it emphasizes that Takeo’s friendship with Suna is as equally important to him as his relationship with Yamato. And I just wish that was emphasized more in romance? Because it really seems that in a lot of other romance stories, True Love is the most important thing, and everything and every one else can go to hell. But Suna’s platonic love for Takeo is as defining as Yamato’s love for Takeo, and Takeo’s love for both of them is the most important thing to him.

And I’m going to have to stop myself there, because I could seriously go on and on and on about how Ore Monogatari!! Is the best love story ever and I could keep going. (And I want to, I waaaant to) but this post is already long enough and I apologize to everyone on my dash.

Thank you again for asking! Please ask me for recommendations! I have so many!! Also, if you want to recommend me anything, please do so!!

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Hi, I'm a nonbinary 19 year old who has a very good chance of being homeless tomorrow. I'm trying to pack just in case, but the only time I've ever been close to homeless was when I had to live with a friend for a few months. I don't really know what I should pack.

omg pls come off anon and talk to me some more, if you have skype we can skype.

be careful about weight. im going to list off everything i can think of since time is of the essence but youre going to have to problem solve and dont be afraid to drop things that are heavy if you cant figure out a way to take just a little bit of it. 

pack all the first aid shit you can find. neosporin, band aids of different sizes, ALCOHOL PADS, that moleskin stuff for blisters, and i highly recommend either buying or stealing “blood stop” gauze from wallgreens or whatever- it could save your life dude, depending on the cut (when blood hits the gauze it turns into a gel and forms an instant scab- read the directions). if you cant get to a wallgreens or whatever, then put some flour in a plastic baggie. you can sprinkle flour on deep cuts and itll do the same thing as blood stop gauze, just not as neatly. 

be careful about books. i know being homeless is like, when you wish you had books to read the most, but please keep it minimal. stash your books and heavy shit with someone you trust if you can, and only take whats necessary. your shoulders will thank you later.

take socks. as many as you can possibly bring, TRUST ME. if you have to, just take one outfit with layers you can take on or off- i recommend a thermal long sleeved shirt if you have one, since theyre thin and light but under a coat theyll retain more heat than 3 shirts. even if you live in a warm area, it might get cold at night. 

youll need some sort of canteen for water. try to avoid reusing plastic bottles since the chemicals will leech into the water, esp if its out in the sun for a while. try to find a stainless steel or idk that “special plastic” kind of water bottles. try to get the biggest one you can find. 

some “little things” that make a big difference: CARABINERS, sharpies, pens, scissors, xacto knife, paracord/rope/hemp string, SEWING NEEDLES OF DIFFERENT SIZES AND DENTAL FLOSS (it will stretch and hold better than thread!!), handkerchiefs, 

be careful with how you pack your phone charger and stuff like that, so your cord doesnt get twisted up and ruined at the seams. be careful with being visibly homeless with a phone, tablet, laptop, whatever. be sneaky and paranoid when you search out outlets to charge shit on, or if you have some change buy a coffee and charge stuff inside somewhere so you dont seem so vulnerable.

other info id like to share depends on where you find yourself, in a city, small town, or the woods. pls message me if you want to talk more ill answer privately.

for protection and safety, esp as a nb person- i would highly recommend a switchblade that clips into your pocket. its useful anyways but its a small comfort when youre trying to sleep somewhere all alone and relatively unsafe/vulnerable, i always sleep with my hand resting on my knife/hip when i’m totally alone.

another route is making a smiley. find a padlock (or something similar with the same weight and ring to secure with) and a handkerchief- i would recommend sewing the handherchief shut around the lock with several rows of dental floss, but you can just tie it. its a blunt weapon and you should never bring it out unless your life is in danger. i keep mine in my back pocket and ive only ever had to arrange it so the handkerchief was fluffed out and it would have been easy to grab- the trick is to wrap it around your hand as you pull it out so it becomes more difficult to knock away than a knife, etc. ive never had to pull a smiley out on someone, thank god. if you have one dont tell anybody, ever ever. keep it your self-defense secret.

