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could you write a soft morning short reddie fic pls??? xx

richie wakes up with a freezing cold nose stuffed into his armpit. little hands knotted in fists are nestled into his side and when he turns his head, he gets a nose full of hair. the clock next to the bed blinks 7:30. richie scoots away from eddie in the bed, careful not to roll onto eddie’s small hands that sleepily reach for him, and when he climbs out of bed, eddie makes a tiny snuffling noise, a whimper, and then one eye cracks open.

“richie,” he says, his voice scratchy and sleep worn and richie smiles softly at the little bundle under the covers. eddie sticks one hand out of the covers and waves it around, his eyes scrunched shut against the weak light that filters in through the blinds.

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moisturizing 💦💦 i got the ordinary’s HA + B5 moisturizer (from asos.com for ~ $8). i’ve been using this every morning for about 2 weeks now and i’m pretty happy with it. i squeeze one drop out of the dropper, rub it between my palms, and pat it into my skin. it’s a very thick, gel consistency and takes about 10 seconds to totally absorb into the skin. saying that, it doesn’t really make my skin FEEL moisturized, although it definitely is moisturizing it. i no longer get dry, flaky skin and my skin is smoother overall. stay moisturized friends!

Tease (Sirius Black x Reader) SMUT***

Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader 

Warnings: Smut, language, smut, dirty talk, smut and Dom!Sirius Black and oh, maybe a little bit of smut???? 

Word count: 1867

A/N: So I decided that my first Sirius Black fic needed to be Dom!Sirius being a jerk and teasing reader. This is deliciously sinful for all my sinners who want a ticket to hell…

Sirius likes to tease. No big deal right? except his timing is impeccable and he decides to tease you in Potions, the git. 

It was just an ordinary Monday morning. Breakfast was bland but normal; you sat beside Lily while Marlene murmured excitedly about Quidditch and Mary complained that she had eaten far too much. Mary loved food as much as Marlene loved Quidditch but that didn’t change the fact that both conversations were boring.  

Lily listened politely with somewhat mild interest while your thoughts drifted to the previous night. A mess of tangled limbs and skin flush against skin. Heated kisses, dark purple hickies (that you had to cover with magical make-up), and a deliciously painful ache between your legs. Desire trickled down your spine, desire pooling in your panties, and you shuddered.

“Alright, (Y/N)?” Dorcas asked and you nodded quickly, banishing those thoughts away.

First up was Potions with Slughorn. You weren’t too bad at Potions, though sitting with Lily improved your skills considerably. Mainly because she often whispered instructions to you and helped you with tricky concoctions, otherwise you were sure your cauldron would explode.

“Okay, class, settle down now,” said Slughorn over the chatter of the class. The noise died down to faint whispers as Slughorn began to scribble on the board.

“Since your last assignments were complete disasters-“

“Awfully nice of you, Professor,” called Sirius Black from the back of the class and you turned, smirking at the Marauder. Slughorn ignored him. It was habit for Slughorn to ignore Sirius.

“-I have decided to assign you partners that you will sit with for the remainder of the term.”

There was an outburst of disgruntled groans from the class, and you gave Lily a worried look. Slughorn’s voice rose above the moans of complaints filling the classroom and everyone fell reluctantly silent.

“Here are your new partners, if you could please find your way to their seats, quietly.”

Slughorn handed you a minimalistic map of the classroom and you scanned the sheet quickly, searching for your name. You spotted it, but before you could see who you were sitting next to, a voice boomed from the back of the classroom, rippling through the quiet chatter of the class.

“(Y/N)! Over here!”

It was Sirius. Sirius Black. Sirius fucking Black.

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I was wondering if you could write a little something about George sneaking out if his room to sleep with you because you have to stay in Ginny's room but he doesn't wake up in time to leave so he gets caught in the morning. I just think it would be so cute

YES OF COURSE :D sorry this is so late and thank you for being patient with me. work has been insane and i’ve been editing/writing my book and my fanfic and i’m also applying for other jobs which is just insanity bUT I NEED MY ONE SHOTS so here we go :)

