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Meanings Behind the Sign Symbols


               The glyph for Aries represents the face and horns of a ram. Aries is a sign that is known for its initiative, and its innate ability to move with fervor towards its goals. Like a ram charging forward an Aries pursues its target with abandon. The glyph can also be seen as a geyser bursting forth from the ground, or the female reproductive system, which alludes to the creative potential of the sign as well as its position as the first sign, and the baby of the zodiac.


               The glyph for Taurus shows us the head and horns of the bull. Steadfast, stubborn, and sensual the bull is a great parallel to the Taurean nature. Taurus is known for its ability to work tirelessly towards its goals, not budging from the path that they’ve set for themselves. The glyph shows us the crescent of the mind atop the circle of the spirit, which reflects Taurus’ ability to push forward with their whole beings to attain the security and comfort that they desire.


               Gemini is the sign of the twins, and in its glyph we can see the duality that is at the very core of its symbolism. Gemini sees the duality of all things, that of light and darkness, right and wrong, male and female then incorporates these dual natures into the same being. The glyph is the Roman numeral for two, and yet at the same time it can be seen as a tunnel or a doorway. Gemini synthesizes information, pulling it in, processing it, and then disseminating it to others. The Geminian works as a conduit for knowledge and its role in the zodiac is that of the informant.


               The glyph for Cancer shows us the claws of the crab. With its hard protective shell, home beneath the waves, and propensity to cling to its prey and possessions the crab is an apt metaphor for the watery Cancer. Crabs live their lives in the endless ebb and flow of the ocean, and for Cancer it is no different. They feel the endless tides of their emotions and instinctively feel the ups and downs in all things. The glyph is also reminiscent of the earth and moon, circling each other in their eternal dance through the cosmos. We’re also shown a mother’s breasts, which are ruled by the sign as well as their function of nourishment.


               Here we see the head, mane, and swooping tail of the lion. Leo reflects much of its qualities, with the females being aggressively enterprising and fiercely loyal, and the males being protective and deeply prideful. In this glyph we again see the circle of spirit, the sun, and a tendril that reaches out projecting its power and influence. A Leo similarly projects their innermost power and warmth in order to attract attention and admiration from those around them.


               The “M” of Virgo shows its ties to the sign of Scorpio. Indeed at one time the two were considered to be one and the same, representing the processes of birth and death and their inexorable link. At some time in the past the two were split, with the sign of Libra occupying the space between, representing the harmony between the two. The tail of Virgo’s M is turned inward becoming the female genitalia and being representative of the fertility and purity of the sign.


               The glyph for Libra is that of the setting sun. It is the twilight before the darkness, the time of day where light and darkness exist in equal proportions, appropriate for the balance that is representative of this sign. Libra seeks harmony in its relationships with those around it and has an innate ability to find balance in opposing forces. The glyph is also the Mirror of Venus, resting atop a shelf. This alludes to the planetary ruler of the sign as well as Libra’s association with the 7th House, which is sometimes called the House of Mirrors.


               The glyph for Scorpio shows its ties to Virgo, but instead of its tail pulling in it thrusts outward. This shows how the Scorpion’s will and drive is turned to power and the ability to change the world around it. Scorpio is a sign known for its great initiative and ambition as well as its great capacity for change and transformation.


               The glyph is an arrow, ready to fire from the bow of our fiery archer. The arrow symbolizes the far-reaching search for knowledge that is inherent in this sign. Sagittarius wants to push the boundaries of human knowledge and experience and push their minds and bodies forward with abandon towards this goal.


               The glyph gives us a silhouette. It is that of a creature that is half mountain-goat, and half fish. The mermaid has climbed out of the primordial nurturing waters to climb the mountain of success and accomplishment. It’s important to recognize this dual nature in Capricorn. The goat can no more escape where he came from than he can the drive that propels him forward. There will forever be a connection back to the home and indeed what is built in life serves to provide sustenance and security for it.


               The glyph for Aquarius shows us waves, it is multi-faceted in its nature now more than ever. It is the ever-permeating waves of electromagnetism and energy that surround us. It is the radio waves encoded with information as well as the sound waves that carry a human voice to all ears that listen. This is the “water” that is poured forth from Aquarian amphora. It is the free and ever present information that will lead to an even more enlightened future.


               Two fish are swimming in opposite directions, but cannot escape one another because of the chains that bind them. This represents the dual-nature of the Piscean individual. One fish swims upwards toward divinity. It wishes to return home and be one with its source. The other fish swims downwards toward the material realm. There is much that is unfinished and the weight of the world is constant in the emotional ties that bind.  Pisces seeks to use this connection to higher spirituality to work as a conduit for healing. They take on the pain and suffering of others in an attempt to soothe them.


Will Poe Use his Mother’s A-wing in Episode 8?

In the teaser trailer of The Last Jedi, we see Poe’s X-wing getting blown during a First Order attack. We also see an A-wing in a blink and miss moment passing the resistance bombers during a space battle.

In the meantime,an A-wing has been spotted both on the Pinewood set of episode 8, as well as at the recently Vanity Fair photo shoot.

The ship bears a strong resemblance to the one owned by Poe’s mother Shara Bey, on which she taught him to fly on Yavin IV. The ship appears in the Shattered Empire comics and the novel Before the Awakening.

I think Vice Admiral Holdo will demote Poe from his rank of Commander and also remove him from his position as leader of Black Squadron due to some disagreement. This would explain why he is listed as ‘Captain Poe Dameron’ on one of the leaked Lego sets for episode 8.

Poe will overcome this challenge by using his mother’s old A-wing get back into the fight, and help the resistance defend Crait from the First Order.

Into You (Clark Kent x Reader)

Based on two requests.

Your relationship with Clark had always been an intimate one. You were both very open with each other and knew how to keep each other satisfied. You knew everything about each other, or so you thought you knew everything about him.

It was no surprise that Clark had asked you to attend a charity ball that the newspaper had been invited to.

“Kent, you didn’t tell me that your plus one was going to be so stunning,“ a husky voice spoke up as Clark led you to a table at the ball. You turned around and met eyes with the man you knew to be Clark’s boss.

