Malmö, Sweden.

Two youths got arrested by security officers for allegedly refusing to pay for using public transportation. After the initial arrest the security personel were told by dispatch that both youths were wanted by Social Services (for having unlawfully left an institution where they were held) and were to be detained while waiting for the police to arrive.

The male youth pinned to the ground are 9 years old. In the video he can be heard yelling the Islamic Shahada “There is no god but God, Muhammad is the messenger of God” which people claim to be indicative of the boy being terrified thinking he would die.

The way the arrest was performed has caused an uproar on Swedish social media. Worth noting is that the video has been put together from a series of videoclips filmed by bystanders and has been criticized for not showing sequences in a correct chronological order.

Previous to the arrest the 9 year old is claimed to have spat on the security officer and also biting him in the hand.

The security guard filed charges against the 9 year old for violence towards an officer, but the charges were dropped due to the boys young age. In Sweden, no one under the age of 15 can get prosecuted for crimes. Instead the matter is handled by Social Services.

Certified Security Officers in Sweden are trained and maintained by the Police department and got access to some parts of the Swedish Police Act in order to help maintain public order at their place of work. They carry handcuffs and expandable batons.

The guards use of force may now become subject for investigation and may lead to a charge for assault which will then be handled by a tier one criminal court. Besides fines or prison the guard risks loosing his license to work as a certified security officer.

My personal view on this is that according to Swedish law all violence used by “the state” must be proportional and needed in the actual situation. I wasn’t there, and I look forward to read the coming investigation.