Originally posted by my-harry-potter-generation

george weasley x reader

   “G’night,” you called out to everyone still in the cozy, dimly lit family room of the Burrow. Ginny was a step in front of you on the stairs, and she did the same.
   “See you in the morning, dears,” Mrs. Weasley smiled sweetly, though her eyes were masked with exhaustion. The smell of the freshly baked lemon meringue pie was still wafting throughout the house. The fire was faintly crackling in the background and you heard the wind howl outside. You felt an arm around your shoulders and smiled to yourself. “’Night, mum,” George called.
   “G’night, darlings,” Mrs. Weasley called again as she began to fold away the kitchen towels. You, Ginny, George, and Fred headed up the stairs, leaving Harry and Ron near the fireplace, playing an intensifying game of exploding snap.
   You were finally near your rooms and you heard an obnoxious sort of yawn. “G’night, Y/N, Gin,” Fred said and clumsily fell into you. Another yawn, and an eye roll form Ginny. “See you!”
   Ginny slowly raised a hand to both of her brothers and waltzed into her room, gesturing for you to take your time getting ready for sleep. You turned back towards George who looked like he wanted to do anything else but head to bed. “Tired, love?”
   “Yes,” he admited, albeit it begrudgingly. “But I hate not being able to spend the night with you.”
   You laughed and placed a hand on his arm. “I know. But your mum, and mine, would probably kill us both before we even had a chance to explain ourselves.” You brought your hand to his cheek. “Morning will come quickly, I promise.”
   He sighed and nodded at you. “You do know how difficult it is for me to leave you and walk into my room right now, right?”
   “Just as difficult for me, dear,” you replied, and stood up on your tiptoes to press your lips lightly to his. He wrapped his arms around you quite tightly, and you knew he didn’t want to let go. Neither did you. But eventually, albeit sadly, you both did. “See you in the morning.”
   “In the morning, my love,” he said before kissing your forehead. He ran his fingers through your hair once more before heading towards his bedroom, and flashed a sleepy smile at you before you rounded the corner and waltzed into Ginny’s.

A few hours later
You were awoken by a small noise at what must’ve been the middle of the night, because it was still black outside. Groggily, you yawned and tried to fixate your eyes on anything in the darkness. You heard a bump, and then, “Ouch! Damnit, Ginny and her freaking Quidditch stuff,”
   “George?” you whispered as you felt a body slide into the bed next to you.
   He placed a kiss on your cheek. “Hiya, darling.” You could practically feel the smirk he was giving you.
   “Merlin’s beard…what are you doing in here? Your mum is going to kill you, she’s actually going to kill you dead.” You asked quite seriously, but you were grinning from ear to ear. George obviously sensed it, because he laughed and poked you in the side. You squirmed next to him.
   “I just couldn’t bear to lie down without you any longer.”
   You couldn’t help but smile to yourself. “You do realize your sister is in here, yes? Sound asleep across the other end,”
   George shrugged. “There’s nine of us in this family; this isn’t the first and certainly won’t be the last time I’ll have shared a room with her,” he told you.
   “If we get caught–”
   He pressed his finger to your lips. “Shh–just for a little while, I’ll leave before the sun comes up–can we just…can I just lie with you a moment?”
   You could feel your heart beating rapidly inside of your chest and couldn’t help but let your body relax in his arms. You felt him relax, too. “Of course.” You easily fit right into the crevices of his body, your head nuzzled into his shoulder and legs entangled together. You pulled the blanket around you both and closed your eyes again.

Your eyes opened with a flutter, and you took in the ray of sunshine flooding in through Ginny’s open window. You were about to get up and stretch when you felt a body move slightly next to you. You froze and turned over, whispering George’s name quickly and as loudly as you possibly could without awakening Ginny.
   “George, George! For Merlin’s sake, wake up, would you? It’s morning!”
   “What?” he asked with a sleepy voice and tired eyes. He yawned and pulled you closer to him. “Just five more minutes and then we’ll get ready for class,”
   You rolled you eyes and shook him again. “We’re not at school, you loon! We’re in your house, where your parents are sitting just right downstairs drinking their morning tea!” This clearly got his attention. He shot up, eyes bloodshot and hair askew. He jumped up out of bed, kissed you sweetly and quickly, and made his way to the door as quietly and as stealthily as he could. You closed your eyes once again when you heard, “George? What’re you doing in Ginny’s room?” Oh, dear god.
   “Oh, uh…” you heard George stammer. Damnit, George, think of something, quickly! “I woke up and went to see if Y/N was up, too, but she–she isn’t, yet, so I’m going to let her sleep longer,”
   Mrs. Weasley was silent for a moment, obviously pondering this response of his, when she finally said, “Alright–well, that was sweet of you–d’you want some tea or would you like to wait for–”
   “Georgie,” you heard Fred and your heart nearly stopped. “How’d it go? Did you frighten Y/N when you snuck into bed with–” he stopped abruptly and had obviously come face to face with his twin and Mrs. Weasley.
   You heard a bit of fumbling, a little laughter and a scoff, and then you heard Mrs. Weasley say, a bit loudly, “You better run, boy!” Then there was a bit of the pattering of feet down the stairs, and silence.
   Your heart was racing but you kept your eyes shut, hoping Mrs. Weasley wouldn’t waltz into Ginny’s room, as well. You heard footsteps make their way up the steps again and you braced yourself, eyes shut tight.
   But it was just George. “No worries, you’re in the clear, told her ‘twas all me–I may be getting a beating, though–” he told you breathlessly and kissed you once more. “Totally worth it, by the way,” he winked and slipped out of the room again, Mrs. Weasley chasing him around the Burrow.
   Across the room, Ginny moved slightly in her bed. How she was sleeping through all of this was beyond you. She opened her eyes and stretched. “Morning, Y/N,” she said brightly and smiled. “I miss anything?”
   You thought about mentioning George sneaking in, lying in bed with you, not leaving soon enough and being caught because Fred had to open his big mouth. But you figured the chasing throughout the house would explain itself, so instead, you settled for, “Nope, nothing out of the ordinary. Just a normal morning at the Burrow,”
   You swore in the distance you heard a faint, “George Weasley, get back here!” and a maniacal laugh.