“Y/N Y/L/N,” you introduced yourself with a smile as you stuck your hand out for him to shake. While you didn’t appreciate hearing about the way he tended to treat Clark at work, you knew that you had to play nice. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Perry White,” he replied with a toothy grin as he firmly shook your hand. “You can just call me Perry, though.”

“I’m a big fan of the paper,” you admitted as you moved to grab onto Clark’s arm. You looked at him with gleaming eyes before you noticed that his attention was being drawn elsewhere. You went to glance where he was staring before Perry’s deep voice filled the air.

“Perhaps Clark should bring you in sometime, give you the scoop on how we do things,” Perry offered.

“That sounds nice, I’ve always wanted to-”

“Excuse me, I’ve just seen the founders of the charity and I really need to speak with them!” Perry exclaimed as he began to race away. “Nice to meet you!”

“That was fun,” you laughed sarcastically as you looked up to Clark again. His attention was still taken by something else, and you nudged him to bring him back to reality. He blinked dazedly before looking down at you with a forced smile. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, just thought I saw something,” he told you softly.

“Did you want to check it out?” You asked, concern laced through your voice. “Is it a, um, superhero something?”

“No, it was nothing,” he promised with sincere eyes. He moved to press his lips against yours quickly and began to lead you back to a table.

“It’s beautiful in here,” you noted in awe as you sat down. Fairy lights danced across the ceiling, strung across the beams along with satin ribbon. Candlelight illuminated the room, showering it with an elegant quality that you had only seen in movies.

“I’ll go get us some drinks,” Clark said, placing a soft kiss to your forehead before leaving the table. You let out a frustrated sigh as you watched him become lost in the crowd, your eyes trailing down to the white tablecloth that was covered in a light dust of silver sparkles. It seemed like forever that you had been admiring the decorations in order to distract yourself from Clark’s absence when you finally looked around the room for him.

You felt your heart drop as your eyes landed on him talking to a beautiful woman with vibrant red hair. She was laughing at something he said, gladly accepting the drink he held out to her. He said something else and you could see the way that his eyes twinkled brightly at her. When you realized that he had no intention of returning to you any time soon, you began to head over to him.

“Where did you find the drinks?” You spoke up as you approached Clark with a sweet smile and dark eyes. You watched as he jumped lightly before turning to face you.

“I was just coming back over to you,” Clark told you softly, reaching to wrap an arm around your waist. Your slight recoil at his touch didn’t go unnoticed by him or the woman he was with.

“I’m Lois Lane,” the woman introduced herself with a dimpled smile as she stuck out her hand.

“Y/N Y/L/N,” you responded as you shook her hand quickly before dropping your hand back to your side. You had heard of Lois Lane from Clark and from her stories in the paper. He had talked about her briefly here and there, but each time you had felt your heart sting from the way he seemed so infatuated with her. You couldn’t deny the fact that she was a brilliant reporter, you always found yourself reading her stories right after Clark’s and marvelling at the way she could keep you at the edge of your seat no matter what she was writing about.

“Clark talks about you all the time,” she told you after a moment of awkward silence. “The way he talks about you… I know he never used to talk about me that way, I can tell that you guys are meant to be.”

“Thank you,” you told her, slowly moving away from Clark at her words. What did she mean he never used to talk about her that way?

“It was lovely talking to the both of you, but I have to finish making the rounds,” Lois said as she began to walk away. “Have a nice night!”

You and Clark responded with wishes for her to do the same. Once she was out of sight, you immediately bolted over to the bar in order to get away from Clark.

“Y/N, what’s going on?” He asked as he followed you, his hand grabbing softly onto your wrist before you pulled back.

“What did she mean that you never used to talk about her that way?” You seethed, leaning on the bar counter with a furious glare. Clark avoided eye contact, his head lowering as he stood in front of you with a guilty face.

“Lois and I were together before I met you,” he admitted, looking up at you through his glasses. “She helped me embrace the city and be confident with my writing. I owe her a lot; she helped convince Perry to publish my stories.”

“You look at her like you’re in love with her!” You exclaimed, catching the attention of a few people around you.

“I only love you!” He protested softly, moving foward. You stepped back, watching as hurt filled his face.

“I should go,” you stated, blinking back tears.

“Y/N, don’t-”

“It’s fine, have fun, we can talk later,” you told him sadly, walking away with a heavy heart.

It was about two in the morning when a knock at the door of your small apartment sent you flying out of your bed and racing to open it. You flung open the door and came face to face with the woman Clark hadn’t told you the truth about struggling to hold him up in the hallway.

“I’m so sorry, I know it’s late and I probably woke you up-”

“No, it’s fine,” you reassured her, moving to put one of his arms over your shoulders and help her get him to your room.

“Y/N,” Clark mumbled as you laid him on the bed.

“You stay here, I’ll be right back,” you ordered him as you left the room, Lois following closely behind you. Once in the living room, you turned to look at her with a thankful expression. “Thank you for bringing him here, it really means a lot.”

“Don’t even worry about it,” she said with a smile. “I just… I want you to know that there’s nothing going on between Clark and I. It was a long time ago, and it’s strictly platonic. He does mean a lot to me, though, I’d consider him to be one of my best friends.”

“How did you know-”

“He’s an emotional drunk,” she laughed. “I found at the bar sulking about how he thought he was losing you. He told me what you thought about him and I. Clark would never do that to you, Y/N.”

“I know,” you sighed, running a hand over your face. “It was that stupid green monster inside of me that made me think he would.”

“It happens to the best of us,” she told you, beginning to head to the door. “If you ever need anything, just let me know, alright?”

“I will,” you promised as she opened the door and began to walk out. “Thank you, Lois.”

With a final wave, you shut the door and quickly walked back to your bedroom where Clark was. You entered the room and a soft smile filled your face when you saw Clark sitting up in bed looking at the doorway.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered as you walked in and sat on the bed beside his legs. You gave him a confused look and took one of his hands in yours. “I should have told you about Lois, and I’m sorry for making you think I have feelings for her-”

You leaned foward and pressed a soft kiss to his lips. You let go of his hand so you could wrap your arms around the back of his neck and his own arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you on top of his lap.

“Don’t be sorry for anything,” you told him as you pulled apart and rested your forehead on his. You carefully took his glasses off and set them on the other side of the bed. “I got jealous when I should have trusted you.”

