Little Holmes Part 3(Final) - Moriarty x reader

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AN: The final part dun dun dun! It’s a bit long but it’s worth it. I also experimented with the use of gifs so it looks even longer. After this go follow me because I will be posting a lot of Moriarty and your other favourite characters. Send in a request and I will be happy to write for whatever character you want me to. 

Previous Chapters: (Part 1) (Part 2)

Overall summary: Moriarty teases Sherlock because he slept with you. Sherlock’s little sister.

In this chapter: Does Moriarty have a weakness?  (Based on ‘The Reinchenbach Fall’)

Word count: 5,670 (It’s worth it. I know it’s long, I’m sorry.)

Warnings: Bit long, heated make out scene but not much else, some violence in the end, some strong language.

“If you could break any bank, what do you care about the highest bidder?” Sherlock asked Moriarty. The two men have been in the flat a while, simply talking.

“I don’t. I just like to watch them all competing. ‘Daddy loves me the best!’ Aren’t ordinary people adorable? Well, you know, you’ve got John. I should get myself a live-in one.” Moriarty brought another piece of apple that he had been carving to his mouth.

“Why are you doing all of this?” Sherlock asked however Moriarty was still thinking about a flat mate.

“It’d be so funny.” He muttered. 

“You don’t want money or power. Not really. What is it all for?” 

“I want to solve the problem. Our problem; the final problem.” Moriarty lent forward, his eyes not leaving Sherlock. “It’s gonna start very soon, Sherlock, the fall. But don’t be scared. Falling’s just like flying, except there’s a more permanent destination.” Moriarty then whistled a descend, followed by a crashing thundering noise once he figuratively hit the floor. He raises his head, staring up at Sherlock.

“Never liked riddles.” Sherlock rose to his feet, joined by Moriarty as he straightened his jacket.

“Learn to. Because I owe you a fall, Sherlock. I…owe…you.” Moriarty told Sherlock. 

Sherlock looked as if he was going to say something when your voice interrupted. 

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Writing Prompt

1. Is she human?

2. Claims she/he made a deal with the devil.

3. Which is nonsense.

4. You known, the rationalist in me wants to agree, but skull on fire presents pretty compelling agreement.

5. Hail Satan.

6. The devil is and will always be a gentleman.

7. Excuse me, which level of hell is this?

8. Why so many Dragon tattoos?

9. Because im gonna be dragging this knife across your throat if you don’t shut up.

10. Bippity boppity back the fuck up.

11. My head is a very dark place.

12. When I die put motion sensors around my grave and when someone walks nearby make it start playing Stayin’ Alive very loud.

13. I put fun in funeral

14. I put laughter in manslaughter.

15. I put hot in psychotic.

16. No rush.

17. I threw a kid in a well, don’t ask me I’ll never tell. I will regret this in hell, but he was in my way.

18. Whatever you’re about to tell me…i already know it’s going to be…awesome!

19. Oh honey you should see me on a crown.

20. Kill you? N…no. Don’t be obvious.

21. But we both know that’s not quite true.

22. Staying alive is so boring, isn’t it? It’s just… staying.

23. Falling’s just like flying expect there’s a more permanent destination. 

24. I will burn the heart out of you.

25. People have died.

26. That’s what people do!

27. Aren’t ordinary people adorable? Oh you know, you’ve got one.

28. I should get myself a live on one. It must be so funny.

29. How hard do you find it, having to say ‘I don’t know’?

30. I don’t know

31. Oh, that’s clever, that’s very clever, awfully clever, well put.

32. The women with the keys is queen.

33. I’m in shock. Look, I’ve got a blanket!

34. I can’t quote poetry but I can quote sarcasm. You got to admit that’s sexier.

35. Twinkle twinkle average guy, it is time for you to die, don’t you dare come touch my the, you won’t hear my alibi, twinkle twinkle you are dead, have fun in your blood stained bed.

36. Hi my name is ’(f/y/n)’ I accidentallyhit your car and someone saw me so I’m pretending to write my details. Sorry - ’(f/y/n)’

37. I will skin you and make you into shoes!

38. Mori art ti tranfered into latin means ’ to die was an art’.

39. Pys • cho • path- a person  suffering from a chronic mental disorder with an abnormal or violent social behavior.

40. So • ci • o • path- a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behaviors and la pack lack of conscience. 

40. Dance like your stealing the crown jewels.

41. Halloween is that time of year where you can leave dead bodies in the lawn and everyone will think it’s decorations.

42. Sapiosexual (n.)- a person who is sexually attracted to intelligence in others.

43. What if heaven is a gaint movie theater where you can watch fanficitons as a movie and your otp is canon and there’s free refills on popcorn.