HAHAH i hope you liked this! this was super fun to write. i loved it, and i hope you do, too. :) HAPPY ONESHOT, EVERYBODY

[Femslash February]: Matching Outfits

does anyone remember those times in like middle/high school where wearing the same outfit as someone else was considered social suicide? :P

Day 4: Matching Outfits (Chlonette)

Words: 2380

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

[Previous: Rescue] [Next: Stars]

The moment Alya walked into the school building, she felt a hand curl around her arm and yank her into a custodial closet. Not quite the start to her morning that she had expected. 

She was a little disoriented as a mop toppled onto her head, and it wasn’t until Nino clicked on the light hanging above their heads that she saw Adrien advance on her, grab her tightly by the shoulders, and speak in a grave tone. “Where is Marinette?”

She lifted a brow. “…um, home? She’s awake, but she shows up like five minutes before class since she lives right there.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know she’s awake,” Adrien dismissed. “Listen Alya, this is very important. I need you to call Marinette right now and tell her to change outfits immediately.”

Alya’s eyes darted towards Nino, but he was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed, looking like he was witnessing a serious interrogation with literal lives at stake. She stared back at Adrien, who was still fervently awaiting her reply. She huffed. “Okay, what the fuck is going on?”

“Alya, babe, tell Mari to change,” Nino said simply. “Apparently we’re attempting to avoid the end of the world, and it’ll make no sense for the two of us to call her and tell her this.”

“What does Marinette’s outfit have to do with the end of the world. Why are we….what the hell, guys?!”

Adrien lifted his finger in front of her face, pulled out his cellphone, scrolled through Instagram, and flipped the screen towards her. “Please observe Exhibit A.”

It was a picture of Marinette that she posted to Instagram this morning. Black knee high boots. White skirt. Black turtleneck. Pretty basic for a school outfit, nothing out of the ordinary. “Yeah, she takes morning selfies and puts then on Instagram all the time, what’s your point?”

Adrien sighed pitifully, switched screens, and showed her his phone again. Exhibit B.”

Alya squinted at the photo for a moment, and then her eyes widened in horror. “Oh shit…”

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I heard u read practically every fic on ao3; do you have any fluffy Jikook fics to recommend? I've already read More Golden than a Golden Snitch, You're a Hard Soul to Save With an Ocean in the way (but I'll get around it), and Flower Talk

mostly of these are short fluff and smut

bloom by mnsg  [T, 2k]
jimin has a soft spot for jeongguk the size of jupiter and it’s hard not to take advantage of that, sometimes. especially when jimin looks so good and sweet and happy jeongguk could just…eat him.

books and bubble baths by soft_hobi  [T, 2k]
jungkook comes home to see an extra fluffy jimin crying over a book, of course the only way to make him feel better is with a bubble bath and a large pizza.

i’ll stick to you like glue-cose by cygnus (lucid_wisteria) 💖💗💘 [T, 7k]
jimin merely wanted to study in peace, yet a certain five-foot ten frat boy - unfortunately also a past hook up - that epitomizes the very definition of smugness in one entire body whose ego is as big and full-scaled as the national debt, won’t let him.

just the way you are by drpuffles [T, 3k]
jungkook wants to propose to jimin. things don’t go as planned.

the wreath-er outside is frightful by closingstatement [T, 9k]
jimin’s a cashier that works at a store in the city, jungkook’s a customer with a penchant for buying too many wreaths, and they’re both people in need of their own little christmas miracle.