“I shouldn’t have given you a reason to be jealous,” he argued, trailing his fingers down your back.

“It happens,” you murmured, pressing your lips to his again quickly. You tasted the lingering bit of alcohol in his mouth and pulled away, his mouth chasing after yours before you gave in for a moment. “I think Lois is a really great person.”

“Y/N, you don’t have to talk about her if it bothers you.”

“It doesn’t bother me. After all, you said she helped your career, so I should be thankful for what she’s done. Besides, I think she could be a good friend.”

“You’d really be friends with me ex?”

“Weirder things have happened in my life, Clark, I mean, I am dating you,” you joked, letting out a squeal as he began to tickle your sides.

“I’m the weird one?” He laughed as he continued to tickle you. You merely nodded through your laughing, attempting to push yourself out of his arms. He stopped after a moment and pulled you close to him, burying his face in your neck. “I love you, Y/N.”

“I love you, too,” you whispered, running your hands through his hair as you calmed your heart. “Now go to sleep, you’re still drunk.”

Clark let out a laugh as you climbed off his lap and laid down beside him. His arms wrapped around your middle and pulled you close to him. While occasionally the two of you did fight, you always found each other again. As Lois said, the two of you were meant to be.

S/o working part time at a maid café feat. Eren, Mikasa and Reiner (AU)


• Unlike Reiner and Mikasa, he feels a little bit uncomfortable during his first visits. He may get used to it sometime, but he will always feel a little bit off in the first minutes he enters the café - until he sees you coming to his table to take his order.
• Eren normally couldn’t care less about clothes, but the first time he saw you in your maid/ butler outfit, his face turned red. He looked away to hide his blush and acted like it was nothing, but you could still see his beet red ears.
• Whenever you are busy taking other customer’s orders, he silently watches you from the corner of his eyes and admires how hard you work. Watching you doing your best causes him to fall in love with you even more.
• He always gets a little flustered when you call him “master” and everytime you do it, you have to remind him that it is a part of your job (During his first visits he wanted you to call him by his name, since he didn’t get the point of it). Even if he wouldn’t admit it, he doesn’t dislike the sound of it - not at all ;)
• It definitely bothers him a little bit when you call the other customers “master” too and that some of them stare at you too much. It takes him a lot of self- control to stay calm when some weird customer breaks the rules by e.g. taking a photo of you or by touching you, since the security would handle it anyway. However, when they take too long, he’s going to kick this customer out by himself.


• On the first time she visited your work place, she directly applied for a job as well => She is not letting you work in a place where you serve customers in an incredible cute maid/butler outfit alone, because you could get harassed by some of them.
• Don’t worry: She trusts you, but not the others. She loves you after all and therefore she is really overprotective. Plus: She gets to see you more often.
• She quickly became one of the most popular maids, since no customer has ever seen one with a super muscular body and exceptional strenght (she can carry literally towers of orders and serves really fast).
• Whenever someone is breaking the mentioned rules of the café, she throws them out without hesitation (she is taking care of your co-workers too, but especially of you).
•… which is why she is now part of the security as well.
• Everytime you have to carry a lot, she magically appears and takes most of it, so you only have to carry a small amount.


• The most frequent visiting regular customer - He enjoys seeing you in a maid/butler outfit and visits every day without exception. Your working hours are the funniest when he is there.
• Your co-workers know that he is your boyfriend and because of his outgoing nature he became popular among them really quick (especially among your female co-workers because of his noticeable muscles under his clothes)… While the other customers think he is just a perverted guy.
• He always compliments your outfit and can’t stop wanting to touch you… which is exactly why he gets almost thrown out nearly every single time he tries to do that => even as your boyfriend, he has to follow the café’s rules too! (At least when other customers are around)
• He usually orders rice omelette, on which you write something cheesy down with ketchup - his favorite way of teasing you.
• He loves it when you call him “master” and he will definitely ask you to do it again when you are at home ;)
• Sometimes he likes to drag poor Bertholdt along, who feels clearly uncomfortable to be in a maid café. But the latter wants to spend some time with his best friend and his s/o, which is why he still comes along.

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heeeeeeeyyyyyy can i get uhhhhhhhh lukas or python crush hcs?? thanks!! *rolls up to first window to pay*

Lukas and Python crush headcanons:

 Thirsty Note: *Rolls down the window* Here’s your order! 


  • Lukas is more of an admire from afar type of person. Once he notices that someone has caught his eye, he’s far too inexperienced to act upon his new desires, so he takes to just simply watching them without their notice. If you pay attention, it is very easy to see who he has taken a fancy to. He will get a faint blush on his cheeks and sigh softly, and the amazement in his eyes is something only few get to truly see.
  • Once Lukas finally decides that his feelings are there to stay, he will be straightforward with his crush and just let them know. He knows that this might be a once in a lifetime feeling for him, and he knows how harsh war can be; he may not be alive the next day.
  • Lukas is always very sincere when around his crush. Again, it’s a minor change in how he normally acts and only those who know him well enough can see the change in his actions. He will fidget a little (which he normally never does) and the faintest of smiles will always be across his face.
  • Lukas falls for every single aspect about a person. He will notice every quirk, every movement, absolutely everything about his crush, since he is a very observant person. He falls for it all and when he falls, he falls hard.
  • While it does take Lukas some time to really fall for someone, he knows it is truly something when he does. It isn’t easy to catch his eye and hold it, and to make him feel so many things at once, Lukas sometimes thinks that his crush is his own personal miracle.
  • One tell-tale sign that Lukas has fallen for someone is shown only during battle. He typically is a lone wolf on the field, being a brick wall of defense for his allies, but when he falls for that special someone he tends to linger closer to them. While this never distracts him from his duties on the field, he does make sure to be near if danger should ever strike his crush. Again, this is only something someone close to him notices (like Alm or Clive).
  • Let’s be real though, Lukas is a pure bean and wouldn’t know how to tell his crush that he had caught some type of feelings for them, so he just blurts it out. He’ll just lay it on them and wait for their answer.