dont hop trains unless its an emergency or last resort, a lot of homeless people talk it up like subculture pride (if youre in a city youll meet train hoppers) but beware of oogle train hoppers who act like its easy and totally safe. anyone who has rode a train often enough has almost died or watched someone die, and ive met multiple people who have been lured out by a “knowledgeable train hopper” and they tried to kill them after they got on the train- its a gang thing. avoid trains i dont care how cool people make it out to be. 

umm this turned into general advice and if you tell me your situation more (anon or off) i could give more specific advice but like. yeah. be careful. if youre ever homeless on the west coast esp northern california pls contact me i can like give you names and phone numbers and REAL advice

please like above all else, no matter how bad it gets please hang in there. please hold on to your self worth the best you can, try to stay genuine but please dont trust ANYONE too much. be polite and dont talk too much or give too much personal information away. if youre introverted you may need to create a “Second You” in your head that talks to people because you have to socialize to survive, depends on your situation. if you’re going to be homeless for a while, get the fuck out of the cities, they’re trouble. send me another ask if you need any more details. while you have internet/a phone charge look up all the local feeds and food pantries, stock up on peanut butter or almond butter. its worth its weight. try to get a sleeping bag as soon as you can in the darkest color you can find. 

ugh idk theres so much idk pls send me more questions if you have them

Miraikei Answer
Miraikei Answer

Ore Monogatari!! Opening N°1

Miraikei Answer - TRUSTRICK

English Lyrics:

I can’t catch up to you,
Even though I want to
It’s an unexpected story
Give me an answer
I don’t know the answer

If only love could work like sweets,
Where all you have to do is follow a recipe

If only the distance between us could be like a meringue,
Where time is all it takes to change

Composure and fervor are old friends
I wonder if we’ll go all our lives without holding hands
I can’t stand the thought

I can’t catch up to you, even though I want to
It’s an unexpected story
Give me an answer
For as awkward and clumsy as it is,
Will it start with just as much affection?
Give me an answer
An answer in the future tense

A rain of silver dragees
Falls upon the plan for our future drawn in icing

Orange peel is bitter
The bittersweet flavor has a lot of depth to it

It’s no joke
I’m not just messing with you
You’re exactly what I want
Stop misjudging yourself
Look at me,

It’s nothing at all, and there’s nothing to it,
But I wonder if tomorrow will be sunny
Give me an answer
You’re kind, and that hurts
I wonder when we’ll be able to meet again
Give me an answer
An incomplete answer

The amount of sugar in my sighs
I said, “Thank you.”
Ever since that day, this fever hasn’t gone down…

I can’t catch up to you,
Even though I want to
It’s my story
Give me an answer

For as awkward and clumsy as it is,
It’ll start with just as much affection
Give me an answer
An answer in the future tense

I don’t know the answer

I want to know the answer.

Romaji Lyrics:

oitsukitai no ni
totsuzen, monogatari
give me an answer
wakaranai yo Answer

okashi mitai ni suki mo
reshipi toori ni ikeba ii no ni

merenge mitai ni kyori mo
jikan shidai de kawareba ii no ni

reiseisa to nekketsusa ga osananajimi nan da
isshou te mo tsunagenai mama kana
ya da yo

oitsukitai no ni
totsuzen, monogatari
give me an answer (I can change you)
bukiyou de gikochinai hodo
itoshiku hajimaru no?
give me an answer
miraikei no Answer

aishingu de egaku miraizu ni furu
arazan no ame

orenjipiiru ga nigai
bitaasuiito tte oku ga fukai na

joudan ja nai
chanto kimi ga ii no
kentouchigai yamete
watashi o mite

nandemo nai nanimo nai kedo
ashigta wa hareru kana
give me an answer
yasashii ne sore kurushii no
tsugi itsu aeru kanaa
give me an answer
mikansei no Answer

tameiki no toubunryou
arigatou tte itta
ano hi kara binetsu ga zutto sagaranai no…

oitsukitai no  ni
watashi no monogatari
give me an answer

bukiyou de gikochinai hodo
itoshikuhajimaru no
give me an answer
miraikei no Answer

wakaranai yo Answer

wakaritai yo Answer

anonymous asked:

Do you think you could explain all the drama and controversy behind the miss officer and mr truffles show thing. Are they asking for too much money on their kickstarter or is this just about one of the animators saying something rude? I'm really confused and i was kinda excited over this becoming a real show but now I don't know what's going on.

here’s the post claiming animators are still not paid for the work they did on the kickstarter video

here are my thoughts about the budget proposal 

here’s why i didnt like this crap in the first place months ago

here’s a response to one of the recent posts on the MOAMT blog

someone mentioned the creator (Ami) makes gross posts on twitter and yep sure does

for the stuff that happened months ago i never thought to screencap their responses and when i went back to look up receipts for my post all the shitty stuff they said got deleted or edited, and i dunno if anyone screencapped the original responses that pissed everyone off.

a run down of the “drama” (which tbh i dont think its drama, i think their non-apologies and anti-“sjw” bitterness makes it drama. people were pretty civil and polite until Ami started getting pissed off bc ppl were offended):

  • they had an url with a slur in it (f*ggot) which is not a slur for them to reclaim. 
  • when the original post with the meme art got popular, people started to get offended at their url. they got so many asks about it they threw a fit and changed their url, explicitly stating it was frustrating and just to get people off their back. 
  • yeah, they changed the url but continued to mock the people who were offended and asked them to change it. i looked up the posts where they did this and they were all deleted or the response had been changed from mocking to playing the victim.
  • they received an ask with a transmisogynist slur in it (t word but not  the usual t word, the other one) and answered the ask jokingly. they edited their response in this receipt too.
  • their online shop name is the same name their url used to be with a slur in it. apparently its too much trouble to move their shop over under a different name.
  • they posted an “apology” (its in one of the links) which is NOT an apology it’s a “im sorry youre offended i guess, will you piss off now since i said sorry” type of thing. 
  • basically theyve had a super shitty attitude about all this and theyre always mocking people who are offended. (see the link about their twitter and them making fun of “f*ggot” being offensive.)

people thought the bear had been put down but apparently not, i dunno how valid that is. also the RCMP, “Ms Officer” in the original post with the bear, has a long history of abusing power and racially charged oppression, especially of First Nation peoples. a lot of people dont want to support this project on that fact alone, since its glorifying a police force who has terrorized native communities and has been investigated for racist motivations multiple times. 

without the screencapped receipts of the artists original fuck ups and attitude, a lot of what i say cant really be backed up through evidence. idk if anyone else capped them, i figure if they did i’d see it eventually.

also with the reports of animators being bullied around and going unpaid is on word alone, the person who posted about it says they cant disclose who the animators are. so the evidence there is thin. however, my gut tells me theres truth to it, and the fact MOAMT hasnt addressed the accusations seems fishy. (and even when they do address stuff, it usually seems really hostile and desperate, which seems too reactive for someone so innocent. but thats my gut feeling and idk i dont blame anybody for disregarding these things.)

but still, its your money. if you still wanna support it, go ahead. i just dont think its wise and tbh i dont think this person deserves that kind of support just because they drew a cute bear and had a popular post based on an already popular post. at least not from me, theyve shown themselves to be very unprofessional, bitter, condescending and just straight up rude. people try to defend the slurs and non-apology saying English isn’t their first language, but that seems like a poor excuse. their handle of the language and slang is pretty good, i couldnt even tell. and even if its true, they didnt understand those slurs, they certainly dont really give a shit about it. their apology is about as far away from an apology you can get without explicitly telling someone to fuck off, and to top it off theyre now mocking the slur on twitter that they apparently got educated about months ago.

they dont give a fuck. they fucked up and rolled their eyes about it while saying the words “sorry”, deleted all the shitty stuff they said, and then now they have this exorbitant budget for a 7 minute pitch episode based on a tumblr meme. theyve shown themselves to be extremely unprofessional, and if nothing else, i dont trust them with all that money. if people want to support it, sure. fine, its your money? do what you want, and if you dont care abt all the shady/bad attitude stuff and just want the show to be made, welp. do what you do.

anonymous asked:

The sakamaki and the mukamu bros reaction when the lover comes home from a party?

