Me: hey can i sit with you? Theres no more seats
Popular girl on late bus: ….
Me: *taps her shoulder* can i sit here?
Popular girl: *completely ignores me*
Me: *taps her shoulder again* um heey can i sit here
Popular girl: UGGH!!! *moves over*
Me: *tries my best to breathe in her general direction, hoping she catches my bronchidous*

I keep forgetting that outside of Tumblr, people aren't as fanatic about shows...

I’ve  just had a few cases of people mention that they just watched the second season of Sherlock, or that they watch Supernatural and I get all excited and start rambling on and getting so animated.

They just sort of brush the conversation off. They like it, just in a normal… boring sort of way.

I must remember not too come off too strong when dealing with ordinary people. They don’t get it. And they scare easy.

I find it weird how not really liking WILL.I.AM but then absolutely adoring Ordinary People by John Legend is pretty much a contradictory stance.