The Esoteric Phoenix 

As the Phoenix rises from the ashes it is most symbolic and fascinating bird that symbolizes rebirth and regeneration. The mythological bird is an Immortal animal that was celebrated by the initiates of the ancient Mysteries for concealing the great truths of Esoteric Philosophy. It could even have an occult significance on our Masonic Great Seal of America. It does indeed bare a resemblance of the art of the seal, the characteristics, shape and the possible symbology of the New Order of Western Democracy that rises from the tyranny from the Monarchy of the red coats. It has been pondered by writers and symbolist.

The Egyptian Phoenix resembles the body of a human figure. As again symbolized rebirth and resurrection, The tuft of feathers on the back of idols head symbolized the activity of ones third eye of the pineal gland. The Mystic function that was well understood by the Egyptian priesthood. The rising solar flames of this divine creature also symbolizes the Sun and has Astrological, Astronomical significance and indeed it is the name of a southern constellation. To ancient Mystics it was the archetype of the immortality of the soul as it is reborn out of the expiration of the material body and again and again the spiritual nature of man rises!

The transcendental bird was considered allegorically as a symbol of achievement of alchemical transmutation by the medieval Hermetisits, a process of human regeneration. The term phoenix is a name of a secret ascending alchemical formula. The Scottish rite Rose Croix degree is symbolically a phoenix characteristic of the Pelican due to its long ass neck and same with the double headed eagle, some Rose Croix symbols actually have the long beak gone..

  Lo! The Initiates of the phoenix are men who are born again. Born into a higher state of consciousness of the spiritual world. The Mythical and Mystical phoenix was written about in Greek, Persian, and Egyptian Legends. One was said to have lived at a time. This gold and reddish  interesting bird, always a male or sometimes referred to as a hermaphrodite and lived in Arabia. Each phoenix lived for 500/1000 years, and when it was about to die, it gathered sticks and spices and built a nest. Then the phoenix sat on the nest and waited patiently for a ray of sun to set the nest of flames. It is a symbol for spiritual birth.