domestic jikook by bangtansweaterpaws [T, 7k]
this is a serie and contains two works of domestic fluff morning cuddle jikook

if the waves belong to the sea by teecysh [T, 6k]
jungkook lives a quiet unassuming life in busan, working as a teacher for the city’s primary school. jimin is the son of a sailor. he’s not meant to stay.

i can come home to you by angstjimin [T, 2k]
jeongguk’s glad at the end of a tiring day, he could come home to his loving husband and adorable son.
jikook’s married life adventures with their son.

be mine by unspokenpromises [E, 4k]
“jimin stills, his mind reeling from shock. jungkook whispers it likes it’s a secret. a confession that was never meant for anyone’s ears. he blinks up at jungkook, his heart beating rapidly in his chest.
“what?” jungkook doesn’t hear him though, of course he doesn’t. his body and mind have already succumbed into a deep slumber but jimin is suddenly very wide awake.“

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Bundled up/Peppermint

Mrs. Hudson carefully pulled the roasting pan from the oven to inspect the results of her work. She lightly poked the golden skin with her meat fork and heard a tiny crackle. She pressed a little harder and the fork slid easily through the skin into the meat. She speared a leg and it nearly fell off into the pan. Perfect. She may not have cooked a holiday meal in years but she hadn’t lost her touch.

She’d volunteered for the task one morning a few weeks ago. She brought up Sherlock’s tea to find him already awake, books and magazines strewn about on every available surface. Nothing too out of the ordinary. “Hoo-hoo, Good morning Sherlock. I’ve brought tea.” She didn’t get an answer but she didn’t expect one either. She set the tray on top of an open magazine so she could clear a space and noted the material. ~A Magical Christmas~ Make your Christmas one to remember! A quick glance around the room told her that all these books were in a similar vein. “Sherlock? What is all this?”

“I thought that would be fairly obvious.” He didn’t look up. Mrs. Hudson noticed yesterday’s shirt peeking out from underneath his dressing gown. Ah, so he wasn’t already awake but rather had never slept at all.

“For anyone else maybe, but you never cared much about…” She glanced down at another article and read, “maximizing your guests holiday spirit. Are you planning on having another get together this year?”


“No? Is this for a case of some kind then?”

“No.” He replied distractedly as he continued trying to ignore her.

She watched him a moment and remembered that he was meant to meet John and Rosie yesterday at the park for the first time in a while. Everything instantly clicked into place. She smiled ear to ear and clasped her hands together under her chin. “Oh Sherlock! John agreed didn’t he? He’s going to bring Rosie here for Christmas?” He finally looked at her, expression equal parts hopeful and terrified. “He is! Oh this is so exciting!”

Sherlock’s cheeks flushed and he turned quickly back to his computer screen. “Why would you be excited? Aren’t you visiting your sister again?”

“No dear, she’s traveling this year. Oh and it’s been so long since there’s been a child in the house for Christmas! It really is a children’s holiday you know.”

Sherlock furiously clicked through websites too fast for even him to read. The poor child, still trying to hide as though she hadn’t already seen through him completely. She stepped close enough to lay a hand on his shoulder. “You don’t have to put all this pressure on yourself dear. If you’d like I’ll help you make this Christmas magical for them, but I won’t hang around you the entire day.”

He looked at her sheepishly. “Why would I care if you did?”

She pinned him with a patronizing look. “Why indeed. You know just because I’m old doesn’t mean I’m stupid. So, would you like me to help?”

She felt his shoulder relax in relief. “Yes. Please, if it’s not too much trouble.”

She chuckled to herself at the memory. She wasn’t sure the quality of the holiday would help Sherlock’s cause but it certainly couldn’t hurt. So far Mrs. Hudson thought it had been rather successful. John and Rosie had arrived bright and early by cab, Rosie bundled up so thickly she resembled a giant strawberry meringue cookie. The bags under John’s eyes were a shade darker than usual but he was as pleased as ever to see Sherlock. So was Rosie judging by high pitched “Serlock!” and grabby little hands outstretched in his direction.

The morning had been a whirlwind of brightly colored packages and delighted squeals as Rosie played with her new toys, discarded boxes, and balled up wrapping paper with equal amounts of joy. Mrs. Hudson had excused herself once all the gifts were opened to afford them a little privacy, as promised.

As she puttered about her own flat making dinner she’d heard them shuffling and thumping about. She’d even heard a few Christmas carols floating down the stairwell on Sherlock’s violin. Now it had been a solid half hour since she had heard any sort of noise from upstairs. She decided to let the turkey rest while she went to check on her youngsters. True, two of them were far beyond the point of being considered young by any stretch, but to her anyone over 20 years her junior counted.

