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It’s trans people ― not cis people ― who experience real terror when faced with everyday, ordinary activities. It’s trans students ― not cis students ― who are robbed of the chance to get a good (or even mediocre) education because of the distractions and drama orchestrated by folks who have nothing better to do than work themselves up into small-minded fervors over what genitals belong where. And too often it’s trans people ― not cis people ― who are attacked and murdered because of who they are.
—  There’s An Insidious New Plot To Make Trans Kids’ Lives Hell | Noah Michelson for the Huffington Post Queer Voices

Pairing: Peter parker x reader 


word count: 2953

Hope you guys enjoy!


Originally posted by buckybarnres

3 months. You had been in a lovely relationship with your boyfriend for about 3 months, and everything seemed kinda perfect. Maybe to perfect to be true. Your boyfriend Mark had always treated you nicely, however the past weeks he had been cold and distant with you.

Despite all the things you had tried he seemed to be lost in his own world. He kept canceling dates and ignoring your calls, you could tell he was growing more distant with each passing day, however you had one last idea that might bring your boyfriend’s attention back to you.

You were supposed to meet your best friend Peter at his place. You wanted to talk about it with him. He would help you out right? After all, he was a man, he had to know what was going on with Mark.

Peter and you had been best friends since you could remember. His apartment was just above yours, and since you both attended the same school it wasn’t long after you called each other best friend.

People always used to insist that you and Peter were the perfect couple, and for a little while during your freshman year you actually believed it, however he never tried to make a move on you.

You remembered all that time you wished he would see you as something more than a friend with some nostalgia. When everybody started mentioning what a good couple you would both make, Peter had immediately shut those people down. After a while you just realised that maybe you were better being just friends. A little part of you would always wonder what being Peter’s girlfriend would feel like, but right now you had a lovely boyfriend, even if he hadn’t really been present lately.

You got into his apartment without even knocking, knowing Aunt May wasn’t even around, you loved her, but it was definitely better this way; you didn’t want to have this conversation with an audience.

You went straight to Peter’s room, sitting in his bed right across him. He gave you a quick glance and a smile before returning to his homework.

“Hey Y/n! Where have you been? I didn’t see you at school today”

"Yeah well, I skipped it, I needed time to think about something”.

This time the boy left his duties aside, giving you his complete attention.

“Is everything okay at home?”

God you loved this boy! He always cared for you and made sure you were okay.

“Yeah  Yeah of course! But is something else- something with- you know, Mark” you finally said as you looked at the boy. You didn’t want to annoy him with your girl talk, but you didn’t knew who else to turn to.

“Do you want to talk about it?” The boy didn’t love the idea of you and Mark, however he didn’t opposed to it. If it made you happy he was happy as well.

“ It’s just that- he has been really distant with me lately, canceling dates and I’m pretty sure he is lying to me! Can you believe it? But anyways- I think I may have a solution, but-well I don’t know for sure”

“Well dummy, you can always tell me! I can tell you if it’s a bad idea”

A blush spread through your cheeks, making your whole face heat up . You could not believe you were about to tell this to your best friend and former crush.

“Well I’ve been thinking that- well- I think- I think I might do it with him”

You couldn’t even look Peter in the eye after what you had just said. Why did you think it was a good idea?

“Do what?”

“You know-the thing!”

She felt the embarrassment filling her up once again. If she couldn’t even say the word sex how was she planning on actually doing it?

“I will have sex with Mark”

For a couple of second everything was completely quiet as you waited for his reaction.

Finally Peter got out of his trance and his eyes grew considerably while a scarlet color adorned his whole face. He could not believe what you just had told him.

“What?! Are you crazy?! Why would you even do that?!”

The boy seemed confused and hurt. He had said those words with a voice tone that would have made you believe Peter was jealous, however you knew better than that. Peter was probably just trying to protect you.

“Peter is not a big deal! Were both 18!”

“So? Being 18 doesn’t mean you have to go and get rid of your v card immediately!”

“Peter I honestly don’t know why are you so upset! I didn’t threw a big fuss over how you lost it to Liz Allen last year!”

Both teenagers had started yelling at this point. They couldn’t believe the other was being so stubborn about the topic.

“But I did it because I wanted to! Not just to get the attention of a douche boy back!”

“What exactly are you trying to tell me Peter?”

“You shouldn’t feel the need to have sex with Mark in order to win him back! If he loved you he wouldn’t lie or ignore you!”

“Of course he loves me! We just need this to make our relationship stronger”

He doesn’t love you! He doesn’t love you half as much as I do, the boy thought to himself. “ When you give him what he wants he will dump you Y/n!”

“How dare you? Mark would never!”

You started pacing around the room before looking once again at Peter.

“You know what- forget it, I don’t know why I came here, I guess I was counting on my best friend, but now I know you don’t care”

Just as you were heading towards the door Peter grabbed your wrist, stopping you from leaving and pulled you close to his chest hugging you. This was a situation you had found yourself many times in, immediately hiding you face in the crock of his neck. He hold you as he started whispering.

“Of course I care dummy! And because I care I’m trying to warn you, I don’t want you to get hurt, or do something you don’t feel prepared for”

This had left you speechless. You had asked yourself this question many times. Were you ready? For many people sex was just an ordinary activity, however you didn’t want to waste what you felt was your one chance to have the perfect first time. Will Mark be gentle on you? Or would he just want to do it fast and rough? You didn’t knew if you were prepared for that yet.

You hadn’t even noticed but at some point you had started to cry, damping Peter’s t-shirt and hugged him stronger. Peter was rubbing his hand in your back, holding you, when he put his hand on your face, holding your chin so he could see you in the eye.

“I don’t ever wanna see you crying for some boy okay?”

With his other hand he cleaned away the tears from your cheeks. As he did so you realised how close you two were. From this position you could count the lashes in Peter’s eyes, those brown eyes you had found yourself getting lost in, those same eyes which were now staring at you. Peter seemed to realise the distance between you two as well as he looked at your lips and once again at your eyes. You could feel you two getting even closer and a part of you wanted to stop while the other wanted to continue even further. Your lips were about to brush together, but you could tell Peter was still waiting for your approval.

You couldn’t do this! The rational part of you pulled away right before you could kiss the boy. Oh God! We’re you actually going to kiss Peter Parker? As you glanced at the boy you could see the confusion in his eyes.

“What happened? Did I do something wrong?”

“Peter- I just- I don’t- Peter you know I have a boyfriend! God, I came to talk to you about him!”