  • Python likes to play off his crushes. Once he notices he’s feeling a certain way for someone, he likes to try and put a stop to it fast. He knows that catching feelings during a time of war is nothing but bad news, but the more he tries to deny his feelings, the stronger they grow.
  • Once Python understands that he can’t just make his feelings go away he figures he might as well try to win them over and have some fun. He’ll try his hardest to impress his crush and act like that cool, tough guy he likes to put on. Of course, him being Python, there will be some fails. Like at target practice, when he tries to act cool and impress his crush and hit a bulls eye and ends up completely missing, he always manages to play it off though.
  • Python loves to tease his crush. He’ll constantly pick on them and make crude jokes and comments towards them just to see them get worked up. He can’t help but take delight in them getting angry and copping an attitude towards him, he just finds it so cute. He also thinks it masks his feelings for that person but it only serves to make it more obvious to everyone else in the army.
  • While Python would prefer to keep his feelings to himself, the guys can see right through him. He always makes sure to thank them with a lovely middle finger though.
  • When Python crushes, he falls fairly quickly. He isn’t someone who normally gets true feelings for someone, he’s more of a onetime fling kind of guy, but when it starts to become more he can’t help but fully invest. He isn’t some mushy romantic either but he knows that a guy like him only gets one shot at something like that, and he fully intends to take it.
  • On the battlefield, Python always makes sure to cover his crushes back. He does it subtly, though everyone can tell because he never puts effort into anything but will go out of his way to aid his crush. He’ll follow them from behind and always makes sure to have his bow ready to fire at a seconds notice. That kind of effort from Python is just unheard of, and everyone but his crush seems to notice after some time.
Wonwoo x Reader

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I chose this gif just because he looks cute in it

Prompts: 40 & 44

“You know what? I wasn’t even surprised by that. I’m that used to you.”“EVERY TIME I SAY THAT YOU ALWAYS MAKE THE SAME PUN”

Genre: Fluffffffff

Requested by: @w-wicked-chips

“You’re late.” You spoke nonchalantly as you sipped your coffee.

You looked up at your boyfriend huffing and puffing, his hair disheveled probably from the run, “I know, Mingyu thought it would be funny to hide my glasses.”

“Yeah I know.” You showed him the text messages you received from Mingyu, pictures of him hiding in a closet with Wonwoo’s glasses were present in the text, “He explained you were gonna be late.”

Wonwoo sighs, “I swear to god I’m going to hit him one day.”

You laugh at his words and he excuses himself to order his drink. You admired the tall boy from your table, he was definitely more different than a year ago when you had met him. A bit taller, more lean, his hair shorter than before, and he stopped wearing sweatshirts and sweatpants everyday.

The memory of meeting him replayed in your mind. You actually never thought you would have fallen for the boy he was at the time. If you were to describe it, in a way he hated, it was like he was still in his emo teenage phase. Black sweatshirt and sweatpants, black shoes, messy hair almost covered his eyes. It’s a memory Wonwoo would like to forget.

“You’re thinking.” Wonwoo slides into his seat, “What are you thinking about.”

You smile at him, hands wrapped around the warmth of your coffee up, “A year ago…..”

“Oh no.”

“Hey. Let me finish.” You wait until he looks at you, “A year ago, you were so different.”

Wonwoo takes a sip of his drink, “I swear if you say something about the ‘emo teenage phase’ I’m breaking up with you.”

You slap his hand playfully with laughter slipping from your lips, “No. Stop. Let me finish. I was just thinking. I sometimes wonder just exactly how did you manage to get a date with me. I mean I was really focused on school and wanted nothing to do with relationships. You never told me how you did it.”

Wonwoo leaned in, “You really want to know.”

You leaned in also, “Tell me.”

He gave you a serious gaze, “I guess I just Wonwooed you.”

“EVERY TIME I SAY THAT YOU ALWAYS MAKE THE SAME PUN!” You fumed at the same response he had been giving you for the past year. Having enough of his cackling, you grab your drink and head out the door.

“Wait! Babe!” Wonwoo follows you out into the cold weather, “Come on you know I was just joking. You really wanna know.”

You stop walking, staring at him, you nod in response. Wonwoo steps closer, his height towering over you. He leans his head down, forehead bumping yours, noses brushing together, his lips taking in yours. It felt like an eternity before he pulled back, resting his head against yours.

He whispers, “I just Wooed you.”

Instead of fuming, an amused smile appears on your lips, “You know what? I wasn’t even surprised by that. I’m that used to you.”

Wonwoo take your hand into his, interlocking fingers, he listens to you talk about your day as you two walk to who knows where. His secret of that question sits in the back of his head, because in all honesty, it’s a mystery to him just as it is for you.

Send a number and a member (only Wonwoo and Seungcheol for now)

This will be a list of blogs in no particular order that I admire, stalk from afar or just enjoy seeing on my dash regardless of interaction or not…so lets dive into it.

The Baes: @aldrnaari, @alittlenotordinary, @castironloyalty, @aquamanandfriends, @castironloyalty, @lovesaidno, @notsogeniusgirls, @sanctusmilitis, @goddamndeadpool, @ifightforpelor, @supernaturalxkids, @inkdreamt, @whiskeysoakedmarionette, @strongerxtogetherx, @speedxandxnetflix, @kryptxnisms, @lightningandknives, @facetiious, @flyiingfromtheschool, @castlexwalls, @prcttyliics

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  • gf: I just want you to be you.
  • me: ???? who the fuck is that???

I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently and I can’t make up my mind… Which artistic movement do you guys think would have influenced Grantaire? Which would his work belong to, if any?

There are several prevalent movements that sort of overlap in the 1820′s-30′s like Neoclassicism, Romanticism and even maybe Realism.

While at first glance Neoclassicism may seem incompatible due to it’s cultural significance to 18th and 19th century France, that it was used as political propaganda, consider the awe that order and purpose inspire from him. The qualities he admires in Enjolras can be seen in the clean lines and forms. Take Jean-Baptiste Regnault’s ‘La Liberté ou la Mort’ for instance! It’s dramatic and dynamic but very still and composed. Serious, pure symbolism. The message is clear, the image is striking but the viewer feels detached. Also, as the name suggests, Neoclassicism deals heavily in the imagery of Greek and Roman mythology which we all know R is stepped in.