The door to the landing was only open partway, so she knocked gently on the door frame and said her usual “Hoo-hoo” before peeking inside. No one in the chairs and no one at the desk. She gently pushed the door open wider and found them all sound asleep on the little sofa. Sherlock sat upright, head at an unfortunate angle on his own shoulder with John nestled against him, his head also resting on Sherlock’s shoulder. Between them Rosie curled up with her head on Sherlock’s thigh and her feet on John’s.

Mrs. Hudson carefully backed out of the room and crept back down to her flat to grab her camera, taking extra care to avoid the creaky steps as she went. She managed to get a few shots before the click of the shutter woke Rosie. She sat up and rubbed at her eyes with one tiny fist.

“Hello there lovie.” Mrs. Hudson whispered to her as Rosie toddled over. “Did you have a nice nap?” She nodded as Mrs. Hudson lifted her onto her good hip.

Rosie turned back in the direction of the sofa. “Daddy?”

“Shhh. Let’s let them sleep, ok? Can you come and help me with dinner? We can come get Daddy and Sherlock a little later.” She turned towards the doorway.

“Ok. Daddy and Serlock tired.”

“Yes they are.” Mrs. Hudson tossed a quick look over her shoulder and caught Sherlock just waking up, rubbing at his neck with his free hand. She held a finger to her lips. Once Sherlock registered that the warm weight at his side was John he turned his incredulous gaze back on Mrs. Hudson. She smiled and winked at him, then whisked Rosie out of the room. “Come on dearie, let your daddies have some rest and I’ll let you taste one of the chocolate peppermint biscuits I made for later.”


The Fusions

@mindboogling created a headcanon about fused sides, and, with their permission, of course, I wrote this little one shot.

@thatonegirl-03 asked to be tagged in this. 

Concept: When Thomas uses specific characters in his vines, his sides fuse.

I hear the familiar whooshing noise of one of my sides appearing. I look up, and freeze.

Standing in front of me are two characters I’ve never met before. One is wearing a purple polo shirt with a light blue jacket on top of it, while the other is wearing glasses and a white shirt, black vest, and a red tie.

The two figures are talking with one another.

“You are so annoying…” The one wearing a jacket says, turning away from the other. “…ly beautiful, you wonderful person!”

The other character rolls it’s eyes. “You don’t have to make those stupid jokes constantly, you know?”

The other one pouts. “But it’s no fun if you don’t have jokes.”

“What is going on here?!” I ask. The two figures jump.

“Thomas stared at the two figures, wondering where they had come from.” The one with glasses says, their voice deep and low.

“And I’M the one who does too much.” The jacket one says under their breath.

“Who are you?” I ask, extremely confused. “Why are you here?”

“Oh!” The jacket person says, perking up. “You don’t know, do you, Thomas?”

“Know what?” I ask, getting slightly annoyed.

“We are your sides, Thomas.” The glasses one says. “However, we sometimes fuse for Vine or short video purposes.”

“Like Steven Universe?!?!” I ask, feeling my eyes widen.

Jacket chuckles. “Kinda. Not as long, of course, but close.”

“Who are you two, then?” I ask.

Glasses points to themself. “I am The Narrator. I do all of your ‘Narrating People’s Lives’ Shorts.”

Jacket smirks. “I’m Misleading Compliments. And, you’re highly unobservant…” A pause. “…Of how wonderful you are, Thomas!”

I chuckle. “That’s a good one.” Then, I look around. “So who is which sides?”

The Narrator points to themself. “I am Logan and Roman.”

Misleading Compliments smiles. “And I’m Patton and Virgil.”

“That… actually makes a lot of sense.” I say, smiling. “So, how long will you be fusions?”

Narrator sighs. “We will be fused for the rest of the day.”

I stop. “Wait, people have been wanting to see more narrating stuff. How would you like a video dedicated to narrating?”

Narrator smiles. “It would be our pleasure.”

Compliments huffs. “So what do I do? Sit on the sidelines and watch as they have all the fun?”

“I mean, can you unfuse?” I ask.

“We can…” Compliments says. “But it’s incredibly painful, and we would both be unable to function because of recovery.”

“Do you want to unfuse?” I ask. “Because I think Narrator can keep me alive for ONE day.”

“Okay…” Compliments says, sounding slightly worried. “Are you REALLY sure, Thomas? You won’t have either of our main influences for an entire day.”

“I think I’ll be fine.” I say, smiling.

“Besides, we’ll take Thomas on a miraculous adventure that will end in him being perfectly unharmed.” The Narrator says, smiling.

“Okay…” Comments says. Then a bright flash of light, and I see my two emotional traits collapse onto the carpet.

