The Esoteric Phoenix 

As the Phoenix rises from the ashes it is most symbolic and fascinating bird that symbolizes rebirth and regeneration. The mythological bird is an Immortal animal that was celebrated by the initiates of the ancient Mysteries for concealing the great truths of Esoteric Philosophy. It could even have an occult significance on our Masonic Great Seal of America. It does indeed bare a resemblance of the art of the seal, the characteristics, shape and the possible symbology of the New Order of Western Democracy that rises from the tyranny from the Monarchy of the red coats. It has been pondered by writers and symbolist.

The Egyptian Phoenix resembles the body of a human figure. As again symbolized rebirth and resurrection, The tuft of feathers on the back of idols head symbolized the activity of ones third eye of the pineal gland. The Mystic function that was well understood by the Egyptian priesthood. The rising solar flames of this divine creature also symbolizes the Sun and has Astrological, Astronomical significance and indeed it is the name of a southern constellation. To ancient Mystics it was the archetype of the immortality of the soul as it is reborn out of the expiration of the material body and again and again the spiritual nature of man rises!

The transcendental bird was considered allegorically as a symbol of achievement of alchemical transmutation by the medieval Hermetisits, a process of human regeneration. The term phoenix is a name of a secret ascending alchemical formula. The Scottish rite Rose Croix degree is symbolically a phoenix characteristic of the Pelican due to its long ass neck and same with the double headed eagle, some Rose Croix symbols actually have the long beak gone..

  Lo! The Initiates of the phoenix are men who are born again. Born into a higher state of consciousness of the spiritual world. The Mythical and Mystical phoenix was written about in Greek, Persian, and Egyptian Legends. One was said to have lived at a time. This gold and reddish  interesting bird, always a male or sometimes referred to as a hermaphrodite and lived in Arabia. Each phoenix lived for 500/1000 years, and when it was about to die, it gathered sticks and spices and built a nest. Then the phoenix sat on the nest and waited patiently for a ray of sun to set the nest of flames. It is a symbol for spiritual birth.

Ordo Ab Chao

I see you there, Chaos
Standing there staring at me
Holding my world by a thread
A snowglobe that rolls toward the edge.

We’ve been in deadlock for awhile
And one of us is about to give in
But either way the wind blows
You always seem to win.

I’ve mailed you letters that get lost in the mail
But even chainmail lets a sword through sometimes
I’ve knocked on wood that send tremors into the earth
Your diamond mine just a dime in mind.

You can’t keep this up forever Chaos
One day I will predict your nature
And prove that an immovable object
Can halt an unstoppable force.

I say this while literally watching my world come crashing down
Like a bull in a China shop
You’re the meteor that ruined town.

They say Order emerges from Chaos
But I think Order is just
The ugly duckling that got away
From us and got lost