Little Holmes Part 3(Final) - Moriarty x reader

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AN: The final part dun dun dun! It’s a bit long but it’s worth it. I also experimented with the use of gifs so it looks even longer. After this go follow me because I will be posting a lot of Moriarty and your other favourite characters. Send in a request and I will be happy to write for whatever character you want me to. 

Previous Chapters: (Part 1) (Part 2)

Overall summary: Moriarty teases Sherlock because he slept with you. Sherlock’s little sister.

In this chapter: Does Moriarty have a weakness?  (Based on ‘The Reinchenbach Fall’)

Word count: 5,670 (It’s worth it. I know it’s long, I’m sorry.)

Warnings: Bit long, heated make out scene but not much else, some violence in the end, some strong language.

“If you could break any bank, what do you care about the highest bidder?” Sherlock asked Moriarty. The two men have been in the flat a while, simply talking.

“I don’t. I just like to watch them all competing. ‘Daddy loves me the best!’ Aren’t ordinary people adorable? Well, you know, you’ve got John. I should get myself a live-in one.” Moriarty brought another piece of apple that he had been carving to his mouth.

“Why are you doing all of this?” Sherlock asked however Moriarty was still thinking about a flat mate.

“It’d be so funny.” He muttered. 

“You don’t want money or power. Not really. What is it all for?” 

“I want to solve the problem. Our problem; the final problem.” Moriarty lent forward, his eyes not leaving Sherlock. “It’s gonna start very soon, Sherlock, the fall. But don’t be scared. Falling’s just like flying, except there’s a more permanent destination.” Moriarty then whistled a descend, followed by a crashing thundering noise once he figuratively hit the floor. He raises his head, staring up at Sherlock.

“Never liked riddles.” Sherlock rose to his feet, joined by Moriarty as he straightened his jacket.

“Learn to. Because I owe you a fall, Sherlock. I…owe…you.” Moriarty told Sherlock. 

Sherlock looked as if he was going to say something when your voice interrupted. 

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Can I get a moriarty x reader with 1, 3 and 6? I love your story's by the way! Keep up the good work😁💕

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Reader x Moriarty

1. “I was going for intimidating and vaguely threatening.”

3. “You’re making it hard for me to be nice to you.”

6. “You’re already making me regret our friendship.”

You opened the door to your new flat and stared at Jim. “How did you get my address? I literally just moved in today.”

“Never mind that.” Jim said, pushing past you and making himself at home in your living room. “I need help plotting.”

“Plotting?” You asked and sat next to him on the couch.

“Yeah, you know, plotting.” Jim shrugged. When he saw that you didn’t understand, he sighed and continued. “Murder, bank robberies, assassinations.”

“Aren’t murders and assassinations the same thing?” You asked confused.

“Assassinations are for important people.” Jim told you. “For example, you would placed in the murder category while I would in the assassination.”

You narrowed your eyes in at Jim. “You’re making it hard for me to be nice to you.”

“I’m sorry.” Jim said sincerely, placing his arm on the couch behind your back. “Sometimes I forget how sensitive ordinary people are. Aren’t ordinary people adorable?”

“You’re already making me regret our friendship.” You reached across and flicked Jim on his cheek.

“That hurt.” Jim placed his hand over his wounded area and looked at you in disbelief. “You flicked me. You bloody flicked me!”

“Sorry,” You shrugged with a sweet, innocent expression on your face. “Sometimes I forget how sensitive ordinary people are. Aren’t ordinary people adorable?”

“You’re evil.” Jim muttered, shocked.

“I was going for intimidating and vaguely threatening.” You feigned innocence.

“Good.” Jim patted your head and opened his case file. “Then you can help me plan the ambassador’s assassination.”

“That’s sort of a tongue twister.” You thought about it for a moment before trying to say it fast.

Jim placed the file in your lap and stood up with a huff. “You look this over while I make us some tea. This is going to take awhile.”

“Oh don’t look so annoyed.” You dismissed him. “You love spending time with me.”

“Peach or apple cinnamon?” Jim asked with a small smile.

“Apple cinnamon, please.” You returned his smile as he disappeared in your kitchen to make the two of you some tea. When he was gone, you opened the file, studying up.