“Ow.” Virgil says. “That sucked.”

“Language.” Patton says, head on the carpet.

“Sorry.” Virgil says.

“Would you two require a bit of assistance?” Narrator asks. “You seem extremely exhausted.”

“Really? I didn’t notice.” Virgil sarcastically snaps.

“Help would be wonderful, kiddo.” Patton says.

The Narrator nods, and they pull the other two sides into their arms. All of them sink down.

When The Narrator returns, they smile. “Alright, go lay down, and your day of excitement will begin.”

Thomas laid down, falling asleep quickly, and The Narrator turned on the camera.

“Every morning, consciousness would hand-deliver another unremarkable experience to Thomas. This morning seemed like any other morning. Ordinary. Thomas would wake up the same way he always did…”

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Neighbors Rivals pt.I || College!Tom

Originally posted by peter-and-mj

alrighty so I’m back. Writing hcs again (sorry) bc I can’t really turn my thoughts into full ENGLISH words

I guess it will change when I move into England, but we have a little time before that so… headcanons, yeah

And I did a little research on frats and soririties and found a shitload of things that I didn’t want to read so I’m writing about what I read

hope you all enjoy! Thanks for reading”

  • you have been a member of Delta Gamma for a year
  • the girls there were so sweet and kind and you had a rep of being one of the most beautiful girls in campus
  • and while most of your sorority sisters would go partying you would stay in studying to keep your scholarship
  • one of the best things about Delta Gamma was where it was located bc it was so quiet and chill for study hours
  • until one day
  • it all started when Sigma Chi decided to move to another house bc the other one was infested with bugs
  • and for your luck they moved nextdoor
  • the head of Delta Gamma, Karey, didn’t seem to like that too bc she knew what they said about their parties and it wasn’t good things at all
  • but she decided to give them a chance
  • you on other way never liked the idea of being disturbed 
  • for you they were a bunch of horny and crazy teenagers
  • your old soul talking
    • can’t we make them move away?”
      “no, Y/N, let’s give them a chance. They can’t be that bad”
      “don’t think so”
  • and Karey suggested that you all go to their party one night
  • you whined but she and other sisters insisted
    • “c’mon Y/N I don’t even recognize you without a bun and your sweats”
      “you have a problem with my style now?”
  • even though you weren’t in the mood at all you decided to go
  • you put your good ripped jeans and a white lace top and your friend Julia made your makeup
  • your sisters started to call dibs on guys names that you’ve never heard of and you stayed neutral
  • when you got there you saw the girls heading to the main room being captured in all of those different lights 
  • you watched the movement around you and saw lots of guys wearing the same Sigma Chi shirts and supposed that they were the house owners
  • there were lots of grinding and make outs there and you even saw Daysia going upstais with a guy
  • then you decided that you’ve had enough and headed to the kitchen to make yourself a drink
  • you were looking for the solo cups and started to get angry when you didn’t find them
    • “you looking for those?”
  • you looked behind you to find a guy you’ve never seen before holding a new pack of solo cups
    • sorry we ran out of them and I just got more”
      oh, thanks”
      you’re new here?”
      me? No. I’m a sophomore”
      then we have never met before. I’m Tom”
  • you served yourself some beer and took a moment to look at his features
  • damn was he hot
  • your eyes wandered on his face for a while, taking in his sharp jaw and cheekbones sculpted by angels
  • and those eyes
    • take a picture, darling, it will last longer”
  • when you thought that couldn’t get better you heard the british accent and melted
    • I’m sorry. I was… ok, I was checking you out”
      it’s ok, sweetheat. I am too”
      checking yourself out?”
      checking you out.”
  • you looked like a tomato by now
  • that black shirt that he was wearing was so fitting that you just couldn’t take your eyes off
    • let’s get out of here”
  • you took his hand and followed him
  • Tom guided you outside the house to the streets in a place you’ve never seen before
  • it was like a soccer field but smaller and had all those lamp posts that made the place look so better
  • he sat down and tapped the grass for you to sit on too
  • you spent all night talking about thoughts, stories, theories and personal stuff
  • you told him about your passions and he seemed to enjoy all of them
  • he told you that he was english who are you trying to fool with that accent Holland? and that he was majoring performing arts
  • after talking for a really long time you saw the sun coming up and just laid on the grass with your head resting lightly on his shoulder and fell asleep with him
  • the next day you woke up and realized that you had to get back to your house and gave Tom a goodbye cheek kiss
  • when you got home your sisters were sitting on the sofa while talking and eating and they all turned their heads in your direction
    • where were you last night”
      she was getting soooome”
      fuck yeah (y/n)”
  • you went straight to your room and kept thinking about your beautiful night with the british boy and fell asleep again
  • your sister Kara woke you up and told that the girls were having a meeting at the living room
  • that was weird ‘cause meetings were rare and for important stuff 
  • there were only two meetings before and they were about the problem with the tampons fuck they were tough and the cake thief
  • you went downstairs and found all ya girls forming a circle around the sofas and Karey in the center
  • she started talking and the tension in the air was evident
