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How do quotation marks work? If it's at the beginning of a paragraph, it seems to be --, but then if it's in the middle, they just start talking and I don't know how to tell if they're talking or thinking, and then there's « » and I am so confused.

1/ Les tirets (-) are for dialogues,
2/ Les guillements (quotation marks > « ») are for spoken speech in general, 
3/ We put thoughts in italics (along with brands, titles etc)

And important, this type of quotation mark > “ “ is not a thing in French. I don’t recall their name exactly, but it’s something like international quotation marks or English quotation marks. Anyhow, they’re not supposed to be used in French. Though, some devices don’t provide them in their keyboard or barely do with providing a key combination that nobody knows, so some teachers might accept that you use “ “ instead of  « ». However some grammar nazis will rip all your organs and roast them with garlic if you dare using “ “. I guess it’s up to you and your taste for free fight. 

Example : 


- Je pense venir à la fête samedi soir. 
- Oh oui, s’il te plait, viens ! 
- Tout dépendra de mon emploi du temps. 


J’ai rencontré Sabrina par hasard dans la rue. Nous avons décidé de prendre un café. C’est alors que je lui dis  « Je pense venir à la fête samedi soir ». Son visage s’est illuminé tant l’idée semblait lui faire plaisir. 


J’ai rencontré Sabrina par hasard dans la rue. Elle m’a proposé de prendre un café. Plutôt mourir, ai-je pensé.   

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