  1. “I’m just looking in my mind palace for a fuck to give.”
  2. “Do you need a shock blanket?”
  3. “I’m not a psychopath. I’m a high-functioning sociopath, do your research.”
  4. “Dear god, what is it like in your funny little brains? It must be so boring.”
  5. “Don’t talk out loud, you lower the IQ of the entire street.”
  6. *Sighs* “You ordinary people fill your heads with all kinds of rubbish.”
  7. “You’re ordinary…”
  8. “I know I should respect you but I find it difficult because you’re an idiot.”
  9. “Problem?”
  10. “Shut up.” “I wasn’t saying anyth-” “You were thinking. It’s annoying.”
  11. “No disrespect but clearly you were born in the 80’s.”
  12. “Get out. I need to go to my mind palace.”
  13. “I dislike being outnumbered it makes for too much stupid in the room.”
  14. “You just don’t observe.”
  15. “Sentiment is a chemical defect found in the losing side.”
  16. (When someone tells you you have no heart) “Yes. I have been reliably informed that I don’t have a heart. Thank you.”
  17. “DOOFUS!”
  18. “Now we both know that’s not quite true.”
  19. “You can’t be allowed to continue. You just can’t.”
  20. “You’re spectacularly ignorant.”
  21. “I always hear ‘punch me in the face’ when you’re speaking, but it’s usually subtext.”
  22. “Alright. Spock. Just take it easy.”
  23. “Have you been reliably informed that  you don’t have a heart?”
  24. “No one could fake being such an annoying dick all the time.”
  25. “You don’t understand do you?”……“You still don’t understand do you?”
  26. “I can’t even bother to answer.”
  27. “Why can’t people just think? Why can't you just think?”
  28. (When someone tells you 'that’s against the rules’)“WELL THEN THE RULES ARE WRONG!”
  29. “You ordinary people are adorable.”
  30. “Wrong.”
Moriarty? What’s Moriarty?

James Moriarty isn’t a man at all. He’s a spider.

He’s a spider? Right, then. Moriarty is a bloody metaphor? The way he talks, his priorities and his entire existence is just ridiculous. He’s scary and yet so unreal. You’ll more likely meet an evil cabbie or creepy blackmailer. But Jim Moriarty?

People don’t have archenemies - in real life. There are no archenemies in real life. Doesn’t happen.

You’re just a man. And they’re so much more than that.

Archenemy? This isn’t what happens in real life. So, if Moriarty isn’t like other characters, if he isn’t just a man, if he’s something more… what’s it than?

                                          WHAT’S MORIARTY?

1) The opposite to John

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There are no archenemies in real life. Doesn’t happen.

Doesn’t it? Sounds a bit dull.

Moriarty is so interesting. When he’s around, you just can’t be bored. Mostly he tries to kill you, but you know, in quite a flirty way.

What do real people have then in their real lifes?

Girlfriends, boyfriends… Do you have a boyfriend? - which is fine, by the way.

People don’t have archenemies, however they have boyfriends. Interesting. Archenemy, who aspires to be the hero’s boyfriend.

I hope you’ll be very happy together, says John sarcastically. He’s afraid that Sherlock could find him too ordinary. Jim is aware of that.

Aren’t ordinary people adorable? … And you know, you’ve got John.

There are the very opposite of each other. John presents the good side, he wants to be as normal as it gets, through he’s failing sometimes. He expects Sherlock to buy milk, watch telly and be polite. He wants him to act properly et cetera.

Sherlock! Timing!

On the other hand Jim doesn’t expect anything but a game. He’s obviously the bad choice for Sherlock. Jim flirts with him, encourage him to act like a bastard, lures him to join the dark side. Not because it’s better, but because it’s easier.

Is that a British Army Browning L9A1 in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me?

It’s up to Sherlock to choose. John represents safety, but Jim is exciting. We see this struggling every time Jim shows up. (i.e.TGG, TRF) + in other episodes, where is his presence indicated.

As in TEH, where he’s blatantly asking about this the final problem. 

Jim is an alternative route. John is about to get married and that gives Moriarty another chance. (Mary probably works for him anyway, so Jim created this chance.) He is (probably) not dead. The flirting’s not over yet. And it won’t until Sherlock will pick up one of them.