Music suggested to Dante Basco by Tumblr Users
  • alfred-e-neuman said: Seether is normally my jam, but when it comes to writing I have to stick with lyricless songs for inspiration. Find something classical or purely instrumental. Listen to the build and the fall of the music and let it build stories in your mind.
  • roombetweentheworlds said: search Gregorian chant boulevard of broken dreams
  • ellethepalindrome said: Young Kato
  • klauspavlock said: “andy” by last dinosaurs. The clash! Yesterday was Joe Strummers birthday
  • spartzie said: I listen to the Spirited Away soundtrack. No lyrics to distract. Just inspiration.
  • waytogodresden said: steampoweredgiraffe
  • timeb0mb42 said: Take Me to Church- Hozier
  • kwirkyqwanzaa said: The Foreign Exchange - Take Off the Blues
  • ohcanlas said: Worthy by Jacob Banks
  • queenofdaleks liked thisFollow
  • davestridersdiary said: Wide Eyes by Local Natives!
  • u1uru said: You should check out the Mountain Goats. John Darnielle’s such a brilliant writer and lyrical genius; it will both inspire your writing and change your life!
  • euphraxia said: You could try Amos Lee?
  • oceanshape said: Tychos album Awake
  • cethornton3 said: Port Blue
  • midousushii said: car radio by twenty one pilots!! or ode to sleep. or any song by them really
  • totoroses said: open season by the high highs
  • centipede-damascus said: Have you listened to Godspeed You! Black Emperor?
  • milkdudzandcoffee said: Justin Nozuka
  • zk4ever said: “Little Talks” is a great song that seems to be popular right now. If you look up the lyrics, they really are quite poetic. “And though the truth may vary, this ship will carry our bodies safe to shore.”
  • maph1 said: Spread Your Wings - Queen youtube.com/watch?v…
  • sosobriquet said: The Civil Wars is my go-to band for writing to!
  • nursecupcake69 said: Human- krewella Lionhearted -porter Robinson Sad machine-porter Brand new colony-t.p.s Fake you out Nothing better-t.p.s Smile -eyedea & abilities On this I stand-e&a Jesus Christ -brand new Decipher reflection from reality -playradioplay
  • doorman-to-hell said: Magic by Coldplay
  • chiimonster said: Try the soundtrack to a video game you like! :D
  • buggyeyes said: MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE ALL DAY
  • cumberchesterabbey said: Nujabes Counting Stars is my fav song of his. Modal Soul and Metaphorical Music bith albums full of great songs.
  • canadianbarbarian said: Empire of the sun
  • attack-a-mac said: Well, what exactly are you writing?
  • ericriverava said: Magpies on Fire by Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • htjmfisherman said: The Planets by Gustav Holst!
  • harky2192 said: I always enjoy Bastille and Mumford & Sons
  • lotusblossomz2061 said: Red Hands by Walk off the Earth, and Every Chance We Get We Run by David Guetta, Tegan and Sara, and Alesso
  • ta-ta-tori said: Spotify playlists/moods! :)
  • firstofficerdani said: Exile Vilify by The National
  • thebuenster said: Anything nujabes
  • monkeymilktea said: sea of air by portugal.the man
  • ariestwotails said: “The Devil Wears Nada” album by Two Steps from Hell, it does wonders!
  • awils13 said: Kishi Bashi- I am the antichrist to you, philosophize in it! Chemicalize in it, Manchester, the Ballad of Mr. Steak.
  • wouldhavestayedinneverland said: “Zombie” by The Cranberries is a personal favorite, also “On The Turning Away” by Pink Floyd.
  • milksweetqueen said: Bat for lashes and Jonsi
  • asianspacelesbian said: Jhameel is really good.
  • peace8608 said: ‘Run boy run’ by woodkid
  • soraofskye said: Listen to the Lord of the Rings soundtracks
  • meow-more-like-mewow said: Two steps from hell~
  • reveriejune said: NIGHTWISH. Always Nightwish. Also, if you need instrumentals while writing (as I know I do…) I suggest Tchaikovsky. Swan Lake’s soundtrack is so peaceful.
  • caffeinecrashley said: Idk what kind of music you like, but Beirut has a very particular style and always tends to inspire me while I’m working.
  • rainbowbarnacle said: parov stelar makes some really lovely electroswing jazz that’s enough to get your brain working but usually not too distracting (Catgroove is especially nice.) Good luck! :D
  • keyblade-meister said: 30 seconds to mars! Anything by them really but particularly their newest album love lust faith + dreams is incredible!
  • takineko reblogged this from rufiozuko and added:
  • Eric Johnson //www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pE5y352814&list=PLaQsRcjvTh4mv2M1aK97hT-1qMT2VaRph
  • drakeisi said: Check out an artist named Mal Blum. Each of her albums feel totally different in tone and they’re all great. Her most recent, Tempest in a Tea Cup, is my favorite.
  • nirvanainkarma said: How about Bauhaus?
  • theintrepidautist said: OH DO I EVER youtube.com/watch?v…
  • trickster-hussie said: Nobody Not Even the Rain by La Dispute
  • whimsicalobservant said: anything by william ascenzo / wellmanicuredman. also eluveitie.
  • orchardsultan reblogged this from rufiozuko and added:
  • Gotan Project is what I’ve been listenin to. I managed to get hooked when I heard Erase Una Vez on the music…