  • she told you about two of the girls who slept with guys from Sigma Chi and that they filmed them while doing it
  • and about how they posted it on their social medias
  • you were shocked and felt bad for them 
  • they didn’t deserve those immature boys 
    • I suggest that we never get close to them again. It’s for our own good. And if you value our womens rights you should follow this new rule”
  • of course you agreed
  • the following morning was ordinary and your last class of the day was just cancelled so you went to the café nearby
  • you ordered the same and sat down on a table while catching up with the today’s lessons and felt a hand on your shoulder
  • when you turned around you were blessed by the warmest smile you’ve ever seen 
    • hey darling, what are you up to?”
  • you invited him to sit up and talked about random shit and classes
    • so you’re studying?”
      yeah, I know, boring…”
      I think it’s lovely that you care about your grades so much.”
      don’t you? I mean, they’re our futures”
      are they really? ‘Cause I think I’m just looking at mine”
  • this boy’s smooooooth af
  • of course you blushed hard
    • are you ok, love?”
      why would you ask?”
      looks like there’s something bothering you”
      oh, it’s something that happened yesterday… shitty thing”
  • he took your hand and it felt better than that night
  • it felt right
    • shall we?”
  • and you went with him
  • he took you to the campus amphitheater and guided you to the stage
  • it was empty and he just made some reverences like he was saluting the imaginary public
    • good evening, my fellows. Today I have the greatest (Y/N) with me and she would love to show you her abilities”
      “Tom, what are you doing?”
      “c’mon, it’s called acting. I know you can do it”
      “it’s silly”
      “I never said it wasn’t”
  • so you gave up and stepped forward next to him looking at the imaginary crowd and started dancing awkwardly
    • that’s what I’m talking about!” 
      I look ridiculous”
      lemme help you”
  • he pulled you by the waist taking a breath away from you while his face was getting closer to yours
    • hands on my neck, love”
  • you did as he told you to and your faces were so close that you could feel his hot breath on your lips
  • and you saw him looking at them from time to time
  • before you could say anything he closed the space between you by sealing a sweet kiss
  • and gosh, those warm, soft, made of silk lips
  • the feeling was like he planted all the roses in the world in your empty yard
  • then you two broke the kiss for air and just smiled at each other like two adorable dorks
    • you look good like this”
      huh, thanks, Tom”
      … but I think you look better with me”
  • and it was the start of something new it feels so right to be here with you OOOOHhooh
  • as the days went by you and Tom only got closer
  • so did the Sigma Chi and Delta Gamma rivalry
  • the boys didn’t like the complaint that you girls made to the authorities and started to get back at you
  • first they started to throw parties in school nights not letting anyone sleep
  • then they put galons of paint in your pool
  • and they let out lots of real chickens running on your house halls
  • after that, Karey declared war
  • your girls changed all of their underwear for grandmas panties and they had to wear nothing for and entire week
  • then your sister Sara had the idea of putting laxative in their milk by the night and all of their brotherhood had to stay an entire day absent
  • of course, you stayed out of it
  • you didn’t like what they did to your friends but you didn’t want to get involved in those pranks
  • but the rule was still on. No one gets involved with Sigma Chi guys
  • one boring evening you were studying and Tom sent you a message telling you to open the window spiderman feelings
  • you saw him there and a smile appeared on your face
    • what are you doing here? How did you even get so high?”
      I have my abilities, darling. Just like you and your dancing”
      shut up”
  • that night you and him laughed a lot and tried to stay quiet to not alert the other girls even though most of them went to a party
  • conversations with Tom were always exciting bc you never ran out of topics
  • but that day you did
  • and then the only topic spoken between you two was about tongues
  • and things became hotter and hotter with every inch you got closer
  • you woke up when the sun rose and felt your head resting on a surface that weren’t your pillow and you were curious about it
  • A B S 
  • boy this boy
  • his arm was around you and he was holding you close to his chest while snoring lightly
  • you smiled at the sight and he started to wake up slowly too
    • hey”
      I think I like you more than I thought so”
  • then you blushed hard but showed him you felt the same by sealing your lips together like you had almost all night long
    • hey (Y/N) do you have some tampons? I ran out of… What is that?”
  • Kasey opened the door without hesitation and saw you and Tom curled up in your bed
  • and lemme say that her face wasn’t any good
    • what’s he doing here?”
      Kasey! Close the door! Jeeez”
      (Y/N), what’s our first rule?”
      what does it have to do with him?”
      ask him yourself. We’ll talk about it later”
  • you looked at Tom and pushed your covers to your bare chest 
    • what’s she talking about?”
      I don’t know”
      Tom, where do you live?”
  • you saw the smile fade away from his face and felt your breath getting heavier
    • I swear I have nothing to do with the things that they do to you girls and…”
      are you fucking kidding me? You’re from the fucking Sigma Chi?”
      get out of here, Thomas.”
  • he didn’t even tried to say anything more
  • he just grabbed his clothes and put his hand on the doorknob but you stopped him
    • go by the window. I don’t want the girls seeing you”
  • and he did

