I'm tired

I’m tired of always feeling different, Im so disconnected from other young people. We’re never concerned with the same things, it seems they can’t see past their teenage life’s. I want friendships that can have depth, intellect and spontaneity, I feel like there’s not enough in the world. Why does that seem impossible?
Can’t anyone see past themselves and the mundane shit….

Blue and green eyes were always beautiful
With their bright colours and pure patterns
But Brown eyes were always ordinary
With their plain colour and flat pattern
Until I noticed how deep they were
And how they slightly differed from the black of the eye
Brown eyes were ordinary
Until I saw the gold tones
brought out by the sunshine
reflecting in them
dancing a pattern across the iris
Brown eyes were always ordinary
Until I saw how beautiful they contrasted
The white of your eyes surrounding them
Brown eyes were ordinary
Until I fell in love with someone
With brown eyes.
—  Blurredmeaning