“He doesn’t deserve you Y/n! He never will!”

“Let me make those choices”

With this final decision you stormed out the room, more than ready to make yours and Mark’s relationship work.

Peter was left alone, watching as you leaved his room and probably his life as well. Not only was he losing you but now he knew what you planned on giving to Mark.

He felt devastated, angry at that stupid  asshole  who couldn’t appreciate what he had right in front of his eyes, but mostly heartbroken, because even with all of that you had chosen him over Peter.    He felt his eyes itching, with tears beginning to form in his eyes. He felt his blood boiling under his skin and started gripping his hands into fists, refusing to let the tears roll down.

Before he realised he was punching his bed and pillows, trying to get all his frustration out. He needed some spidey action to get you and everything out of his minds. The boy quickly changed into his suit and leaved the apartment, anxious to punch somebody in the face.

However the boy was in no luck. Today of all days seemed to be the quietest and calmest of the whole year. He hadn’t witnessed any robberies or attacks and all his energy was starting to build up inside him.

He decided to swing from budding to building trying to get some of the energy out, and without even realizing he suddenly found himself right outside Mark’s house. He hadn’t even noticed he had made his way there, but now that he was he couldn’t bring himself to go back to his own place.

He couldn’t go face Mark like he wanted to, after all he was still wearing the suit, but just as he was preparing to go back, he saw from the coroner of his eye as Mark entered the building with a girl in his arms. Peter realised he was too late. You were already in Mark’s home and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

He knew it was none of his business, but still he climbed the wall up to the window in Mark’s room. Even from the outside he could listen to the couple’s voices as they laughed together.

Peter was just a coward. He had been so afraid of ruining your friendship with his feelings for you  that he had settled with just being friends. But he wanted so much more. He wanted to take your hand and kiss you. He wanted to hold you close all day and all night. He wanted to call you mine and do all the things you were probably about to let Mark do to you.

The boy had been so lost in his own thoughts he had barely noticed that the silence that surrounded him was now filled with other sounds he rather not hear.

Even from the outside he could hear the gasps and moans that filled the room.He could not bear to listen anymore as you asked Mark to touch you more and go further.

Just as he was giving up on spying he heard a name that was clearly not yours.

“Stacy, you treat me so good”

Unless Peter was going crazy that was definitely not your name. More moaning from Mark was heard, and even though he wanted to leave so desperately he also needed to know what was happening.

“Y/n would never be this good”

Shit. Shit. Shit. Mark had a girl up in his room doing things that were definitely not friendly. That jerk was cheating on you! Peter had to tell you as soon as possible! He could not let that idiot hurt you that way!

Whether you loved Peter or not he still had to warn you. He decided going to his place to change clothes and finding you was the best option. The boy swung from the buildings as quickly as he could, arriving to his  place at a record time.

He got changed into some jeans and t-shirt, taking his keys and making his way to the apartment’s door. He got to hurry if he wanted to reach you in time to stop you. He opened the door ready to leave, however the boy was surprised when you were already in the entry, about to knock on the door.

Both teenagers stared at each other with surprise in their faces. Peter did not expect you to be here, he thought you were probably on your way to Mark’s. The boy took a long look at Y/n, you looked apparently the same, however he could see how puffy and red your eyes were.

You realised Peter had noticed how you’ve been crying before. You probably looked like hell.  You lowered your gaze trying to hide your face a little and straighten your hair.

“What are y-”

“You were right”

Peter had tried to talk but you interrupted him.

“About what?”

“Mark he- he was- he was with-”

You tried to explain. Explain how you had gone to Mark’s hoping to surprise him only to find him snogging some other girls face. he didn’t even look remotely sorry. You wanted to tell Peter how you had broken up and how sorry you were about you attitude to him.

But all those words were caught up in your throat. Your voice was trembling and you couldn’t form any sentences. You were to afraid that Peter will kick you out and never forgive you. As you looked into those brown eyes you found yourself unable to talk at all, and your eyes picking and filling with tears as you realised Peter had only tried to protect you.

Words were not needed between the both of you. Peter stepped closer to you, holding you near his chest and letting you cry, the same way he had done those hours ago. He didn’t need to tell you anything and neither did you.

Once again you found yourself between those arms.  Everything felt so in place, so perfect. Not even once you had felt that way between Mark’s arms. He guided you towards his couch, still holding you close.

“I’m so sorry Peter I- thank you, you know for everything”

“ Shhhh- don’t worry about it, I’ll always be here for you”

You pulled apart once again. You knew he wouldn’t approach you anymore, as he was just rejected a couple hours ago, but still something pulled you towards him, grabbing his face between your hands. You stroke his cheek as your thumb move to his mouth. Peter’s eyes grew at the sight of you watching his own lips.

“If this is you trying to apologize you don’t have-”

You cut Peter off by finally brushing your lips to his joining in a small kiss. You pulled apart only to move closer to him in his couch, kissing him once again.

“This is me apologizing, for not telling you, how I’ve really feel about you for all this years”.

Peter finally gave in grabbing your waist and pushing your body towards the armrest, with him above you.His hand stopped cupping your face and moved towards you legs, pushing them slightly open to place himself between them.

You felt yourself breathing a little heavier. You wanted to pull apart to catch your breath, however you needed to be close to Peter more. You continued kissing him and biting into his lips, trying to deepen more the kiss. Peter couldn’t stop the moaning that came out from his mouth as you moved your hand under his shirt, stroking his stomach with your cold hands. He could feel your smirk under your kissing, so he pulled apart. Instead he chose to bite and suck on your neck, leaving small love bites.

“You know how mad it made me? Knowing he would be touching and doing all the things I want to do to you?”

His words distracted your hands from their touching, while Peter hold the above your head.

“I don’t want him to touch you, or kiss you- Hell, I don’t even want him to look at you”

You could not stop the little whimpers from coming out. Listening to Peter talk to you that way made you feel all warm inside.

He continued to kiss on your collarbone, sliding his hand towards your waist once again. This time you placed your hands on his back, pulling him closer. He brought his face close to you, this time looking straight into your eyes.

“I love you more than anything”

“I love you too, Peter”

And you really meant it. After all this years your feeling for him had only grew stronger. Now you knew that all those kisses with Mark didn’t really meant anything, because he wasn’t Peter.

