ordered a shirt with this on it

I’ve got ten Nigel outfits for hannidoll for sale!

Price: $30 (includes shirt/pants/cigarette prop)

USA $3
International $13

(All packages include insurance and a tracking number.)

To order please send me a message that includes
Number of sets you want
Email address you use for paypal

I’ll invoice you for the order. The outfits will take about one week to make and ship, and I’ll keep you updated on the progress.

If you have any questions feel free to ask 😊

If love has to be messy in order to be worth it then we were all the clothes on the floor each shirt and jeans and blue and lace underwear left out for weeks each marking our days like calendar - the weeks we spent kissing the lonely out of the crevices of our hands
If love has to be messy in order to be worth it then we were the Mountain Dew stain on the front seat of your car and the empty Arizona cans and receipt filled McDonald’s bags from music flowing through wind cut fingers and sticky apple pie kisses given at red lights -
if love has to be messy in order to be worth it we’re the “we’ll let them soak” pancake pans and bacon filled air with syrup kisses -
if love has to be messy then we’re the frantic laughing because we can’t reach the smoke detector and that’s the third time this week we’ve had to kiss through the black smoke
if love has to be messy in order to be worth it then we were sweaty 4 am moonlight
we we’re 7 am we still can’t sleep because of the acid - tossed and turn sheets
We were messy and passion filled left forgotten sweetness kissed between the thighs
We were dirty dishes and clothes thrown still echoing the laughter of the hands that kissed them off - surviving on strawberry pie kisses and the way you’d hold me when we’d sleep -
We were messy, we were careless, we were music filled laughter with party ballon lungs and a heart that can only sleep when you’re around -
we were messy full of unorganized hands and tangled breath under bedsheets
My god
we were messy
But oh god
we were enough.
—  Good thing we were a disaster - N.G.

anonymous asked:

i hope this isn't a weird question but i received one of your shirts in the mail and it smells really great. what kind of lotion or spray do you use? it smells like coconut. this is probably weird i'm so sorry.

sadlgkh IT’S NOT WEIRD DON’T WORRY you aren’t the first person to ask & i’m sure you won’t be the last LOL it’s pumpkin cupcake from bath & body works – i always get stuff on sale and i like using it when i print orders ;^)

The National were brilliant as always. I wanna go back. I wish I could go to all the shows. Also had really great seats with a fantastic view. Accidentally ordered too many shirts through the app but can never have too many fave band shirts. 💖💖💖.

Side note: There was what looked like specs of blood on the hotel room net curtain and I briefly wondered if I was gonna get murdered in the night but it’s all good.

non taylor stans: taylor swift is ripping off ACTUAL CHILDREN and making them buy seven THOUSAND dollars worth of merchandise in order to get a TINY CHANCE to buy OVERPRICED tickets to her FLOP of a tour and this is an act of EXTREME CAPITALIST VIOLENCE 

me, a taylor swift fan, clicking play on a 56 second video of taylor licking kale off of her shirt and joking that she’s a method actor, knowing that playing this video is helping me get one step closer to being able to buy reasonably priced tickets for taylor’s next tour instead of having to go through scalpers who would charge me 5 times the face value of that exact same ticket, being thankful that my fave has implemented a system that allows actual fans to have first access to her tour presale, all with the understanding that i don’t actually have to spend any money to do this:


someone needs to take this game away from me, all I’m making are eldritch horrors

#coffee #shop #fluff

Prompts: @imakeaesthetics
Authors: @queenofthyme

Sorry, I’m late,” Harry said as he hurriedly tied on his apron. “I swear it was the tube this - What? What’s wrong?”

Harry took in his boss’s expression and realised he wasn’t in trouble for being late. If anything, it was his boss that looked apologetic.

“I need you to train our new barista,” Tonks said, a weak smile not quite reaching her eyes.

“Of course,” Harry answered automatically. He had trained new staff before. It wasn’t too hard as long as the cafe wasn’t overrun with customers. And it was only a Tuesday. “Are they here yet?”

Tonks jerked an arm behind her and stepped to the side so Harry could see. Leaning on the counter by the cafe’s coffee machine was a tall, blonde-haired man with pointy features and long limbs. He was wearing the standard cafe apron over a three piece suit and a crisp white shirt secured with silver cufflinks. Despite the cups piling up next to the machine left by the register staff, he didn’t appear interested in fulfilling any orders.

“He’s…a little difficult,” Tonks explained, “But he’s my cousin and I promised his mother I’d get him a job. I’ve been trying to teach him but he’s testing my patience. Can you please take him off my hands so I can do some accounting? Please?”

Harry looked the man up and down. The phrase ‘fish out of water’ came to mind…“He doesn’t look like he needs a job.”

“He didn’t. Until last week. His parents were just jailed for fraud and embezzlement. They lost everything.”

Harry supposed he should feel sorry for the man, losing his parents, losing his money all in one go. But when the man stood there, with a snotty, disinterested expression, dressed in the most inappropriate clothes, that a month of Harry’s shifts still wouldn’t cover, it was hard to feel anything but resentment.

He sighed and nodded at Tonks. “I’l teach him,” he agreed.

Tonks actually jumped with relief - making Harry immediately regret his decision - and clapped Harry on the shoulder appreciatively before wasting no time in rushing back into the office in the cafe kitchens.

Harry took a deep breath and rolled his shoulders back. He could handle a snotty rich kid. He headed over quickly, conscious of the mounting coffee orders.  

“Hey, I’m Harry,” he said on approach, holding out a hand. The man stared at it, his expression unchanging. “This is the part where you tell me your name and we shake hands,” Harry prompted.

The man’s lip curled. “Malfoy. Draco Malfoy,” he said, still making no move to shake.

Harry lowered his hand, already understanding why Tonks had taken the opportunity to run away when she did. “So, what do you know about coffee?” He asked.

That got a reaction. The man - Draco - pushed off the counter and stood up straight, staring down at Harry pointedly. “I’m not a moron. I know how to make coffee.”

Harry blinked back up at Draco for a moment. He hadn’t noticed from afar how impossibly grey the man’s eyes were.

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