(( I wasn’t sure whether you meant like she snuck out or something so that is what I went with, hope it is some what similar to what you wanted anon! ))

You stumbled your way through the front door at the Sakamaki/Mukami mansion, your feet blistering from the dancing you did that night. Your two fingers hooked at the base of your shoes, holding them in one hand looking around, hoping that no one had noticed you had snuck out to your bestfriend from Ryoutei Academy’s party she was having.

Little did you know that when you had gone to the bathroom that night, one of your “friends” replaced your lemonade with vodka.

After a little while, you had eaten a few too many spicy foods and went straight for your drink only to realise that it wasn’t the carbonated drink you loved. But you liked it. By the end of the night, you were just a tad bit over tipsy and then your fully sober friend dropped you off to mansion you call home.

You heard a noise from the dimly light hall and you turned to face it.


Your boyfriend, Shuu, was sitting on his beloved couch. Contrary to normal, he wasn’t sleeping. He sat up right, his eyes glaring at you. “Where were you?” Shuu asked with an underlying angry demeanour. You stumbled towards him against your will, catching yourself from falling and standing back up to face him. In your stumbling, he had stood up and was now looking down at you. “Since when do you drink, Y/N?” Shuu smirked as he questioned you. You thought for a second and was about to start speak when you started giggling out of nowhere. His smirk only deepened as he turned you around and sat you on the couch, all while you are trying to hide your compulsive laughter. In a matter of seconds, Shuu had pulled you down to his side and were both lying on the couch, his nose nestled into your hair. Shuu sighs “I can’t believe I have to mask your scent with your hair. You smell like an alcoholic. How bothersome”.


The young man which you knew as Reiji stood in the hall way with a posture that made you want to walk right out the door that you came from, but you knew better then that, even when you are drunk. He slowly approached you, your knees getting weak out of fear of the punishment he may inflict due to being out so late and sneaking out. “What made you think that you were allowed to leave the house without informing anyone in the house?” Reiji said with clear and dominant tone. You stuttered “S-Shu-san knew I was gone…” In reality, Shuu knew nothing about where you went, but you just fumbled, trying to come up with an excuse to get out of getting in trouble from Reiji. He seemed to not believe your claim fully but ignored it and said as he walked away “Come on, if you are just going to stand there, you won’t be clean enough to stay in my room. I am not having such a stench in my room.” You realised that you would have to have a shower and get changed. 


Once you did so you realised that Reiji would confirm your excuse with Shuu and that you wouldn’t even be able to convince Shuu to lie for you because you would be too hungover. It seems the punishment wouldn’t be avoided after all. 


Laito began to question you in a surprisingly playful manner“Ne S/o-chan~, whe-”. You sighed with a pout “Laito-kun, don’t call me S/o, call me Bitch-chan!”. Laito raised a brow “But you told me to stop calling you that because we are a couple now..”. In your drunken state you saunter over to him, falling over your own feet. He catches you before you can fall over, you look up to him, getting a lot closer to his face then what you would normally do when not under the influence. You whisper “But I like it secretly though~”. Expecting to see a smirking Laito, your face returns to its original pout, seeing your boyfriend’s face in a disgusted manner. He sighs before picking you up in his arms “You smell like crap Bitch-chan. We can speak about this in the morning.”


You wake up with a massive headache to see Laito in your shared bed with a massive grin on his face. “Do you remember what you confessed to me last night?”


Kanato looks at you with an unreadable expression, holding Teddy in his arms. “Where did you go, S/o?” He said with a frighteningly monotone voice. You stuttered “I- I just went to a friend’s house.” Kanato just stared at you until he began to walk towards you and started yelling “WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU CAN LIE TO MY FACE LIKE THAT?! HUH?! I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU DID! I COULD SMELL YOU 10 MINUTES BEFORE YOU EVEN CAME INSIDE THE HOUSE! WH-” His endless ranting continued, you dozing out after a few sentences of rage. Soon enough he noticed that you weren’t paying as much attention as he wanted and his face only seemed to show more anger than before. He grabbed your wrist forcefully and dragged you to the nearest bathroom and screamed from the other side “I AM LOCKING THE DOOR, HAVE A SHOWER AND SLEEP IN THERE!”