But, like, at the same time he might find that Romanticism strikes a chord within him. It’s dark, emotive, wild. The lines can be messy and the colors shockingly bright, there’s a freedom of composition and imbalance. His proclivity towards upheaval as well as his own inner turmoil might be attracted to this freedom and inner representation. Maybe Eugène Delacroix’s ‘Liberty Leading the People’ is too obvious a choice but look at the colors! The confusion! The conviction in some faces and the fear and doubt in others!

What are your thoughts?????

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How would Tyler bate be while taken you on a date

How would Tyler bate be while taking you on a date

Originally posted by totaldivasepisodes

~ Tyler would be extremely polite, he’d take you to a nice; but not overly fancy restaurant in England. 

~ When you arrived at the restaurant he’d do all the typical gentlemanly things, such as; open doors, pull out your seat, take your coat. Even establishing right at the beginning of the date he was covering the whole bill, no exceptions.

~ Throughout your date he’d be really chatty, always wanting to find out new things about you - oh and discussing the passion you both shared; wreslting of course. However, he wouldn’t talk about it too much in order to keep business separate from work.

~ He’d be constantly admiring you from the other side of the table, slipping in the sly compliments to make you blush; “you look beautiful sweetheart”, “that dress is gorgeous on you”. Things that many people would find cheesy, but things that made you smile.

~ Even though he was doing his utmost to remain a gentleman, your low neckline dress would be irresistibly intriguing to his wandering eyes as he’d often take peaks at your chest; marvelling at not only how beautiful you were; but how sexy too. 

~ Tyler would insist on you two sharing a desert, him sneakily ordering the waiter to have a cute message written on the plate in chocolate sauce, an action that would make your heart melt.

~ He’d feed you spoonfuls of the desert off of the spoon; his adorable childishness showing as he dotted the cream on your nose 

~ When the date was over (the bill all paid by Tyler obviously) you two would head back to your small apartment, throw off your dressy clothes and cuddle in front of a film until you both fell asleep.

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know any good stories about wwii ships?


USS Borie (DD-215): 

Borie was a part of USS Card (CVE-11)’s group during the Battle of the Atlantic. On 31 October, 1943, she spotted via sonar the submarine U-256, and depth charged her three times. An oil slick was spotted, prompting the signal, “SCRATCH ONE PIG BOAT - AM LOOKING FOR MORE.” However, U-256 survived with heavy damage and limped home. However, at 0143 the next day, she spotted the U-boat U-405. After a depth charge attack, U-405 surfaced, initiating a battle that must’ve seemed like a throwback to an earlier age. Using her spotlight, Borie engaged U-405 with her four-inchers and 20mms at a range of 360 metres. Her 20mm sweeped the deck of U-405 clean, while three four-inch shells destroyed U-405′s deck gun. Then, Borie rammed U-405, at which point the crews of both ships opened fire with small arms. Borie’s 4-inch guns couldn’t depress far enough to fire, while the sub’s machine guns could fire freely. However, Borie’s crew possessed small arms and the German gunners had no cover on board their boat.

Borie’s crew engaged with absolutely everything they had to keep the machine guns from being manned. And by everything, I mean everything. A German sailor was hit in the chest with a Very flare. At a key point in the fight, when Borie’s crew was running out of 20mm and small arms ammunition, two German sailors rushed out. One sailor was taken down by a thrown knife, while the other was knocked overboard when a gun captain threw an empty 4-inch shell casing at him. After the ships finally pulled away, Borie was able to land a hit on U-405 with her four-incher, dooming the submarine for good.

Unfortunately, the whole battle doomed Borie as well, as the aging ship was unable to withstand the strain of ramming a submarine in storming seas. She was sunk by a bomber from USS Card.

USS Harder (SS-257):

On Harder’s fourth war patrol, Harder rescued a pilot despite enemy snipers, boiling shoals, and her precarious position. Later, she sank the destroyer Ikazuchi. Then, on her fifth war patrol, she sank Minazuki and Hayanami. On 8 June, she sank Tanikaze, and a few days later, sank a fourth destroyer. her frequent attacks and a rash of enemy contact reports on this fleeting marauder so frightened Admiral Soemu Toyoda that he believed Tawi-Tawi surrounded by submarines. On her sixth and final war patrol, Harder sank frigates Matsuwa and Hibari, but she was later sunk by Japanese Patrol Boat No. 102, also known as the captured USS Stewart (DD-224).

USS Growler (SS-215): 

To quote a good friend: “SS-215 did not give a single atom of a fuck.”

On her first war patrol, she fired a salvo of torpedoes while on the surface at three destroyers, who responded with two torpedoes of their own. As the two torpedoes swished by either side of Growler, all of her torpedoes hit. The Japanese destroyer Arare was sunk, and the other two, Kasumi and Shiranui, were severely damaged.

On her fourth war patrol, Growler snuck inside of a convoy, and fired torpedoes at a range of 360 metres from a destroyer after launching torpedoes and sinking Chifuku Maru. Later, on 7 February, 1943, a gunboat turned to ram her. Growler turned to ram the gunboat instead. 

Commander Gilmore was grievously wounded by raking machine gun fire during this action, and despite not being in the sub, ordered for his XO to “take her down!”, leaving him to drown. For this action, he was the first submarine skipper to get the Medal of Honor. 

On her tenth patrol, Growler participated in a wolf pack. In a night surface attack, a destroyer (Shikinami) attempted to head-on ram Growler. The sub calmly fired a spread of torpedoes, leaving the destroyer heavily damaged, but still oncoming. Growler dodged, but at such a close distance the fire seared the paint on Growler’s bridge. 

USS Edsall (DD-219):

A Clemson-class destroyer like Borie, Edsall is the namesake of this blog. An old and rusty destroyer at the start of WWII, she participated in the sinking of the first full-size Japanese submarine of the war - I-124, with three Australian corvettes. Unfortunately, while depth charging another suspected submarine, her depth charge went off too close to Edsall and ruptured her stern plates. This brought her down to 26 knots, and left her as an option for a suicide mission: after Edsall rescued survivors from USS Langley, she was ordered to continue on to Tjilatjap to land 32 fighter pilots, who would then fight as infantry. She split off from her sister ship Whipple and the oiler Pecos, only to receive a distress call from Pecos a few hours later. Edsall responded to her distress call, but before she could rescue Pecos’ survivors, she ran into the Kido Butai - a force of two battleships, two heavy cruisers, and four carriers. Edsall was mistaken for a light cruiser, Marblehead-class, due to her four stacks. Edsall made as many maneuvers as possible, as her 26 knot speed meant she couldn’t outrun the Kido Butai. 