what did you think? Maybe a pt. II? Hope you liked!

Also, shoutout to my girl: @eddiespatronum (she’s an amazing writer and brazilian too <3)

To Infinity and Beyond

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: romance, light angst, coworker!jungkook

Summary: The moment Jungkook came back was when your life turned upside down.

Word Count: 20.6k

A/N: I TOLD MYSELF NOT TO WRITE ANOTHER JUNGKOOK FIC DAMMIT. (This was inspired by the kdrama, she was pretty! And this AMAZINGG fic here)  HAHAHAH 10/19 edit: i’ve just combined parts 1 and 2 together bc i feel weird writing a two-shot LOL

You stroll into your 9 to 5 office job on the 11th floor of your company building, greeting your coworkers as you make your way to your beloved cubicle. Nothing out of the ordinary happened this morning besides the fact that your brush almost broke when you were trying to untangle your messy hair. You hold breakfast, a hot pocket, in one hand, and thick file folders in the other. You volunteered to take charge of the advertising team for the new product that your company plans to launch in two months.

Once you settle down, you grab your portable touch screen device and head to the Head of the department’s office.

You enter the oak door to see Park Seojoon transfer his belongings from his desk to crates.

“You’re leaving?”

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Just Like This (ft. Kang Daniel)


Title: Just Like This

Member: Kang Daniel (Wanna One)

Rating: 19+ (?)

Theme: ‘Kinda ordinary’ morning in your marriage life with Kang Daniel.

Warning: Kinda full of cheese (?), kinda smutty too…

Ola! It’s my first time writing a you-imagine kinda thing, I’m not even sure if I’m doing this right but… I sure hope you enjoy it!

Well here goes…

Originally posted by kyuunqsoo

You got up after a few rounds of stretching. You tied your hair into a messy ponytail, quietly, so as to not disturb the two sleeping lovelies just on your right side of the bed.

As you walked to the other side of the bed, you suddenly had the urge to run your hands through his hair. It looked so soft and fluffy, and you just seem to can’t take your eyes, and hands for that matter, off of it.

So you reached out a hand, slowly stroking the root of his caramel brown locks, just the way he likes it.

Then your hand went down to his flushed cheeks, cupping them for a second, before his eyes fluttered open, catching you off guard.

You tried taking your hand away but apparently he was faster.

He grabbed your hand with his free hand and started kissing the back of it. You could’ve sworn you saw a cheeky smirk curving up on his lips.

“Sorry I got you awake,” you sheepishly said, turning away to hide your burning cheeks.

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Even before this pic, a Captain Charming pre-wedding ficlet was in my head and I had planned to have it done for Captain Charming Friday but this is me and that didn’t happen. 

Here it is - 660 words of unbeta’d Captain Charming stuff. Featuring the CCF phrase that pays :-) (yay @nfbagelperson )

Pic Source

Growing On You

It was strangely calm in the diner.

No dwarves bellowing or witches snarking at all and sundry. Not even a stray fairy to attract some kind of misfortune.

Just a pirate and a rum-laced cup of tea enjoying the peace of an ordinary, everyday morning.

Or perhaps an extraordinary, wondrous morning, if he were honest.

Smiling into his tea cup, Killian marvelled, not for the first time, at how far they had come. Surely it wasn’t so very long ago that his eyes had met Emma Swan’s across a wooden table in a far off realm; suspicion in her face and an edge to her words that belied the spark of attraction she fought so hard to contain.

Or so long since she dragged his lips to hers in a steamy jungle, her kiss leaving him reeling and longing for more, his heart once again open to the idea of love. It was a kiss he had relived many a time, hot and wet and oh, so full of hope for the future…

“You better not be thinking about my daughter with that look on your face, pirate.”

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