Ayato stood in the hall, his eyes narrowed and his expression look pretty pissed off. He began to charge his way towards you while he yelled “How dare you not tell Ore-sama where you are going! It’s late at night and something could have happened!”. Being too drunk to respond to the sudden affection Ayato had unknowingly shown you, you just stood in your spot, widening your eyes a little. Unaware of what he had said he looked you with his headed tilted to the right “What are you so shocked about? Huh? Oi! Answer when Ore-sama speaks to you!”. You scratched your head and looked up and down the room until your eyes landed on Ayato. His scowl didn’t disappear straight away, until realisation finally hit him. A slight blush crawled upon Ayato’s face “I-I didn’t mean anything… I meant that I want your blood! Yeah!”. He began to walk up to you and immediately bite into your neck without warning, to your utter surprise, he then spat out your blood in disgust, to your utter surprise. He whined as he began to walk away, back to the direction of his room. “For once, your blood is utter shit. Don’t drink ever again, you hear?!”


Subaru stood in the side of the hall, leaning against the wall like always. He sniffed the air is disgust as he walked over to you “You smell disgusting…. you went to a party or something didn’t you?”. You looked down at the floor and mumbled “Well, yeah. I’m sorry th-” but you were interrupted by Subaru. “You should have called! Or told Reiji! Or something! What if you got hurt!”. He realised what he had said almost immediately and began to blush. “Just have a shower already! You smell like crap!” He then left you in your drunken state and left you in the hall, wondering what had happened.


He stood in the hall way with a slight expression of revulsion and humour. Ruki approached you while taunting “Are you drunk, S/o?”. Stating the obvious, you just nodded and muttered “Yeah.” He smirked and said “That is very improper of you, I will deal with you in the morning.” Ruki began to walk away from you and then looked over his shoulder, looking directly at you. “Are you not coming with me? Or are you just going to stand there smelling revolting?”. You shuffled your way over to him as he walked with you to the bathroom closest to Ruki’s room, where he opened the door and gave you clothes, letting you go inside to start up the shower and clean yourself.  Once you had finished having a shower and had gotten changed, you opened the door to see Ruki standing outside the door, you slowly followed him to his room where he set you down to bed.


Kou was standing in the middle of the hall, with a prominent grin on his face. “Aw, S/o-chan looks so cute! All you need is a set of ears and you would be the cutest little kitten~” He cooed with a getting quite close to you as he said it. You meowed in response, feeling a lot more flirty than usual. This only made Kou’s smile widen into a smirk. He commanded “Be a kitten for me”. You did as he said with a giggle beginning to meow, and act like a cat. He began to laugh as you buried you face into the crook of his neck, purring and licking his skin. He giggled and sauntered away from you looking back and said “I am going to bed now, after the little kitten cleans herself up, she can join me~”.


Yuma leaned against the wall of the hallway, peering at you from above with a stare that held a strange adoration. “S/o, ya look so adorable when ya are drunk. Ya face is so red, it looks like a blush. I just wanna -”. He was interrupted by your sudden burst of tears. He may have looked really scary (due to his height) and talking about you that way had triggered something in your mind to lose it. Yuma’s eyes widen in shock, not really sure what to do, he wraps his arms around you as your sobs become inaudible while Yuma is utterly confused.


Azusa stood with his head tilted. “S/o….. where did…. you go?” He said with concern in his voice rather than anger like you had first expected. You answered “I went to a friend’s party. I’m sorry that I didn’t te-”. “You… smell odd. S/o… should… take a shower.” Azusa dragged you carefully to the bathroom where he left you so you could take a shower. Once you had dried yourself off and got dressed in your nightgown, you opened the door and made your way towards Azusa’s room where he sat in bed with his arms open waiting for you.

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