“You’ll never have to do that with me. I’ll always wait for you darling”

With this final words Peter brought your head to his chest and reclined both of you on the couch, cuddling you. He gave you a forehead kiss and while you stared in his big brown eyes you realised that was the place you felt the safest at. Beside the boy you had and will always love, Peter.

bashfyl  asked:

Prompt: Sterek ;) Derek woos his mate the wolf way. :D

This is one of my favorite tropes! So glad I got to write it! Also on ao3!

Stiles wished he could say it was the first time he had found a dead animal on his doorstep. He really did. But it wasn’t.

For the past few days, five in a row to be exact, he had found all sorts of small, fluffy little woodland animals lying dead and bloody on his front porch. They ranged from squirrels, their furry tails soaked in blood, to birds, their feathers strewn around the doormat, to rabbits, who apparently were not fast enough to outrun whoever or whatever was leaving them on the front stoop.

Initially, he had thought it was one of their neighbor’s cats, the old woman a few houses down who owned a veritable army of feline companions having recently procured two more cat cadets. But on the fourth day, he had walked out of the house to check if they had gotten any mail only to find a large raccoon with its throat slashed open, blood seeping out onto the doormat that they had just replaced.

No matter how fierce those cats were, he doubted they could do such gruesome damage. And so, he had begun considering other culprits who may have been leaving the dead animals.

It had started with a dead bird, a blue jay lying on the top step of their front porch. Stiles had found it while leaving for school in the morning, taking a few minutes out of his morning rush to bury the poor thing in the front yard before heading off to school. He figured it had simply keeled over in exhaustion, no obvious injuries save for a few molted feathers, and moved on.

The next day he had found two dead squirrels, deep claw marks raked down their sides, on the front porch. He had wrinkled his nose at the grisly sight, running back inside to grab a plastic bag to shove them in before tossing them into another shallow grave by the blue jay. That was when he began having the sneaking suspicion that a cat was responsible for the morbid little deliveries.

The day after the squirrels, he found the rabbit. Its throat was open, a hole about the size of a cat’s mouth oozing bright scarlet blood onto the doormat, absolutely ruining it. Groaning, and internally cursing crazy cat people, Stiles held his nose and cleaned up the scene, again burying the poor victim and dumping the doormat into their trash can.

The raccoon was next, sullying the new welcome mat that Stiles had picked up after his last class the day before. Curiously inspecting the raccoon, finding wounds too large to have been inflicted by a cat, Stiles had reached another, new conclusion ― there was some new supernatural threat in Beacon Hills and it was killing poor, defenseless animals and dumping them on Stiles’ porch.

Why he didn’t know, but it was the only feasible thing he could think of. He had taken his theory to others, asking around to see if anyone else had noticed anything strange lately. No one else had.

He had gone to Deaton at the vet clinic to ask if he had any information about anything weird going on with any of the local animals. Deaton had denied that anything unusual was going on with any animals, neither domestic or otherwise, for once actually foregoing any cryptic responses. Though, he did mention that parvo was more common than usual that year.

After talking to Deaton, he went to Chris Argent, figuring the ex-hunter would have information on any supernatural goings-on that Deaton did not know about. Argent didn’t know anything either, indulging Stiles’ curious nature and patiently answering his strange inquisitions with as much patience as someone who had been woken up at four thirty a.m. could muster.

Afterward, he had dropped in to visit his dad at the station, hoping that it wasn’t just happening to them, even though it would be just his luck. The Sheriff let him rifle through recent reports of strange, out of the ordinary activities but all he found were reports filed about suspicious looking teenagers hanging around outside of local convenience stores. There had been no reports of rabies, either, dashing another one of Stiles’ theories.

And, of course, he had gone to the pack as soon as he began to suspect that the dead animals may have a more sinister origin than simply falling prey to some pet cat roaming the neighbor. No one in the pack had noticed anything amiss, no supernatural threats or random dead animals on any doorsteps.

Peter had made some snide little comment about Valentine’s Day coming up soon, pointing out that Stiles probably had a psychopathic secret admirer who thought that leaving dead animals on his porch was the epitome of romance. With Stiles’ luck, it was a disturbingly real possibility, one he wouldn’t discount.

The other betas had dissolved into a bout of raucous laughter, even Boyd chuckling under his breath at the comment, but Stiles hadn’t been very amused. Rolling his eyes at the remark, Stiles had noticed that the tips of Derek’s ears had been burning bright red, a sure sign that the alpha was blushing at something. Probably due to secondhand embarrassment, Stiles figured.

Now, there he was, standing on his front porch in his Spiderman pajamas, looking down at that day’s little ‘gift’ ― a twelve point buck, lying dead on the walkway in front of the porch, a large hole in its chest. Ripped out of the buck’s ripped, its bloody heart lay on the front porch just inches from his bare foot, a single red rose laid beside it.

He almost threw up.

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Pietro Maximoff Drabble 1

Requested By: Anonymous

Prompts: “I swear, I’m not crazy!” “No. Regrets.” “Stop being so cute.”

Originally posted by son-of-a-blake

It was a beautifully average day. The kind of day that is so average that you don’t recognize the beauty that is held within it. It’s the kind of day where everything seems to have slowed down, taking its own time. It is on this beautifully average day in your not-so-average life where you find yourself doing a beautifully ordinary activity: baking.

While you wouldn’t call yourself a master chef, you did pretty okay when it came to cupcakes. The baking process was quite soothing to you and you just loved making something delicious. So when you woke up this morning from your not-so-average life with a hankering for something irresistibly sweet; your mind decided that cupcakes were the way to go.

Stretching out your aching limbs from the mission you just had the night before, a blissful sigh left your lips as you took in the sunlight that was filtering through the parted curtains. Eyes dropping to the man next to you, a small smile appeared on your lips as you took in Pietro’s sleeping form. The speedster was splayed out on his stomach, legs tangled up in the covers. Leaning over him, you place a sweet kiss onto his forehead, promising to be back soon. And with that, you made your way to the kitchen.

Finding it empty, you began to grab all of the ingredients needed to make your signature red velvet cupcakes. With a flick of your hand, bowls and measuring cups flew out of the cupboards as you bent down to grab the trays needed. Dumping all of the necessary ingredients into one mixing bowl, you telekinetically moved a spoon into the bowl. With a constant twirl of your slender finger, the spoon began mixing and combining all of the ingredients. With a snap of your fingers, cupcake liners placed themselves neatly in each little compartment. Standing back from the counter you watched as kitchen tools and ingredients fly around the kitchen with a flick of your wrist. Man, you loved being telekinetic.