“[T]his enemy ship was extremely maneuverable, and repeated changing speeds and courses, and ran away like a Japanese dancing mouse.”

Edsall even managed to go on the offensive, narrowly missing the heavy cruiser Chikuma with a salvo of torpedoes, and opening four with her four-inch guns. 1,335 shells of between 6″ and 14″ caliber were fired at Edsall, with only one or two glancing hits. Vice Admiral Nagumo, enraged beyond belief, ordered an airstrike from his carriers. The 26 D3A Vals did their job, disabling Edsall. In one last act of defiance, small but nonetheless worthy of Melville, Edsall turned her bow to her attackers. 

“Towards thee I roll, thou all-destroying but unconquering whale.
To the last I grapple with thee.
From Hell’s heart I stab at thee.
For hate’s sake I spit my last breath at thee.”

Edsall lead the Kido Butai on a wild goose chase for two long hours, away from Pecos’ survivors. Though Pecos’ survivors wouldn’t understand until long after and were angry Edsall did not come to their rescue. However, Whipple, Edsall’s sister ship, was able to rescue the survivors without interference, thanks to Edsall’s sacrifice.

During her sinking, 90 seconds of film were shot from the heavy cruiser Tone, of which this picture was lifted from and modified to be used as propaganda. She was misidentified as “HMS Pope”, of which none exist. Only USS Pope - sunk on the same day, along with USS Houston, HMAS Perth,  HMS Exeter and Encounter - had that name. For sixty years, Edsall’s last photograph was thought to be a photograph of USS Pope.

USS Hoel, Heerman, Johnston, Samuel B. Roberts

Everyone knows this story. The Battle off Samar, featuring a group of small carriers and destroyers versus the largest ships of the Japanese navy. The Destroyer Escort That Fought Like A Battleship, I leave it to you to research the rest. It’s an amazing story.

HMS Acasta (H09):

Escorting HMS Glorious on 8 June 1940, along with sister ship Ardent, Acasta was engaged by two German pocket battleships, Scharnhorst and Gneisenau. Attempting to hide Glorious via laying smoke, Acasta managed several gun hits and a crippling torpedo strike on Scharnhorst, causing moderate damage to the much larger German vessel. After two hours of fighting, Acasta was sunk - and the German pocket battleships lowered their flags to half-mast in salute of her performance. 

HMS Glowworm (H92):

On the morning of 8 April, 1940, Glowworm was engaged by two German destroyers, Z11 and Z18. The pocket battleship Admiral Hipper came to assist the German destroyers, leaving Glowworm in an extremely bad spot.  Glowworm’s radio room, bridge, and forward 4.7-inch gun were all destroyed by Admiral Hipper, and then additional hits in the engine room, the captain’s day cabin, and finally the mast. When the mast crashed down, her wiring short circuited - causing her siren to emit a piercing shriek for the rest of Glowworm’s remaining life. Glowworm rammed Admiral Hipper just abaft of her anchor, breaking off Glowworm’s bow and scraping up the side of Hipper. At 1024, Glowworm’s boilers exploded, ending the ship for good.

HMS Campbeltown (I42): 

Campbeltown, originally a USN Clemson-class destroyer named Buchanan, was sold to the RN as part of the Destroyers for Bases Deal. While in drydock repairing, she was selected for a special mission - a mission to raid St. Nazaire, and destroy the only dock on the European Atlantic Coast big enough to hold the Germab battleship Tirpitz, the Normandie Dock. With a load of commandos and a flotilla of other small boats, and a belly full of 4.5 short tons of Amatol explosive. Ramming the Normandie Dock, Campbeltown’s commando complement launched the St. Nazaire raid, while she remained embedded in the drydock wall. Come morning, Campbeltown’s explosives went off - destroying the wall to the dock, killing dozens of German men who were searching the ship, and removing the Normandie dock from ever being used by the Nazis.

HMNZS Kiwi and Moa

Kiwi and Moa were sister ships - Bird-class minesweepers of the Royal New Zealand Navy. On 29 January, 1943, while off the coast of Guadalcanal, the two small ships detected a submarine. Launching depth charges, on the second run the submarine - Japanese Navy’s I-1 - surfaced. Kiwi and Moa engaged with 20mms and four-inch gun. The Kiwi in particular rammed the submarine three times, damaging the bow of Kiwi moderately and making the I-1′s skipper decide to try to use his superior speed to escape into the dark of night. Unfortunately for I-1, their escape route from the two minesweepers led them straight into a sandbar, sinking the ship. At a mere 923 tons full load, I-1 was more than twice the weight of Kiwi and Moa, at 2,135 tons. Kiwi and Moa were also half the length.

USS Houston and HMAS Perth

The last stand of these two ships was nothing short of amazing. Already damaged from a previous battle and nearly out of ammunition, Houston and Perth were sailing through the Sunda Strait when they discovered they had sailed straight into the heart of a Japanese task force without either side noticing until it was too late, a force of 78 ships - 58 being troopships. Without much ammunition and already damaged, the two ships fought like hell - soldiers on deck firing rifles and pistols to take out spotlights, when normal ammunition ran out practice ammunition and star shells were fired at the enemy, someone suggested firing potatoes. Five Japanese ships, four of them being troopships, were sunk by friendly fire. Perth and Houston did not survive the battle.

“Every single primary source, from her [Houston] log to Walter Winslow, mentions the state of her flag, caught in the Japanese searchlights, catching a breeze and flying defiantly from her mainmast just above the water: “ … a sudden breeze picked up the Stars and Stripes still firmly two blocked on the mainmast, and waved them in one last defiant gesture. Then with a tired shudder she vanished beneath the Java Sea.”

Tokyo Ghoul Novel 3 Ch 6 "Devil Ape" Full Translation

Enji, Kaya, and Yoshimura are all under-appreciated, but at least Enji has his own chapter. Now if we only had a Kaya chapter, or even better, an Eto chapter…

As always, this translation is unbeta’d. Please tell me if there are any mistakes, and I will correct it! Translation notes and observations are at the bottom, esp. regarding the name of Enji’s gang and Anteiku’s motto (not that anyone’s going to read it).

