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Something about Marvel Heroes...

Players are able to pick from a wide cast of Marvel characters…

Using different costumes grants you different abilities…

It’s an isometric dungeon crawl much like Diablo (albeit with MMO elements)…


With a heavy focus on playing with friends…


Very original.

My Thoughts/Review on The Amazing Spider-Man

So here I am, back again from a tumblr hiatus. Yesterday I went and saw the new Spider Man with some of my friends, it was awesome enough that I wanted to write down my feelings about it. Don’t worry, I’ll get back to my emotional posts and rebloging later! Anyways, here goes:

The Amazing Spider-Man is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s amazing. Back when it was initially announced I was already upset that Raimi’s fourth Spidey film had been canned by Sony, I saw it as unfair and just Sony’s way of trying to speed things up to get more money out of Spider-Man. The first shots of Andrew Garfield and the new costume made me dislike it even more, and the Lizard has never been a favorite for me. The first trailer didn’t win me over either. But gradually as more info leaked out and the trailers got better I got more and more excited at the possibility it could be a good movie.

And it is. It’s amazing.

The cast is perfect. Andrew Garfield is a great actor, I’m excited to see him in sequels to this as well as other movies. He instantly won me over much the same way that Mark Ruffalo did in The Avengers. Something about Garfield just clicks and you instantly buy that he is Peter Parker. He perfectly captures Peter’s geekiness and the awkwardness of being in high school. Emma Stone is also incredible and you really believe she is Gwen Stacy. She looks exactly like the character (even down to her clothing) and just really is what Gwen Stacy is in the comics. Rhys Ifans does a really great Curt Conners, though in a way that makes this version of the character fairly different from the standard adaptations of the character. Denis Leary as George Stacy is awesome because Denis Leary basically is George Stacy. Martin Sheen is Uncle Ben (and oh so many Illusive Man jokes were made), and Sally Field is Aunt May (who comes off as the youngest Aunt May ever).

The plot is fairly interesting, with a more modern take on how Parker is able to become Spider-Man and Curt the Lizard. Oscorp is a big deal in this version of the story, though Harry is never seen or mentioned (however there is a LOT of referencing to Norman, enough to where it may be fairly likely that we’ll see the Green Goblin at some point down the line). The action scenes are just as solid as Raimi’s ever were, they keep you on the edge even when you know Spidey will make it out (relatively) fine. The way Uncle Ben’s death is handled in this adaptation is probably the best way it’s ever been handled in my opinion, and I really felt bad watching it. The way Peter reacts to discovering his powers is realistic, and extremely hilarious. Peter and Gwen’s relationship happens a bit fast, but it still works and I was able to connect to it somewhat. Similarly the Lizard’s birth is very rushed, though it’s excusable to an extent because of constraints on run time and a much bigger focus on Peter’s story.

Speaking of which, that really is the main focus of this movie. Peter doesn’t don the costume until a good half way through the film. This isn’t a movie about Spider-Man beating up a lot of guys with some drama in between like Raimi’s films were. The Amazing Spider-Man is really more a story about growing up, accepting responsibility, love, and finding yourself. It’s a movie I was really able to connect with. It made me think about who I am. I’m the same age as the main characters of this film, so it’s natural for me to have that kind of reaction, but it’s really incredible how well done it is. Many of the high school scenes feel believable and the personal issues Peter has to cope with are the same as any older teenager’s. Spider-Man has always been popular with my age group because he’s basically just the same as any of us, but it’s really impressive how that part of the character and story is preserved and how it really shines in this movie. That’s something Raimi’s Spider-Man movies never managed to do for me.

In my opinion it’s a far better film than any other Spider-Man film before it, and despite some of it’s faults is a really solid, enjoyable, film. I’m looking forward to the minimum two sequels it’ll be getting, as well as all the rumors abound about the Venom film (which I hope happens. My favorite super villain deserves to get treated right for once in the film industry). If you haven’t seen it yet, see it. You’re in for something truly amazing.

Why Dustin is like an older brother to me #9
  • Dustin: Lol. Reminds me of all the wives I sacrificed in Fable TLC. -sniff- brings a tear to my eye...
  • Me: meh, if they were so easily impressed by a flex then I don't know what to say
  • Dustin: I meant the joy of killing innocents brings a tear to my eye. Not killing those shallow whores
  • Me: oh, well good save
  • Dustin: Geeze. What kind of villain would I be if I cared about the people I harmed?