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have we never talked about how inconsistent the whole “trace” thing on underage wizards is throughout the series? so they say that magic can be detected in the area of an underage wizard, but not who actually performed the magic, so in the home of a wizarding family, such as the weasleys, it’s up to the parents to make sure their children are following this rule. because harry is the only wizard who lives in his home, the ministry had no reason to believe (because god forbid they actually look into things) that there was a house elf who performed a hover charm in chamber of secrets. but then in goblet of fire, arthur weasley shows up to the dursley’s house and performs magic, and there was no issue. again, in order of the phoenix, several members of the order show up with no trouble. but then in deathly hallows, they want to avoid using magic to remove harry from privet drive because of the trace. it honestly is super annoying and i just felt the need to point these inconsistencies out

feel free to chime in if ive missed anything or if you have an explanation

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