  • sweetintoxicationofthefullmoon said: The Goo Goo Dolls always do it for me.
  • chaoticrice said: “Fine Again” - Seether
  • chancellorchile said: Jonathan coulton, blue coat, now I AM an arsonist, artificial heart,
  • romisrealityisimaginative said: Septimus from star dust. It’s super epic
  • ayumichan46 said: Rise against or Ludo. I also have a spotlight playlist of songs that spark my imagination for writing.
  • resignedtotheivories said: I’ve been listening to the album Ghost by Devin Townsend lately. It might be up your alley. :)
  • hoshiko420 said: soundcloud.com/silenss… From Final Fantasy 14. Pretty much anything from Final Fantasy is good. Music without lyrics are the best for me when it comes to writing anything.
  • relievingatlas said: Cold War Kids, St. Vincent, Natalia Kills, The Head and the Heart, Regina Spektor, Mother Mother, The Fratellis, Devotchka, Mates of State, Lily Allen, Belle & Sebastian, The Decemberists, Finger Eleven, Modest Mouse.
  • crowleysdelicateass said: Flobots maybe?
  • the-neko-king said: Anything by purity ring might be a good start :)
  • ryan-jorge reblogged this from rufiozuko and added:
  • I find Goldfish and The Glitch Mob good at keeping me focused while working. Good luck Dante!
  • themouseygirlscreams-violence said: Of Montreal, their/they’re/there, la dispute, busman’s holiday, Deerhoof?
  • ignore themouseygirlscreams-violence
  • danapolis said: the atla soundtrack :P
  • morphimus said: All Star by Smash Mouth
  • swisscheesedolphins said: Try this: youtube.com/watch?v… you may or may not like it, but it’s interesting and worth a listen anyways.
  • jinnora said: I’m currently listening to Saltwater Queen by The Battle of Land & Sea. It’s so good!! Other bands that I listen to when I want to be inspired are The Hush Sound, Gregory & the Hawk, Angus and Julia Stone, and also Lorde!! (:
  • therekunoing said: In Uchronia - Ordo Ab Chao
  • petalsandpapers said: i love listening to video game OSTs and movie scores when i write!
  • phraimster said: tribute to the cat by baseiji, no idea why its called that but its a cool song and I think you might like it
  • realavatarlegend said: Film scores always inspire me :)
  • berserkers-berk reblogged this from rufiozuko and added:
  • The HTTYD soundtracks! Or the raining app!
  • iamthe-witch-of-doom said: Lightening crashes- Live
  • analfistfight said: Kanye west
  • kiracles said: Anamanaguchi! They do lyricless music which seems to help me a lot when I’m writing.
  • bluemartlet said: Vid game and movie scores are usually good for such things. But I guess it depends on what feel you want.
  • ignore bluemartlet
  • grimangelkuro said: JRPG background music. Personally I REALLY enjoy music from the Tales of and Final Fantasy franchise. Soft and classical for those smooth parts but also upbeat and extreme where you need an intense mood.
  • amidtheflowers said: Jagwar Ma - Uncertainty and their other song The Throw; Grimes - Genesis
  • dr-chimes said: Nujabes - Aruarian dance
  • thirteenthesia said: The Attack on Titan soundtrack is ridiculously inspiring.
  • broderrickstrider said: try the album ‘lil golden book’ by princess chelsea?
  • billybatsonandjameshowlettsbro said: Anything by Janelle Monae or Little Dragon.
  • griffinswings said: I always listen to Abney Park if I need inspiration, but I’d also suggest Poets of the Fall =) Good luck!
  • nintendobutt said: video game music is known to keep the mind on task. I’d recommend that.
  • elanorpam said: Weird Fishes/Arpeggio by Radiohead
  • sorceress-botan said: delilah by tom jones
  • portaljumper339 said: Look up Fiach Dubh by Corvus Corax. They’re a German band recreating the secular medieval sound, and is wear that song makes me want to go adventuring!
  • thesanityclause said: Dunno what you’re into but… I really like psychobilly stuff! Koffin Kats has a great song in particular; Locket of Sin.
  • ulmovalaofwater said: Anything from the album “Digital Scars” by Radiosepia.
  • twegtweg said: 'Jupiter: Bringer of Peace’ by Holst :)
  • midnightinjapan said: “Sweater Weather” by The Neighbourhood
  • hellholt said: streetlight manifesto
  • keirakain said: Shahmen’s Enter The Circle is a good inspiration, I think. 
  • byetoaworld said: Porter Robinson-Worlds
  • matosuwa said: i see fire- ed sheeran (kygo remix)
Ordo Ab Chao

I see you there, Chaos
Standing there staring at me
Holding my world by a thread
A snowglobe that rolls toward the edge.

We’ve been in deadlock for awhile
And one of us is about to give in
But either way the wind blows
You always seem to win.

I’ve mailed you letters that get lost in the mail
But even chainmail lets a sword through sometimes
I’ve knocked on wood that send tremors into the earth
Your diamond mine just a dime in mind.

You can’t keep this up forever Chaos
One day I will predict your nature
And prove that an immovable object
Can halt an unstoppable force.

I say this while literally watching my world come crashing down
Like a bull in a China shop
You’re the meteor that ruined town.

They say Order emerges from Chaos
But I think Order is just
The ugly duckling that got away
From us and got lost