44. You know…normal girls just daydream about getting married and perfect outfits.

45. Saying 'its just hormones’ to an upset teenager to make them feel better is like saying 'its just gravity’ to someone who fell off of the top of a 10 story building.

46. If i cut off my foot an like swing it at your head am i kicking or hitting you?

47. You’ll most likely mentally scar me more than anything.

48. Every fairy ta needs a good old - fashioned villains. 

49. You’re a bloody psychopath.

50. High functioning sociopath.

51. Did I leave the hair straightener on?

52.  ​Whatever that’s just my summer house, who cares if it burns down.

53. Maybe it’ll spread to the neighbours house.

54. Wouldn’t that be nice.

55. Say that again!

56. Say that again and know that if you’re lying to me, I will find you, and I will skin you.

57. When I was in 8th grade I liked this boy so I pick pocketed him and stole his green day wallet and the next I bought it back to him and I was like 'omg I found this on the ground here you go’ and we were friend’s from then on.

58. So basically the moral of the story is if you ever want someone to notice you, commit a criminal act on them and you will be friends maybe try kidnapping their pets or something.

59. Hey dickbot! Need a hand?

60. Some girls like boys i like serial killers.

61. I’m not anti-social, I’m anti-idiot.

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Can I get a moriarty x reader with 1, 3 and 6? I love your story's by the way! Keep up the good work😁💕

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Reader x Moriarty

1. “I was going for intimidating and vaguely threatening.”

3. “You’re making it hard for me to be nice to you.”

6. “You’re already making me regret our friendship.”

You opened the door to your new flat and stared at Jim. “How did you get my address? I literally just moved in today.”

“Never mind that.” Jim said, pushing past you and making himself at home in your living room. “I need help plotting.”

“Plotting?” You asked and sat next to him on the couch.

“Yeah, you know, plotting.” Jim shrugged. When he saw that you didn’t understand, he sighed and continued. “Murder, bank robberies, assassinations.”

“Aren’t murders and assassinations the same thing?” You asked confused.

“Assassinations are for important people.” Jim told you. “For example, you would placed in the murder category while I would in the assassination.”

You narrowed your eyes in at Jim. “You’re making it hard for me to be nice to you.”

“I’m sorry.” Jim said sincerely, placing his arm on the couch behind your back. “Sometimes I forget how sensitive ordinary people are. Aren’t ordinary people adorable?”

“You’re already making me regret our friendship.” You reached across and flicked Jim on his cheek.

“That hurt.” Jim placed his hand over his wounded area and looked at you in disbelief. “You flicked me. You bloody flicked me!”

“Sorry,” You shrugged with a sweet, innocent expression on your face. “Sometimes I forget how sensitive ordinary people are. Aren’t ordinary people adorable?”

“You’re evil.” Jim muttered, shocked.

“I was going for intimidating and vaguely threatening.” You feigned innocence.

“Good.” Jim patted your head and opened his case file. “Then you can help me plan the ambassador’s assassination.”

“That’s sort of a tongue twister.” You thought about it for a moment before trying to say it fast.

Jim placed the file in your lap and stood up with a huff. “You look this over while I make us some tea. This is going to take awhile.”

“Oh don’t look so annoyed.” You dismissed him. “You love spending time with me.”

“Peach or apple cinnamon?” Jim asked with a small smile.

“Apple cinnamon, please.” You returned his smile as he disappeared in your kitchen to make the two of you some tea. When he was gone, you opened the file, studying up.

Hello Detective Chapter 43

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When you arrived you suspiciously found the door unlocked, and heard voices upstairs.

“Sherlock did you know your door was unlocked–” You said, walking into his sitting room but stopping in your tracks when you saw James Moriarty sitting in Sherlock’s chair.

Sherlock looked to you from John’s chair, a worried look on his face.

“Y/N/N, why don’t you have a seat, join us. Have you told your little friends yet?” Moriarty said, first motioning to the couch then turning his conversation back to Sherlock.

“Told them what?” Sherlock asked, his hands folded in prayer position.

“Why I broke into all those places and never took anything?” James asked.

“No.” Sherlock muttered.

“But you understand.” Jim smirked.

“Obviously.” Sherlock said.

“Off you go, then.” Jim said as he fiddled with an apple and a pocket knife.

“You want me to tell you what you already know?” Sherlock asked.

“No, I want you to prove that you know it.” Jim said, you sat awkwardly on the couch, sitting in the middle of this cock fight.