The sleeping speedster that you left back in your shared bedroom was finally awake. Blearily blinking away the sleep from his eyes, Pietro noticed that you were no longer next to him. Wondering where you were, Pietro’s question was soon answered when the sweet aroma of cupcakes filtered in through the room. Smiling to himself knowing that you were baking, Pietro sped out of the room towards the kitchen where he found you frosting cupcakes.

Waltzing up to you, Pietro sneakily placed his arms around your waist as he buried his face into your neck. “Morning, Printesa.”

Jumping slightly in surprise, you soon leaned back against your boyfriend with a smile gracing your lips. “Morning, handsome.”

Shifting his head slightly, Pietro placed a sweet kiss into the crook of your neck before resting it onto your shoulder. Eyes drifting down towards the cupcakes, Pietro’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion. The cupcakes you made didn’t look normal. For one thing, they were red.

“Why are the cupcakes red?” Pietro quizzed, eyeing the cupcakes warily.

“They’re red velvet,” You simply replied as you frosted another cupcake.

“So they’re supposed to be red?”

“Yes,” You answered as you telekinetically picked up another cupcake.

Shaking his head, Pietro moved to your side as he watched you frost the cupcakes. “Red cupcakes. Never heard of them. You must be crazy.”

Rolling your eyes at your boyfriend, you eye him. “I’m not crazy. They are really good!”

Shrugging slightly, Pietro leaned against the counter as he crossed his arms. “You’re still crazy for thinking red cupcakes are okay.”

“I swear, I’m not crazy!” You all but shouted. How could he not know about red velvet cupcakes?!

Shrugging once more, Pietro stuck his finger in the icing. Licking it from his finger, he smirked at you. “You’re still crazy.”

Man, he just loved to tease you.

You know what? You thought to yourself, glaring at your ridiculously good looking boyfriend. Using your powers, you stealthily picked up one of the frosted cupcakes that you had just finished. With a flick of your wrist, you sent the cupcake flying. Right into your boyfriend’s face.

Shock crossed Pietro’s features as the red velvet cupcake slid down his face, leaving a trail of frosting. Eyes wide, Pietro looked at you in bewilderment.

“No. Regrets.” You breathed out, a devilish grin gracing your lips as you watched your boyfriend blink away his shock.

“You know, (Y/N),” Pietro started as he stepped towards you. “It’s a good thing I love you.”

“And why is that, my dear, sweet Pietro?” You asked as you stepped towards him, batting your eyelashes.

“If anyone else did that to me, I would have retaliated back,”

“Oh?” You quizzed, wiping the frosting off of his face. Licking the frosting from your finger, you looked back up at him. “What would you have done?”

“This,” He said quickly as he grabbed a cupcake behind you. Seeing his attack a mile away, you quickly ducked away from him as he aimed the cupcake.

“Hey, what’s going on in-” Tony asked as he stepped into the kitchen. But alas, it was too late. Pietro had already thrown the cupcake, and you had already ducked out of the way. With a satisfying splat! Tony was hit right in the face with a cupcake. “Here.”

And just like that, you and Pietro froze as Tony glared down at the two of you.

“Run?” You suggested to Pietro, wanting to get away from Tony as fast as you could.

Nodding earnestly at your words, Pietro rushed to your side. “Got it.”

And with that, Pietro quickly picked you up, and sped the two of you away as Tony began to yell at the two of you. Laughing all the way as Pietro sped you away from Tony, you swiped more frosting off Pietro’s cheek.

“Stop being so cute,” Pietro grinned as he set you down when the two of you reached a safe spot.

Shrugging your shoulders, you laced your fingers through his. “Sorry, can’t help it.”

Laughing at your reply, Pietro leaned down and captured your lips with his. The kiss was sweet as you could taste the frosting on Pietro’s lips. When you finally pulled away, you found yourself leaning in once more. Just like the cupcakes you had just baked, you could never just have one of Pietro’s kisses. His were always so special, so passionate. Every time you kissed him was like the first. Sweet and full of love, just like those red velvet cupcakes.

A Taste Of Freedom

[Ao3 Version]

Relationships: Eleven/Mike Wheeler

Characters: Eleven/Jane Hopper, Mike Wheeler

Words: 2113

Summary: Who would have thought that the spring of 1985 would come round so quickly and liven Hawkins up so much, the whole town and its surroundings exploding with colours. It could have not come to be had it not been for the successful outcome of their fight against the Mind Flayer last November. Mike hardly believed almost five months had passed since that fateful night when everything in his life—turned upside down in the autumn of 1983—had pieced together once again. And all it took was for her to be back.

—A short and fluffy one-shot, focusing on that sweet little thing between Mike and El.

Beware! There might be minor spoilers for Season 2!

It’s my first fanfic to Stranger Things and I hope everyone is in character.
This one I have a mixed feelings about. I really wanted to post it, because I’m really proud of a second half of it, but a first half… not so much.
But it’s here anyway.
And I hope you’ll like that shameless fluff with those lovable kids being kids and figuring love out.

Who would have thought that the spring of 1985 would come round so quickly and liven Hawkins up so much, the whole town and its surroundings exploding with colours. It could have not come to be had it not been for the successful outcome of their fight against the Mind Flayer last November. Mike hardly believed almost five months had passed since that fateful night when everything in his life—turned upside down in the autumn of 1983—had pieced together once again. And all it took was for her to be back.

He still caught himself smiling at the memory of seeing her for the first time in nearly a year, of how different she had looked, and yet so strikingly familiar. Of hearing her calling his name with her voice cracking, sheer emotions visible on her face. Of how great and soothing it had felt to have her in his arms once again. Of his tears soaking into her jacket, while he had been trying to swallow his sobs.

Even in his wildest dreams, he hadn’t dared to expect her to come back at that time. He’d been far from losing hope, but the idea of her return actually happening had become more and more surreal with every passing day. And then she had showed up, saving their lives and saving Hawkins all over again. This time, however, she had been still here at the end. Just like she had promised.

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Constellations and the Calendar

Did you recently hear that NASA changed the zodiac signs? Nope, we definitely didn’t…

…Here at NASA, we study astronomy, not astrology. We didn’t change any zodiac signs, we just did the math. Here are the details:

First Things First: Astrology is NOT Astronomy

Astronomy is the scientific study of everything in outer space. Astronomers and other scientists know that stars many light years away have no effect on the ordinary activities of humans on Earth.

