ordos 100

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Things said by Ron Swanson that could also have been said by Canderous Ordo and be 100% in character

1. To Carth: Put some alcohol in your mouth to block the words from coming out
2. Canderous: I’ve had the same will since I was 8 years old. Upon my death, I will transfer all of my belongings to the man or animal who has killed me.
Revan: What are these weird symbols?
Canderous: The man who kills me will know
3. Canderous: Not to worry, I have a permit.
Carth: This just says “I can do what I want.”
4. Bastila: I just need you to stay calm, okay?
Canderous: Yeah, I’m just gonna stay angry, I find that relaxes me.
5. Canderous: I regret nothing, the end.

Bronze plaque of a man from the Ordos Plateau, ca. 300-100 BCE. This area, now part of modern-day China, was often occupied by nomadic cultures like the Xiongnu, which frequently found themselves at war with China. The Chinese fluctuated between paying these groups off and fighting them in generally fruitless military campaigns.

#fbf to nine years ago when #100architects gathered in #ordos #masterplan of 100 villas #aiweiwei 📷: @bfdo_architects

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Ordos 100 (by iffrotterdam), the movie, directed by Ai Weiwei, is fully available at youtube, courtesy of the rotterdam film festival.

In case you don’t already know, Ordos 100 was the second collaboration between artist/architect Ai Weiwei and architects jacques herzog and pierre de meuron. They invited/curated the construction of 100 houses by different architects, some of which I already posted here before. 

Next year’s serpentine gallery will be also a collaboration between the three of them, just in time for the london olympic games.