ordinary human


Abide in the Wind 174

In this chapter, Reana take control of the situation and make her own decision. She discover that her mom rarely be affected by parasite which mean Luna is not ordinary human, she has a very strong mental stage unlike human. Now, Reana knows the reason why her mom didn’t seem to have any affection toward family but work. Luna was never happy as a human, she regrets the fact that she no longer an Akoom, what more, she married a human and give birth to a human child. Luna had devoted her time in human world into knowledge and research, why? because the professor she work with - Richard was the one who discovered Akoom race existence on earth, as Luna think she’s the only akoom in human world, finding ways to belong can help ease her pain of loneliness. So, Reana makes the task of rescue Kairak as her top priority. She decide not to take her mom any further, she want Luna to stay alive, go to a faraway place and live happily life there with Dark as Luna’s old days.

On the other hand, Karin went on a rampage and kill all the snake around. She turn Itir into chaos stage when Reana spot Karin, some explosion or blast is about to happen.. very soon..if only without flashback or dream in next few chapters!! Only 4 more chapters, we’ll meet Kairak again. So cheer up everyone :)


OneRepublic released a new song for The Giver! Click here to watch the music video, featuring exclusive new footage from the film. The Giver premieres on August 15.


ᴏʀᴅɪɴᴀʀʏ ʜᴜᴍᴀɴ | ᴋᴏʀʀᴀ | ʙᴏᴏᴋ 4 

My first uplifting Korra vid in months. It’s been a long time coming.

I am so proud of this gal. 

The music represents all of the characters riding around on bicycles as they’re going through the perfectly manicured streets. The lyric, ‘Today I took a walk in the clouds’ refers to the third act toward the end of the movie when the lead character flies off a mountaintop on his bike. ‘Today I felt a switch in my veins’ — he stops taking his meds and something changes in him. The chorus is everybody: ‘I’m just an Ordinary Human. I’m just a picture-perfect nothing. Sometimes I medicate.’ To me, it’s like everybody in the movie taking their medication every single day, but it’s everybody in life. When you’re unhappy, you medicate with whatever that is: television, alcohol, food, cigarettes, sex, or cocaine. Everyone has some form of medication or addiction. I’m singing about me, but really the idea is that it’s everybody. At the same time, it’s everybody in that film. Every line,was me going through my mind the chapters and the first, second and third act of the film. The music itself reflects what’s happening in the movie.
—  Ryan about Ordinary Human.