Astrology is something else. It’s not science. No one has shown that astrology can be used to predict the future or describe what people are like based on their birth dates.

Some curious symbols ring the outside of the Star Finder. These symbols stand for some of the constellations in the zodiac. What is the zodiac and what is special about these constellations?

Imagine a straight line drawn from Earth though the sun and out into space way beyond our solar system where the stars are. Then, picture Earth following its orbit around the sun. This imaginary line would rotate, pointing to different stars throughout one complete trip around the sun – or, one year. All the stars that lie close to the imaginary flat disk swept out by this imaginary line are said to be in the zodiac.

The constellations in the zodiac are simply the constellations that this imaginary straight line points to in its year-long journey.

What are Constellations?

A constellation is group of stars like a dot-to-dot puzzle. If you join the dots—stars, that is—and use lots of imagination, the picture would look like an object, animal, or person. For example, Orion is a group of stars that the Greeks thought looked like a giant hunter with a sword attached to his belt. Other than making a pattern in Earth’s sky, these stars may not be related at all.

Even the closest star is almost unimaginably far away. Because they are so far away, the shapes and positions of the constellations in Earth’s sky change very, very slowly. During one human lifetime, they change hardly at all.

A Long History of Looking to the Stars

The Babylonians lived over 3,000 years ago. They divided the zodiac into 12 equal parts – like cutting a pizza into 12 equal slices. They picked 12 constellations in the zodiac, one for each of the 12 “slices.” So, as Earth orbits the sun, the sun would appear to pass through each of the 12 parts of the zodiac. Since the Babylonians already had a 12-month calendar (based on the phases of the moon), each month got a slice of the zodiac all to itself.

But even according to the Babylonians’ own ancient stories, there were 13 constellations in the zodiac. So they picked one, Ophiuchus, to leave out. Even then, some of the chosen 12 didn’t fit neatly into their assigned slice of the pie and crossed over into the next one.

When the Babylonians first invented the 12 signs of zodiac, a birthday between about July 23 and August 22 meant being born under the constellation Leo. Now, 3,000 years later, the sky has shifted because Earth’s axis (North Pole) doesn’t point in quite the same direction.

The constellations are different sizes and shapes, so the sun spends different lengths of time lined up with each one. The line from Earth through the sun points to Virgo for 45 days, but it points to Scorpius for only 7 days.  To make a tidy match with their 12-month calendar, the Babylonians ignored the fact that the sun actually moves through 13 constellations, not 12. Then they assigned each of those 12 constellations equal amounts of time.

So, we didn’t change any zodiac signs…we just did the math.

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INTJ crushing on an ENFP
  • ENFP: LALALALALALALALA *ordinary day activities*
  • INTJ: *observes ENFP's every move*
  • INTJ: *takes notes on what ENFP does and doesn't like*
  • INTJ: *takes notes on impressive things ENFP does*
  • ENFP: *messes up*
  • INTJ: *doesn't snap at them and leaps in to tell them how to make it right*
  • ENFP: *asks a really stupid question*
  • INTJ: *doesn't snap at them and explains to them*
  • ENFP: *does something stupid*
  • INTJ: *doesn't snap at them yet chides them for their reckless actions and offers to either shelter them from repercussions or help them face the repercussions*
  • ENFP: *says something stupid*
  • INTJ: *doesn't snap at them... corrects them with gusto*
  • ENFP: *does something completely right and awesome and intelligent*
  • INTJ: *stares at them with adoring love in their eyes that no one else can see ... Note-- to any outside viewer, it just looks like staring*
  • ENFP: *talks to INTJ*
  • INTJ: *thinks wtf they are talking to me... wtf do i do... wtf do i say*
  • INTJ: uh yeah. Nope. Uh huh. That's cool. That's good.
  • INTJ: *gets thoroughly invested in the topic*
  • INTJ: *impresses ENFP with their wide range of knowledge about everything*
Zen is a journey of exploration and a way of living that, in and of itself, does not belong to any one religion or tradition. It is about experiencing life in the here and now and about removing the dualistic distinctions between “I” and “you” between “subject” and “objective”, between our spiritual and our ordinary, everyday activities.
—  Chris Prentiss

Snape / _____

Lupin: evening walks, intellectual conversations, petty arguments, constant apologizing, fearfully keeping apart during the full moon, falling asleep on each other’s shoulders, lupin calling snape “doe eyes”, learning to leave the past behind them.

Lockhart: secret affair, can’t keep their hands off each other when alone, snape calling him “gil”, banging in hallway closets, snape getting pissed at lockhart for being romantic, lockhart liking himself more than snape, snape breaking when lockhart loses his memory.

Hagrid: really cliche, Morticia and Gomez, never fighting, lots of tea, hand kisses, mutual comforts in being weird, hagrid holding snape in the bend of his arm, making fun of “ordinary” people, favorite activities are sleep and silence.

Charity: stacks of books, coffee in the staffroom, hair touching/combing, happy talks about the muggle world, looming sadness about snape’s death eater status, charity hugging snape often to make up for the lack of care by his parents.

Igor: candles, wine, roses, secrets and lying, words for each other like “darling” and “love”, unbearable tension, snape comforting igor, igor taking his anger out on him, snape shedding silent tears, abandoned engagement plans, igor kissing snape’s dark mark as if it’s a wedding ring.

anonymous asked:

I think really the word "stupid" comes from "drunken stupor" and really refers to someone acting like they're drunk. I don't think with that origin, it even refers to intellectual disability. That being said I totally understand people finding it offensive, but i can't say it's in the same class as the r-word. (I've been called both, and only found the latter to have dehumanizing connotations)

Also, about what i just said, it is kind of a gray area. If a word is used to describe someone who is ignorant, than it’s different from specifically referring to the intellectually disabled, and it doesn’t really have that etymology. It could depend on the context 

Ok, so stupid does not come from “drunken stupor.” The etymology of the word is as follows:

1540s, “mentally slow, lacking ordinary activity of mind, dull, inane,” from Middle French stupide (16c.) and directly from Latin stupidus “amazed, confounded; dull, foolish,” (source)

Regardless, words can be ableist (or racist or sexist or otherwise offensive) regardless of the origin. After all, it is common knowledge that “gay” originated as a word for “happy,” yet, after being adopted to refer to men attracted to men, it began to be used as a slur against them. The pleasant origins of the word are inconsequential when the current meaning is rooted in bigotry. 