“You didn’t take anything because you don’t need to. You’ll never need to take anything ever again.” Sherlock said.

“Very good. Because…” James said, urging him to continue.

“Because nothing, nothing in the Bank of England, the Tower of London, or Pentonville Prison could possibly match the value of the key that could get you into all three.” Sherlock said and your eyes went wide.

“I can open any door anywhere with a few tiny lines of computer code. No such thing as a private bank account now. They’re all mine,” James began then turned his head to you.

“No such thing as secrecy, I own secrecy.” He smirked at you, you frowned in disgust.

“Nuclear codes, I could blow up NATO in alphabetical order. In a world of locked rooms, the man with the key is king. And honey, you should see me in a crown.” James smiled.

“You were advertising all the way through the trail, you were showing the world what you can do.” Sherlock said.

“And you were helping. Big client list. Rouge government, intelligence communities, terror cells. They all want me, suddenly I’m Mr. Sex.” James said, and you saw the disappointed look on Sherlock’s face. He was played by Moriarty, he was inadvertently helping him.

“You could break any bank. What do you care about the highest bidder?” You asked, and he turned to you and smirked before answering.

“I don’t. I just like to watch them all competing. ‘Daddy loves me the best!’ Aren’t ordinary people adorable?” James said before turning back to Sherlock. “Well, you know. You’ve got John, and Y/N/N you’re moderately ordinary. You have feelings, weaknesses, your mind may be a match for Sherlock’s but you let emotions get in the way. Love. How cute, I should get myself a live-in one. It would be so funny.” Jim said, fearful tears were filling up your eyes but not daring to spill.

“Why are you doing this? You don’t want money or power, not really. What is it all for?” Sherlock asked, you could tell he was angry from the way Jim spoke to you.

“I want to solve the problem. Our problem. The final problem. It’s going to start very soon Sherlock. The fall. But don’t be scared. Falling’s just like flying except there’s a more permanent destination.” Jim said, and it gave you chills. Sherlock stood, keeping his composure but you could tell something was off. He was afraid that Moriarty was threatening his one weakness- you.

“I never liked riddles.” Sherlock said, Jim stood too.

“Learn to. Because I owe you a fall, Sherlock. I owe you.” Jim said cryptically before leaving the room. Sherlock moved to grab the apple that James was messing with. He turned it to reveal that ‘IOU’ was carved into it.

You stood cautiously before speaking, “Sherlock…”

“Leave, I need to think.” Sherlock said, turning his back to you.

“But it’s important.” You said forcefully, preparing to tell him.

“More important than this? Go!” He yelled. You took a step back in shock. He had never spoken to you like this before. Moriarty had angered him, and he thought that by pushing you away he could keep you safe… Little did he know that the safest place for you was right next to him.

You did as he said, and as you closed the door to 221B a sleek black car pulls up. You rolled your eyes and got in the car. Once the car pulled to a stop and you entered the building you noticed the silence in the room and looked around curiously, before a man emerged to take you back to Mycroft.

“Hello Mycroft.” You said as you noticed him.

“Y/N,” he nodded as the door was closed and you were now alone. You noticed a copy of today’s SUN sitting on his table, you picked it up.

“You read this stuff?” You asked with a smile.

“Caught my eye.” He said, you sat down across from him and began scanning the front page. There had to be something about Sherlock in here, otherwise Mycroft would never have bothered with it.

“Saturday, they’re doing a big expose.” Mycroft said, you read the headline. Sherlock: The Shocking Truth. Close Friend Richard Brook Tells All. You read on, Super-sleuth Sherlock Holmes has today been exposed as a fraud in a revelation that will shock his newfound base of adoring fans. The story was written by Kitty Riley.

“She was at the trial, tried to get information from Sherlock and I. Richard Brook? I’m assuming he’s not a school friend.” You said, looking up to Mycroft with a smirk.

“Of Sherlock’s?” He laughed. “But that’s not why I asked you here.”

Mycroft picked up a few files and handed one to you. You opened it and noticed that it was an assassin. He looked oddly familiar.

“Know him?” Mycroft asked.

“No, but he looks familiar.” You said.

“He’s taken a flat in Baker Street two doors down from Sherlock.” Mycroft said, and you read on in the file.

“Sulejmani. Albanian hit squad.” You read.

“Expertly trained killer, living directly between you and Sherlock.” Mycroft said, before handing you some more files. “Dyachenko, Ludmila.”

“Russian.” You said, taking the file. “I’m sensing a pattern here.”

“In fact, four top international assassins relocated within spitting distance of 221B.” Mycroft said.

“You think this is Moriarty?” You asked.

