Top 10 Avatar Groups (as voted by our followers) → #08: The Order of the White Lotus

“We’re all part of the same ancient secret society. A group that transcends the divisions of the 4 nations.”


Disney/Avatar Mashup. 1

Water Bender Ariel

Airbender, Pocahontas

Snow White and the Seven Earth Benders

Firebender Princess Jasmine

Mulan of the Kyoshi Warriors

Disney Order of the White Lotus(Chief Powhatan: Master Airbender and High priest of the air nomads.

Maurice: Master earth/metal bender and lead inventor for the Earth King 

Merlin: Master Firebender and tea connoisseur. With his faithful messenger hawk/owl.

Fa Zhou: Master swordsman and sword maker.

King Triton: Master Water Bender and leader of the Northern Water Tribe.)

Swamp Bender Tiana

Princess Aurora of the Northern Water Tribe

Rapunzel of the Ancient Sun Warriors

Megara, Master of Throwing Daggers


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So some of you more hardcore avatar/korra fans will recognize what it is that I just got tattooed on my body. Some may think it strange and/or reckless to have a symbol from a cartoon tattooed but honestly… Avatar has impacted my life in a way that I never could have possibly imagined. This series is such a big part of me, and now I will always have a piece of it with me. <3

I think I made a good choice for my first tattoo, and I’ll take it as a good omen that it didn’t/doesn’t hurt!

We are part of a secret society dedicated to restoring freedom to the world. We are the Red Lotus. We are what the White Lotus was meant to be, but after the hundred year war the White Lotus lost it's true purpose. It's members came out of hiding and openly served the Avatar. They became nothing but glorified bodyguards who serve corrupt nations, so a great man name Zhai Bao broke from the White Lotus and he began his own society.