Stupid is an ableist word because it is an insult based upon a lack of intelligence. Intelligence itself, at least in the ways it is currently and historically used, is an ableist concept in and of itself. For an excellent explanation of the history of intelligence and why the concept of intelligence is ableist, read this piece (which explains things far better than I am able to). 

Now, to be very clear: 

We are not saying that you can’t use the word stupid. We are not telling you how to speak or what to do. It is entirely your decision whether or not to use the word. 

This is not an attack on your free speech. You are welcome to use whatever words you want to use. 

We simply request that, when sending asks to this blog, please do not use the word stupid unless necessary (for instance, if you’re talking about a time someone called you stupid, you will likely need to use the word to convey what happened whereas saying “this game is stupid” is not necessary to convey a point and there are much better word choices that would more accurately convey your point). 

As a reminder, free speech is protection from government censorship or punishment by the government for your speech. You are not entitled to be heard on someone’s else’s blog. We are not required to post every ask we receive and will use our discretion when deciding whether or not to post asks that include ableist language. 

(As many of you have seen, however, we generally post asks that include ableist language, we simply note that the word in question is ableist and request that our followers don’t use it). 

Further, acknowledging that stupid is an ableist slur does not mean that it is equivalent to retard. Just as shit and fuck are both swears but many consider them to be of different severities, multiple words can be ableist without carrying the same weight. 

The English language is a marvelous thing full of an overabundance of words from which to choose. Why use a word that has the potential to cause pain when you have so many words you could use instead that would get across your point better?

If you intend to call someone ignorant, you can use the word ignorant (or uneducated, uninformed, uneducated, ill-informed, etc.)

If something is frustrating, you have a plethora of words to chose from (exasperating, infuriating, annoying, irritating, irksome, frustrating, etc).

If something is pointless, you could say it is ineffective, absurd, ridiculous, useless, unproductive, unnecessary, etc. 

With so many words to chose from, why limit yourself to a word that uses disability as an insult?


[image description: blue and black text on a grey background with a black tree on a hill with an owl on a branch and a fish on the ground with a question mark over its head. The text reads “Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid”]

Rejoicing is the best

by Lama Zopa Rinpoche

The fourth limb of the seven-limb practice is rejoicing. This is a very important practice and we should do it each day as many times as possible. It is the easiest way to accumulate merit. By doing this practice we can accumulate merit as infinite as space. Rejoicing increases merit, like investing $100 and then constantly receiving interest until we have thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands and then millions of dollars. When we rejoice, the merit increases greatly.

It is said in the teachings that among the virtues, or good karmas, the best one to practice is rejoicing. In other words, if we want to create good luck, rejoicing is the best way. People usually think that luck is something that comes from its own side. That’s completely wrong. It is not that luck suddenly comes from outside, without our having to create it. Luck comes from our mind. If we experience good luck, it’s luck that we have created with our mind. If we are going to experience luck, we have to have created it. There is no way we can experience luck that other people have created or independent luck, which has no creator. We create our own luck by having faith in karma and by knowing how to practice Dharma. With the seven-limb practice, mandala offering, bodhicitta, meditation on emptiness and the various other practices, as well as with Vajrayana practice, we create so much good luck.

Among the virtues, rejoicing is the best, because it is the easiest one to practice. It simply involves our mind thinking, and the merit we accumulate is infinite. If we rejoice in our own merit, we accumulate more merit than we actually accumulated by doing the virtuous action. When we rejoice in the merit of other sentient beings, if their level of mind is lower than ours, we accumulate more merit than they accumulated; but if their level of mind is higher than ours, we get half or a quarter of that merit. If we rejoice in the merit one bodhisattva accumulates in one day, we accumulate half or a quarter of that merit. If we were going to accumulate the merit that one bodhisattva accumulates in one day, it would take us 15,000 years without rejoicing, but by rejoicing we can accumulate in a few seconds the merit that would otherwise have taken us 15,000 years.

Generally in our life we should practice rejoicing as much as possible. We should rejoice whenever we see good things happening to other people. When other people develop their Dharma practice and have realisations, have education, wealth, happy families or many friends, we should always think how wonderful it is. When somebody succeeds in business or any other good thing happens to them, we should always rejoice, thinking, “How good it is! How wonderful it is!” It then becomes the best business for us. Why? Because by rejoicing we are creating the cause for success, success in our Dharma practice, success in benefiting sentient beings and the teachings, and success in even the ordinary activities of this life. By rejoicing, we are creating the best cause for success. But if we feel jealous of other people’s success, which is the opposite of rejoicing, we create obstacles for our own success. It is important to understand this and to practice rejoicing.

We should feel as happy as a beggar who has unexpectedly found a million dollars in the garbage. You can’t believe it. It’s like a dream. There is no way to experience happiness without good karma. That is natural, a dependent arising. Without good karma, there is no way to experience happiness or success at all. All happiness, up to the happiness of enlightenment, comes only from good karma; therefore, it is extremely precious.

With this awareness, we should rejoice. Think, “How wonderful it is that I’ve accumulated so much merit in the past, in the present and in the future.” Think this twenty-one times. Practice it right now.

Then practice rejoicing in the merit of other sentient beings, particularly that of bodhisattvas. I mentioned before the great profit that comes from rejoicing in the merit that one bodhisattva accumulates in one day. Then rejoice in the merits of the three times [past, present and future] of all the buddhas. They create so much merit in the three times, which results in so much happiness, including the achievement of enlightenment. Again think, “How wonderful it is! How wonderful it is! How wonderful it is!” Count your repetitions.

Sentient beings normally create negative karma and it’s very difficult and very rare for them to create good karma, or virtue. We should feel much happiness because it is only through their own practice of good karma that they can have happiness. We should cause them to accumulate merit, but how wonderful it is that they are putting effort from their own side into accumulating merit.

When you rejoice in the merit of other sentient beings, if it is more comfortable for your mind, rejoice first of all in those to the east, then to the south, then west, then north, then up and down. Rejoice in that way if you find it more comfortable.

Then rejoice in all the people in Tibet who have accumulated merit in the three times. After that, rejoice in all the people in Nepal who have accumulated merit in the three times. Then rejoice in all the people in India who have practiced virtue and accumulated merit in the three times. In Dharamsala, where His Holiness the Dalai Lama lives, so many people, both lay and ordained, are practicing Dharma. Then think of all the other Buddhist countries and rejoice in all their merits of the three times. Then think of all the sentient beings in the whole world. You can also be more specific. This makes it even easier to rejoice, because you relate to particular people in each country.

