Blue and green eyes were always beautiful
With their bright colours and pure patterns
But Brown eyes were always ordinary
With their plain colour and flat pattern
Until I noticed how deep they were
And how they slightly differed from the black of the eye
Brown eyes were ordinary
Until I saw the gold tones
brought out by the sunshine
reflecting in them
dancing a pattern across the iris
Brown eyes were always ordinary
Until I saw how beautiful they contrasted
The white of your eyes surrounding them
Brown eyes were ordinary
Until I fell in love with someone
With brown eyes.
—  Blurredmeaning

**Most probably my most favourite place in the neighbourhood which it is to me almost like an art gallery: the shadows, the textures, the light, and the beauty of the accidental always succeed to ’speak’ to my eyes in a language I understand without consciously knowing. (Warrington / UK)

“You find beauty in ordinary things,”
the fortune cookie says,
but there is nothing ordinary about the sound of your laugh.
You fill entire rooms with joy,
always laughing the loudest and smiling the brightest.
I find myself smiling, too,
as your mere presence is enough to brighten my day.
There is nothing ordinary about your hand clasped over mine,
sending volts of electricity coursing through my veins.
Your skin is soft and warm,
and finally I have found someone I can touch without pulling away.
There is nothing ordinary about the flowers in your hair,
brilliant works of nature intertwined atop your head.
Those pink and yellow bursts are nothing short of artwork,
only enhancing your beauty- never distracting from it.
Maybe our small town life isn’t all that special.
Maybe I hear your laugh nearly every day
and those flowers grow all across the country,
but I’d be a fool if for a moment
I ever believed you to be ordinary.
—  ordinary // c.r.h.