2) Sherlock’s dark side

You’re gonna love being dead, Sherlock.

Moriarty has a death wish. Is it simultaneously Sherlock’s death wish? Maybe he wanted to meet Moriarty on the roof because he needed to face it.

221C, Baker Street. The basement variation of 221B Baker Street. 221B is where Shelock lives, 221C is where he first ‘meets’ Moriarty. Jim was there and left there a pair of shoes.

This apartment is a lot like Jim. Nearly empty, no one is interested in it, because there’s something wrong with it. But Sherlock took a look - the first time he was there, as Mrs Hudson said. He could have decided to live there. He nearly was Moriarty.

We are constantly reminded of the possibility.

Sherlock Holmes is a great man, and I think one day— if we’re very very lucky— he might even be a good one.

I may be on the side of angels, but don’t think for one second that I am one of them.

You’re not ordinary. You’re me. 

Because he’s a psychopath. Psychopaths get bored.

When Sherlock faces Moriarty, he’s actually facing his dark side. All the horrible things he has in his mind is chained up in the padded cell. Sherlock knows Moriarty is insane. Dangerous.

Could be dangerous.

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Moriarty calls himself ‘the villain’, he’s the dark, the evil side. But what about Sherlock? Is he fully good?

I may be on the side of angels, but don’t think for one second that I am one of them. 

Sherlock is Dr Jekyll, while Jim is Mr Hyde. These are characters from a story by R. L. Stevenson and it goes like this: Dr Jekyll creates a potion, when he drinks it, he becomes Mr Hyde. 

The thing is that Mr Hyde (Moriarty) is pure evil, he’s made of all the bad things and sins in Dr Jekyll (Holmes) - however, Dr Jekyll (Holmes) isn’t antithesis, e.i. pure good. As I said, Mr Hyde (Moriarty) is culmitation of Jekyll’s (Holmes’) bad traits, therefore Dr Jekyll (Holmes) has some. 

Jekyll (Holmes) is a just a human being, he’s more good than bad, but he is not an angel. Compared to Hyde (Moriarty) nevertheless he seems better than he actually is.

Holmes could be seen as a hero only thanks to Moriarty.

3) Force which divides and connects

Isn’t he sweet? I can see why you like having him around… but then people do get so sentimental about their pets.

Every time Jim and Sherlock meet, they talk about John. Jim uses John to manipulate with Sherlock. The pool, the roof, even the tea party.

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Every time Moriarty comes to the picture he divides them, but Sherlock and John somehow (magically or is it tjlc) connect again. They always find their way.

Domestic bliss starts after the pool. Through they’re separated for two years after TRF, they reunite again. Just the two of us against the rest of the world.

And it is my belief that the bonfire incident was planned by Moriarty, although performed by Magnussen.

Consulting criminal. Brilliant.

Because after this event, John forgives Sherlock. He’s like a drug.

Force that incessantly divides 

Most importantly Jim performs the antagonist to Sherlock. Villain - hero. John is aware of that Moriarty is villain and he assumes Sherlock is the hero. But we already know it’s not like that. 

What’s more - the fact, that John can’t see Sherlock as a human is the biggest problem of all. Once he’ll recognize his mistake, they can confess their love to each other. But that’s gonna be really hard for John.

Force that connects regardless of death

John Watson is definitely in danger.

Okay, it’s mindpalace!Jim. Nevertheless, there’s a reason why Moriarty is the one saying this. It could have been anyone else. Mrs Hudson, Molly… But they chose Moriarty to say it. To remind Sherlock that John needs him.

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And of course the last time he reunited them was this. Did you miss me?

Sherlock has to come back. Thank you, Jim.

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You leaned your head onto Jim’s shoulder, munching on popcorn as you two watched over the balcony, comfortably positioned in the loveseat that overlooked the streets below. His arm was possessively wrapped around you, “Aren’t ordinary people adorable?” He asked, more so with a hum.

You nodded, watching an old lady cross the street and a man walking a dog. “Well, not as adorable as you, of course.” He said as he shifted some, pulling you closer to him. “My everything.”