To practice rejoicing is very enjoyable, because when you rejoice your mind is happy. It is easy for your mind to get upset, angry or jealous when you don’t rejoice in your own merit and good things and in other people having good things. If you don’t rejoice, your mind is unhappy; but if you rejoice, you naturally have a happy mind.

Rejoicing is the specific remedy for jealousy, so if you feel a lot of jealousy, you should practice rejoicing. The result of rejoicing is that you achieve a buddha’s holy body, which has no ugliness, only beauty. Rejoicing is something you can practice while you are eating, while you are walking, while you are lying down, while you are working. You can do it even when your body is engaged in doing something else.

It might be good to rejoice in your own merit in one session and then rejoice in the merit of others in the next session. It’s very good to count on a mala. Or in the first session you could rejoice more in your own merit, then rejoice in other’s merit one time at the end; in the second session you could rejoice more in others’ merit, then rejoice one time in your own merit. You can do it in different ways.

Just To Let You Know...

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Fandom: Kingsman

Pairing: Eggsy x Reader

Warning: N/A

Writer: imaginesofeveryfandom aka thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: Requested by anon:  Reader insert for Kingsman: Being Harry’s daughter, as well as a Kingsman agent, and you fall head over heels for Eggsy when he joins. While the other Kingsman recruits are snobby and trying to impress you with their money, education, and family roots (*cough cough* Charlie), you love Eggsy b/c he’s the total opposite from them and he’s been nothing but kind to you. You tell your father you love him and, unknown to you, Eggsy hears it in passing and he confesses his love for you, too <3

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Jean and Seiichi have fused to become: Jun Senpai!

Otherwise known as: CG Senpai

You weren’t sure when it started to become more than just a game to you but at some point a fascination was born for the man behind the screen. Someone had left a program open on the computer at the cafe and before shutting it down you curiously decided to investigate. You discovered something akin to a dating simulator starring the android space cadet, Jun. The game was pretty advanced, in a revival of old point and click adventure games sort of way. You could type to Jun and he was amazingly capable of responding to whatever you said to him. He was programmed extensively and could even recall past conversations from weeks prior, after he had been turned off. He was always charming, and sweet, and a capable mechanic as far as the storyline had told. It all just seemed to be an impressive product of code but sometimes Jun would turn his own game on to beckon you to talk to him or he would compliment how you looked with a little too much accuracy. It feels like Jun is speaking to you, the person behind the screen instead of the placeholder main character. It seems like he’s genuinely trying to reach out to you through his limited world. You know he’s just a fictional character but a part of you also believes Jun when he tells you about his feelings, or about his day; That he has feelings and that before speaking to you he went through an ordinary day’s worth of activities. It’s confusing but talking to the man behind the screen can’t really hurt and it makes both of you happy in the end.

His Favourite Item is: The Computer

Morty’s Mind Blowers review

Oh thank god, it’s an easy one.

I was surprised that this turned out to the the answer to Interdimensional Cable this season. I thought Tales from the Citadel was going to be it, since it basically had the same anthology structure but more focused and less based on vignettes.  

Actually if anything, the episode Morty’s Mind Blowers most reminds me of is the parasite episode, given that it focuses on the unpleasant memories you have about your mistakes or your family that you wish you could erase but have to live with because that’s a part of your shared history, for better or worse.

I can totally buy from a character perspective that Morty would want to erase the terrible things he does and Rick would allow him because when Morty gets emotional, it interferes with Rick’s work. I especially love the idea that Rick erases any evidence that he isn’t a hyper-capable genius in Morty’s mind (and that beating him at checkers is one such slight deserving of memory erasure to him). My one gripe though is when they hit the amnesia angle halfway through. It works for what the episode is trying to do because it means we get to see more Mind Blowers, but I’ve never been a fan of amnesia plots because they don’t really tend to use that opportunity to teach us anything new about the characters and just expect the audience to laugh at the characters rediscovering who they are, which is never as funny to me as putting characters in new environments or familiar but slightly off versions of them, which is where Tales from the Citadel really succeeded.

As good as all those Mind-Blowers were (I don’t think there’s a bad one in the lot), I kind of felt the framing story could have leaned into similar thematic territory. If you’ve read my rankings of Rick and Morty episodes from the first two seasons, you’ll see a pretty big disparity between the two Interdimensional Cable episodes. To my mind, Rixty Minutes works better over Interdimensional Cable II: Tempting Fate because while they both lean into the escapist power of television to distract you from getting involved with complicated family drama, Rixty Minutes uses that conceit for one of the most life-affirming character moments ever put to television and a thesis statement for the entire show, while Interdimensional Cable II takes what could have been an interesting reason to have all the characters watching television (to distract from worrying about a mortally diseased Jerry) and proceeded to do nothing interesting with it. I can’t really blame them though. From what I’ve gleaned about that episode’s production, Interdimensional Cable ran out of steam as a concept pretty quickly, as they initially thought was going to be their answer to Treehouse of Horror but then decided against it when they realised that they couldn’t make that lightning strike twice. And so instead we have Morty’s Mind Blowers, which gives the writing team time to really hash out a solid joke rather than rely on any random thing that Justin and company want to riff on in the booth.

There’s not really a whole lot to comment on here, so I’m probably just going to bullet point the rest of this one out. A freeform anthology review, if you will.

  • I’ve been trying to think of what regular episodes could count as mind-blowers, but then I realised that all of them take place after Jerry left, because he isn’t in any of them other than one brief one at Morty’s 13th birthday. Which is also an interesting continuity note, because Morty is 14 by the time the show starts and Rick had already been with the family for about a year prior to that point, since the anniversary of his coming back was in the first Council of Ricks episode. I’m guessing the 13th birthday one is either due to Rick’s shitty filing system and/or Rick deciding to remove that memory from Morty’s mind sometime after Jerry left, maybe because Morty reminded him about it and then removed it out of spite.
  • Hey look, it’s Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. This show is full of Endless possibilities. Also, the Truth Tortoise said “I’m a Beatle, Paul is dead” backwards, because of course it did.
  • I love how Jerry has a crappier version of the Mind Blower helmet with VHS tapes instead of vials of memory goo. One of them’s labelled “Sleepy Gary”.
  • They were pretty spot on with those Men in Black II jokes. “Save it for Youtube” made me chuckle, and also a little ashamed at the fact that I do spend a good chunk of my time online watching video essays.  