(Chapter Summary: All hail baking soda! Laugh the first half, cry the second.)

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CS ff: Fetch (1/1)

Pairing: Captain Swan

Rating: K-9 (you’ll get that bad joke in a sec… sorry!)

Summary: Emma is meeting Killian on the Jolly Roger to help him settle in and they are interrupted by a guest. 

Notes: This is a little fic for scribblecat27 in honor of her birthday! I could not have been happier to participate—Sarah has become very dear to me this year. Her support of my own brand of fan art has been invaluable to my success, and she’s also a riot. Happy Birthday to you, Sarah! Have some domestic!CS with a little dog shenanigans thrown in for good measure. 

Links: AO3 / FF.net

The Jolly Roger had only been safely moored in Storybrooke for a few hours when Killian moved out of Granny’s and back into his quarters aboard ship. He’d already turned away Smee and the remainder of his former crew, telling them his ship was no longer in the pirate business, and to go make something of themselves in this world. This information was less than pleasing to most of them, but he didn’t care. The Jolly Roger was his, and there would be no further discussion about it. Captain’s last order.

Blackbeard may not have had much respect for Killian, but, like any captain worth his salt, he did for his ship. Actual damage was nonexistent, but the lingering stench of the bastard was still clinging to the wood and sails, and he wanted it gone. Killian had spent the last couple of days cleaning and reorganizing, making it his own again, and checking to make sure nothing of value was missing.

Aside from removing all traces another person had captained the Jolly Roger, he wanted to make his home welcoming for Emma and perhaps discuss the possibility of her moving here, with him. Henry could have the crew’s quarters to himself when he wasn’t with Regina, and the three of them could have a place of their own. A happy ending, indeed.

“Ahoy, Captain! Permission to come aboard?” Emma called out.

Killian smiled at her use of ship etiquette, and climbed up the ladder to the freshly swabbed deck. He’d just finished washing up and changing out of his sweaty shirt after a full day of cleaning.

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Spock beaming down to a planet that expects him to bring his partner for reasons necessary for negotiations. Jim just stands up grinning in a my time has come sort of way as he goes to get matching customised wedding bands

An uncomfortable silence loomed in the captain’s quarters as Jim stared at the blank terminal screen. It persisted for what felt like an eternity while he pondered with pursed lips the additional orders that had just been issued to him from Admiral Komack. Finally, his eyes raised to Spock standing on the other side of his desk, and he got to his feet. He turned off the monitor and then his hands lifted to dock at his hips, just beneath the gold tunic.

Jim leaned his head back, peering at Spock. “Why?” His brows pulled inward, openly expressing his curiosity. “Why does Starfleet insist on complicating this process? I understand this is the way of Bynaus, but to impose that on Federation delegates…”

Spock was standing stiffly with his hands clasped behind his back. Once Jim trailed off, he stepped in. “The Bynars are said to live in pairs from the moment they are born. It appears they are never separated. Perhaps being approached by many will have adverse effects on our diplomatic efforts.”

Jim hummed, letting his eyes wander to the floor in thought for a moment. “Yes, I remember the intelligence report, Mister Spock.” He hadn’t uttered that in annoyance; rather, Jim was more pensive than anything. Their gazes met again. “So, Command believes they would be more receptive to only two of us arriving for the negotiations, instead of our usual team of five. Two on two, then.”

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"Out sick" zootopia Drabble #16

“Out Sick”

Judy rushed to Nick’s apartment as soon as she saw his message on her phone. He was sick, and with him being a fox, a simple cold could turn disastrous if not treated right away. She was carrying three plastic bags filled with remedies and food for Nick to try. It was a good thing that she didn’t have to come in to work that day. She climbed the metal staircase of his apartment complex. He lived in the most shady part of town, and Judy hated it. There was trash tossed about, vagabonds living in unsanitary conditions and shifty mammals peering out of broken blinds in their homes. Judy quickly located his apartment, and upon entering the cramped studio apartment cringed at the mess that greeted her. Locking the door behind, she saw unwashed clothes carelessly thrown on the wooden floor. The smell from the dirty clothes was horrendous to the point that she had to cover her nose to prevent herself from gagging.Making her way to his kitchen, she saw dirty grimy pots on his stove covered in grease, and stacks of unwashed dishes left on the counter next to the sink. The garbage was filled to the brim with fast food containers and packaging from microwavable meals. Judy couldn’t believe that he lived this way. She opened the door to his bedroom, and was immediately met with the sound of coughing.
She found Nick on his bed, buried under a pile of thick blankets. His eyes were closed, making her believe he was asleep. His face was flushed all the way up to his ears, and his breath came out as a wheeze. He let out a set of harsh coughs, causing Judy to quickly come up to him.

“Oh Nick, your cold is worse now…” She said gently. Setting the bags aside, she placed her paw on his head. She pulled away as if she had touched a hot stove. She dug into her bag and took out a washcloth, walked into the messy bathroom next to his room, and ran cold water over the cloth.
The moment the cool washcloth was placed on his head he let out a soft sigh.
He was sweating profusely, covering his pillow with sticky sweat as a result of the amount of blankets on top of him and his fever. With a toss, Judy removed the thick sheets. She grabbed a clean thin sheet from his closet and placed it down near his feet. She shook her head, finding him still dressed in his pants, Hawaiian shirt and tie. The smell of B.O stung her nostrils, making her retch. She opened his dresser beside his bed and found a clean blue pajama shirt.

“This will do.” she smiled, and gave him a glance. All she had to do was unbutton his shirt and give him the new- she suddenly wrung the shirt in her paws. A small blush grew as she thought about it. Undressing Nick? That seems a little….intimate.She shook her head. No, it’s not that weird, I’m just taking off his shirt. It smells! I can’t just let him continue wearing it.
With a deep breath and a clear head, she sat down at edge beside him, her fingers going to work. The buttons were easy to undo, though propping him up long enough to get his arms out of the shirt took some effort. Laying him back down on the bed and tossing his shirt to the floor, Judy realized that his torso was fully exposed, and her cheeks heated up at the fact. She placed her paws over her eyes instinctively.