“He promised Sherlock he would come back.” Mycroft said.

“If Moriarty had wanted him dead, then he would be dead.” You argued.

“If not Moriarty, then who?” Mycroft asked, and he had a point, but you didn’t think these assassins were put there to kill Sherlock.

“You know you could just talk to Sherlock, since you’re so concerned about him.” You smiled, knowing he wouldn’t.

“Too much history between us, Y/N. Old scores, resentments.” Mycroft said, you laughed.

“You know one day you two are going to have to get over that. He needs you, maybe now more than ever. He’s pushing me away too. He thinks he can do this on his own but he can’t. Mycroft, you know how much I respect you. But if you can’t be honest with me then I can’t help you. What aren’t you telling me?” You asked him.

“What aren’t you telling me?” He raised an eyebrow.

“What do you mean?” You asked surprised.

“Moriarty is obsessed, he’s sworn to destroy his only rival. To get to Sherlock, he might get to you. I know he’s been in contact with you, can I see it?” Mycroft asked, wanting to see the text Moriarty had sent you.

“You already know what it says Mycroft…” You said, looking to the floor.

“Is it true?” He asked. A tear rolled down your cheek.

“I haven’t told Sherlock yet.” You cried. He sat back in his chair and sighed.

“You know what’s coming… Between him and Moriarty. Do me a favor… Don’t tell him.” Mycroft said, surprising you.

“Don’t tell him? Are you serious?” You almost yelled.

“He doesn’t need another distraction.” Mycroft said, but what he meant was it would make it harder for him to let go.

“Trust me, please.” Mycroft begged. You were hesitant, but ultimately, you wanted, needed Sherlock to defeat Moriarty, so if this is what it took.

“What if he deduces it?” You asked.

“He won’t. You and I both know he has trouble reading you, he always has.” Mycroft announced. Your phone buzzed, a text from Lestrade.

Kidnapping, need you now at 221B. Important!

It was typed in a hurry, meaning it must have been someone important. You stood to leave.

“I need to go to work… Mycroft I’m trusting you on this. Prove to me I made the right decision.” You said, leaving the room.

“I always protect my family!” He called after you. That’s when it really struck you. Not only was this Sherlock’s son, but Mycroft’s niece or nephew. He cared about you and this child too.

  1. “I’m just looking in my mind palace for a fuck to give.”
  2. “Do you need a shock blanket?”
  3. “I’m not a psychopath. I’m a high-functioning sociopath, do your research.”
  4. “Dear god, what is it like in your funny little brains? It must be so boring.”
  5. “Don’t talk out loud, you lower the IQ of the entire street.”
  6. *Sighs* “You ordinary people fill your heads with all kinds of rubbish.”
  7. “You’re ordinary…”
  8. “I know I should respect you but I find it difficult because you’re an idiot.”
  9. “Problem?”
  10. “Shut up.” “I wasn’t saying anyth-” “You were thinking. It’s annoying.”
  11. “No disrespect but clearly you were born in the 80’s.”
  12. “Get out. I need to go to my mind palace.”
  13. “I dislike being outnumbered it makes for too much stupid in the room.”
  14. “You just don’t observe.”
  15. “Sentiment is a chemical defect found in the losing side.”
  16. (When someone tells you you have no heart) “Yes. I have been reliably informed that I don’t have a heart. Thank you.”
  17. “DOOFUS!”
  18. “Now we both know that’s not quite true.”
  19. “You can’t be allowed to continue. You just can’t.”
  20. “You’re spectacularly ignorant.”
  21. “I always hear ‘punch me in the face’ when you’re speaking, but it’s usually subtext.”
  22. “Alright. Spock. Just take it easy.”
  23. “Have you been reliably informed that  you don’t have a heart?”
  24. “No one could fake being such an annoying dick all the time.”
  25. “You don’t understand do you?”……“You still don’t understand do you?”
  26. “I can’t even bother to answer.”
  27. “Why can’t people just think? Why can't you just think?”
  28. (When someone tells you 'that’s against the rules’)“WELL THEN THE RULES ARE WRONG!”
  29. “You ordinary people are adorable.”
  30. “Wrong.”

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You leaned your head onto Jim’s shoulder, munching on popcorn as you two watched over the balcony, comfortably positioned in the loveseat that overlooked the streets below. His arm was possessively wrapped around you, “Aren’t ordinary people adorable?” He asked, more so with a hum.

You nodded, watching an old lady cross the street and a man walking a dog. “Well, not as adorable as you, of course.” He said as he shifted some, pulling you closer to him. “My everything.”