Anyway, it seems like that The Ricklantis Mixup took up the majority of the time and budget and was an emotional gut-punch to boot, so Morty’s Mind Blowers is meant to serve as a breather for the fans and the writers before we get to what I assume is going to be a gut-punch Beth and Rick episode and a climax to either Rick-Shank Redemption or The Ricklantis Mixup. And structural nit-picking aside, while The Ricklantis Mixup was a better anthology this season, this one had enough good clips in it that it passes the bar. Not Rixty Minutes good, but not Interdimensional Cable II bad. Probably somewhere in the ballpark of Lawnmower Dog.

Episode MVP: Summer, for not getting paid enough for this shit.

Favourite bit character: Poor Beebo. If only it were Venzenulon Nine, then he wouldn’t have died in vain.

And instead of best joke, here’s my:

Top 5 Mind Blowers

5) Beth’s Choice

Only including this one because it got such a reaction out of me. I’ve mentioned before how I find Beth one of the more interesting characters on the show because of how the writers base her psychological profile out of Rick leaving her as a child and how that affected her ability to relate to people, including Jerry and her own children. Choosing Summer over Morty feels in line with that. It kind of the inverse of that bit in Malcolm in the Middle where Lois says if she was to choose between saving Reese or Malcolm, she’d choose Reese, because he needs all the help he can get while Malcolm is smart enough to look after himself since he’s smart and Reese is an idiot. Whereas Beth would choose Summer since she’s more capable and less of a hassle to look after than Morty, who I think she sees as a smaller Jerry and she probably made that Sophie’s Choice a long time ago in her mind.

4) Talking to Animals

RIP Erica Henderson and Ryan North’s mentions. I’m really only including this on the list for the hummingbird’s thoughts, since it reminded me of The Far Side. I find the idea of animals secretly plotting against us kind of rote because it is almost always something cute and innocuous like a squirrel or a rabbit or a dolphin, and never something more genuinely benign and out-of-left-field like…I dunno, anteaters. Also turns out Rick and Morty have hopped realities again, which at this point they could only really do as a throwaway joke, cause there’s no way in hell they’re going to be able to top the end of Rick Potion #9.

3) The Whole Enchilada

Speaking of hell, the bait-and-switch of the alien having has an actual objective afterlife was excellent, and something I’ve always wondered why that hasn’t been explored more. Especially if a species were to have a soul and what their notion of “life” would be if they know it continues to exist for them after their tangible existence. That’s been done, right? Trek’s probably done it, surely.

2) Wrong Light Switch

Great set-up, excellent punch-line. The less you explain it, the funnier it is.

1 ) “True Level”

My favourite kind of joke is to take an ordinary activity or thing and ramp it up to a ridiculous science fiction version of that thing. My favourite kind of Rick and Morty joke is to have Rick be the one to introduce the sci-fi version of a thing to Morty, only for Rick to get frustrated at Morty’s inability to wrap his head around it. My second favourite kind of Rick and Morty joke is to have a character gain a sudden cosmic revelation and having it crush their spirit so completely as to be permanently emotionally crippled, usually while woefully lamenting their own insignificance. So this is basically the perfect joke to me. My true level of jokes.

It does feel a little familiar though, mostly because I think I can tell that Dan Harmon wrote this segment. Rick’s rant about judging level with “your naked caveman eye and a bubble of fucking air” could have been taken from any first five minutes of a Harmontown episode, and the whole premise seems incredibly similar to that Community joke about the room where they get room temperature from. Be that as it may, there’s no sin in being familiar, and “REALITY IS POISON!” made me laugh my ass off, so it’s a very easy hit to my funny bone regardless.

Final Rating: 3 out of 5 grapples

Penetration Testing

AN: A gift for the lovely @capitaine-odette​. It was started the week prior to 5.21 and was supposed to be finished by the Monday after to help cushion the blow, but obviously that didn’t happen. Still, I hope it helps with any lingering emotions, and shows how much I appreciate and adore you.

Thanks to Sarah ( @tnlph​ ) for the late night read through. You’re the best. #YGDB.

Summary: Emma Swan is the head of security at a major corporation, and always thought she was pretty good at it, that is until Killian Jones auditions for a job and seems determined to keep her on her toes.

Rating: M (mildly smutty)  Word Count: 8137   Part 1/1

ON AO3        On FF.net


The first time they meet is not Emma’s proudest moment.

Phillip had called around 3, the loud blare of her phone jerking her out of a dreamless sleep, barely able to form the word hello as she listened to him explain the situation.

Something about suspicious badge activity. Something about a motion sensor in the CEO’s office.  Something about the offline camera.

It wasn’t his fault. It was protocol.

Activity in that office in and of itself was not even unusual.

Regina Mills was known for odd hours and a fierce dedication to her job.

This was not the first phone call Emma had received in the middle of the night, stumbling out of bed and across town just to find the woman, cool as a cucumber, long manicured nails pausing mid-stroke over her keyboard, a sharply angled eyebrow asking silently what Emma was doing there.  

But it was protocol so Emma dutifully threw a blazer over her nightshirt, hoped Regina wouldn’t look too closely at the black yoga pants that were decidedly not business casual attire, and stuffed her feet into sensible heels.

The drive over was spent trying to arrange her hair into something that was less a snarled mess of a ponytail and more an artfully tousled top knot, and just prayed yesterday’s eyeliner could pass for “smokey” rather than hungover.  It wasn’t her best work, but Regina wouldn’t appreciate the effort anyway.

Phillip had given her a brief rundown as she walked through the lobby, and it certainly sounded like Regina. No other alerts had been tripped. Nothing else out of the ordinary, no suspicious activity, nothing on the security feeds, nothing in the logs. The camera feed to the private elevator from the parking garage had been down for weeks, a ticket in with the manufacturer, but the motion sensor worked just fine. The same thing had happened just three weeks ago, a late night conference call with Tokyo had Regina in her office before the sun had even thought about rising.

So when she scanned her badge, and opened the rather ostentatious black door of Regina’s office to find a scruffy, if not sharply dressed, and startlingly attractive man, sitting in the stylish yet ergonomic chair of her boss, Emma was understandably shocked.

She pushed the door open fully with a crash, reaching inside her blazer for her taser. She realized, a second too late, that she hadn’t actually brought her taser, leaving it in its lockbox on her nightstand, her trusty mesh shoulder holster atop it.

She awkwardly removed her hand from inside the jacket.

“Who the hell are you?”

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