Ugh come on Judy… She mentally told herself. You can do it, it’s not like you haven’t seen him shirtless before.

With a breath, she lowered her paws. She grabbed his pajama shirt and slowly put in his arms. It was like dressing a large doll, seeing as his arms laid limp for her to put in his sleeves. She tossed the thin sheet over him, covering all of him except his head and neck. She removed the wet washcloth and placed a paw on his forehead, feeling that his temperature had gone down a little bit.
Nick’s eyes opened halfway, and he peered up at Judy. She sweetly smiled down at him.

“Hey Nick, how are you feeling?” She whispered, running her fingers down his cheek. He stared at her as if he had never met her before. She raised her brow. “Nick…you okay? Are you hungry? I can make you some soup if you want.”

He blinked slowly at her and smacked his dry lips.

“Are you thirsty?” She asked, leaning down closer to him. “Does your throat hurt? I have some medicine.”

He closed his eyes, letting out a soft wheeze as he shook his head at her.

“No?…what do you want? I’m here to help, you know.”

He opened his mouth slightly. “S-soup…”

“Got it.” She placed the washcloth back on his forehead and left his side,grabbing one of the plastic bags and setting it on the kitchen counter. She had to vigorously scour a few pots to boil the broth and cook the noodles. In between the prep time she began to clean his disgusting studio. Like her fellow rabbits, Judy had a knack for cleanliness, and seemed to have an instinctive compulsion to fix anything that was out of order.
Sometime later, she admired her masterpiece, wiping sweat from her brow. The floor was shined, free from garbage and clothes. His shirts were washed, folded, and neatly put away, and the dirty dishes had been washed and put away in the cabinets. She even had had time to wipe and dust his furniture, making sure everything had a “shine” once he woke up.
She poured the vegetable soup into a small bowl, followed by the thin noodles. She carried the hot bowl underneath a cool plate to Nick.
Dry coughs came out of his mouth, causing him to weakly lift his neck in the hope of catching his breath. His head fell back on the pillow with a plop.

“Nick, I made you some vegetable soup.” She said gently, and he gave her the biggest scowl he could muster in his condition, which more resembled a small frown”, as he dislikes vegetables. She knew he hated eating vegetables, but when it came to a cold, helping him get the proper nutrients to aid his recovery was of the utmost importance. “At least try it…I promise you’ll like it.”
She stirred the soup with a silver spoon, making it cool enough for him to drink. She inched the spoon over to his mouth, making him sip the liquid. He swallowed and immediately began coughing. He made a retching noise, making her fear that he might discard his stomach contents all over the floor. She let out a sigh of relief once his head fell back on the pillow. She had to make him eat and drink plenty of fluids. She had always known that he had a weak immune system, but this was the first that a cold had left him weak and vulnerable. She gave him another spoonful and he took it willingly. He drank about half of the soup until he couldn’t lift his head anymore.
Judy set the soup aside and removed the washcloth.

“Get some rest, Nick…I’ll check on you later.” She pulled away from him, only to feel a weak hold around her wrist. She stopped and whirled back to Nick, wondering what else he might need. He glanced at her weakly and opened his mouth.

“…I love you.”

Judy eyes widened and her jaw suddenly went loose, resulting in a slight gape. On very rare occasions, depending on the mood of the situation, Nick uttered those three words to her. This was the third time that he had ever said it. She closed her mouth and placed his paw back on the bed. He closed his eyes, drifting off to sleep, failing to notice her small fingers stroking at his whiskers.

“I love you too….” she replied with a small smile.

dedicated to @obsessivegeekgirl13
who requested it, I hope you like it, and sorry for the long wait!
thank you obsessivegeekgirl13
for being my editor! ^_^

about the “war hero” line

Those of you who have also watched The Force Awakens upwards of a half-dozen times probably remember the line I’m referring to, where Finn and Rey realize they’re on the Millennium Falcom with Han Solo. I’ve heard a podcast or two mention how fitting it is that Rey recognizes Han as a smuggler rather than a key figure in the Rebellion, but by the look of things it seems I’m the first person to point out how interesting it is for Finn to immediately refer to him as a war hero.

Scope this passage in the junior novelization (from Finn’s perspective, immediately after Poe tells him why they’re going back to Jakku, referring to Luke Skywalker) - 

The name hung in the air like a ghost. A ghost everyone in the First Order, from the lowest tech to the most decorated admiral, had been taught to loathe.

Loathe, even! Obviously Luke is going to be the #1 villain from the FO’s perspective, but it’s a fair assumption that Han (or any other Empire-thwarting character of note) wouldn’t be given a glowing review from that particular propaganda machine.

By this point of the film (heck, by less than five minutes into it) we know that Finn’s not the typical stormtrooper, but it’s still a bit of a shock to hear literally the 9th and 10th words he says about Han (I pulled up the script and counted, y’all, don’t doubt that I did) be “war hero”.

There’s three major possible conclusions we can draw from this:

  • Finn’s decision not to shoot in the beginning represents a sudden reversal of his concept of good/evil, he determines that if the First Order is bad then people they singled out as particularly awful are actually pretty great.
  • Finn independently came to the conclusion that Han was a heroic figure even before running away, and has been keeping that definitely-not-Phasma-approved opinion to himself.

That second one’s less likely, considering his section in Before the Awakening where his main concerns about the First Order revolve around the unfair treatment of non-combatants rather than any ideological criticisms, but it leaves plenty of room for the third and IMHO most interesting possibility:

  • Finn, for an unknown but potentially very long amount of time, has followed the philosophy that “hero” is a relative term. Even when he adhered to the beliefs the First Order taught him he understood that, from other perspectives, people he was taught to see as “villains” would be seen as “heroes”. Upon flipping the First Order a TIE-Fighter-sized bird, he adjusts his own assessment of Han accordingly.

I don’t think future canon will address that line specifically (it was clearly just put in to set up Chewbacca’s amusing shrug-and-”yeah sure”), but if/when we get more insight into Finn prior to the events of TFA I really hope there’s an exploration of any of this stuff, because otherwise I’ve just written 400+ words about a single line in a movie, which is a much higher concentration of meta than my body can actually handle.