“We’re all part of the same ancient secret society. A group that transcends the divisions of the four nations.”
“The White Lotus has always been about philosophy and beauty and truth.”


Top 10 Avatar Groups (as voted by our followers) → #08: The Order of the White Lotus

“We’re all part of the same ancient secret society. A group that transcends the divisions of the 4 nations.”

16. Monk Gyatso founded the Order of the White Lotus in order to protect Aang from the factions of the Air Nomads who only wanted to turn him into a weapon against the Fire Nation. The Order died along with him when the Southern Air Temple was invaded. It remained dormant for a hundred years until a Fire General stumbled upon their meeting hall under the outskirts of Ba Sing Se, grief-stricken over the loss of his son and searching for a new purpose

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If I’m ever being a jerk, literally all you have to say is “You’re not being the person Uncle Iroh knows you can be.” And I will clean up my act right then and there.


Avatar challenge: Day eighteen- Favorite group: The Order of the White Lotus.

aahhh shiiiit. ohkay. soooo, i shouldnt have to explain why Iroh belongs in this group, like really. Bumi, i him in this group, although he seems all “crazy” and shit, he’s really wise and strong. Piandao..OH MY GOSH. I really do wish he was mentioned in the series more, at the end of The Sokkas master when he says “the art belongs to everyone, not just one nation” i literally shit my pants. I know i would love him just as much as Iroh, i thought that was so beautiful when he said that, so wise and shit. gaahh. Jeong-Jeong, i love this guy a lot, he sees the destruction in his element and he lfet the army thing, he’s wise and would have been a great teacher for Aang..but he was too impatient. at first i was like “da fuq is Pakku doing in this shit?! because i kept thinking about how sexist he was, but i wasnt thinking like him, he’s sexist because he wants to "maintain order” keep originality and blah blah, but then he met Katara and everything changed, and now i love the guy!

But anyway, i love this group, it was a hard one to pick, Azula, Ty Lee and Mai were pretty close too! :)

Avatar Course Collaboration // Earth Chakra

We are excited to share the first piece in a series of collaborations between incredible artists and Brown University students taking a course on Avatar.  This piece on the Earth Chakra was done by 1javier . If you are or know an artist interested in collaborating with us, send us an email at whitelotusfellowship@gmail.com and we look forward to working with you!

“Earth Chakra – Deals with Survival; Blocked by fear

As we all know, her parents considered her a weak little girl due to her blindness and they were afraid of her getting hurt. But when Toph ran away and got lost, she cried and was a scared little girl, the badger moles found her and she learned Earth bending. This moment, when she was kidnapped by the idiots her parents hired and placed in a metal coffin thing, was when she discovered metal bending, the epitome of her shedding away the scared little girl that her parents saw and fully becoming the awesome-ness that is Toph, the Greatest Earthbender in the world!” - Isa Javier

I bet Korra was a very lonely little kid. She learned she was the Avatar at a very young age, and got a lot of enjoyment out of bending. Other kids would either be really nice to her because she was the Avatar, or really mean to her because they were jealous. I bet after a while, she was glad to be out in the White Lotus compound, away from snide comments and giggles and fake friends. I bet she wondered if being the Avatar was really worth losing a childhood.

I’ve had this in my head for a few months. Glad I finally had the chance to work on it.

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The Gaang and the Old Masters

I got this idea a few weeks ago because this is one of my favourite moments, especially since I’d never noticed that Aang had tears in his eyes when he ran to hug Bumi until I saw a post about Aang crying (I believe the gifset was made by @avatarparallels?).

And when I rewatched “Sokka’s Master” on the 26th of November, I realized that most of the Gaang members formed some sort of a special bond with each of the Old Masters (who also happened to be great friends and members of the Order of the White Lotus). So I decided to make this a series, starting with Aang and Bumi, their most important trait being friendship.

Drawing Bumi (and his throne room) turned out to be really fun! Though his colours were giving me a headache since they were really bright due to the lighting in there. I toned them down a little. And Aang is a precious cupcake, okay? Okay.. Or wait, was he a cinnamon roll?

@avatarwindboy - Also.. Natalie, I saw that you’ve been feeling a bit down lately.. and I know how much you love seeing Aang and Bumi together. So I wanted to dedicate this piece to you, too. You’re my favourite Aang roleplay blog, you write amazing fanfiction, draw cool (animated) pictures and you deserve all the love you get. *sends hugs*

Various Lotus-themed Organizations in the AU
  • Red Lotus: criminal branch off of the Order of the White Lotus, wants to take down the various nations and have control of the Avatar (allied with the Black Lotus Society)
  • Orange Lotus Pagoda: giant airbending temple in Tibet; has both monks and nuns (accepts both airbenders and nonbenders)
  • Interfaith Shrine of the Yellow Lotus: interfaith center in Washington, D.C. that promotes peace between the various world religions and the Avatar (created during the 1930s by President F.D.R. to try and boost morale during the Great Depression)
  • Green Lotus Defenders: radical environmentalists mostly consisting of heavily tattooed airbenders
  • Blue Lotus Convent: headquarters in France with chapters worldwide; the nuns are waterbenders or have waterbender ancestry and chronicle the Avatars, their Teams, and their allies (including animal guides); also functions as orphanages/adoption agencies (as several past Avatars have come from the “bottom” of society)
  • Sanctuary of the Indigo Lotus: a series of safehouses for perseuted people seeking asylum such as political prisoners; have changed from tiny hostels to miniature cities (recent guests have been Assata Shakur and CeCe McDonald)
  • Violet Lotus University of Spiritual Causes and Avatar Studies: school built during the Islamic Golden Age under Avatar Mohammed; located in Cairo, Egypt
  • Order of the White Lotus: organization that serves the Avatar and the balance of the world in general; has stopped several wars and other disasters from happening; came up with new system to protect the Avatar while they train a few centuries ago
  • Black Lotus Society: anti-Avatar cult; front is a group of nonprofit organizations (allied with the Red Lotus)
  • The Eternal Golden Lotus Lodge: social club for (usually rich) benders only; maintains ties (secretly) with the Illuminati and other such groups