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devilangel657  asked:

In the Jedi docu series, what if someone decided to pull up council records or just viedo of qui gon jinn? So obi wan, mace are just remembering about him and pulling out the videos while being filmed. How does the net react to the maverick that just did 's the force told him so'? Also the faces mace did when you being him up... 'What did you do this time' with regret. Along with the exploits of jinn. Like 'what was the ridiculous or weird missions in the past'. Qui gon and obi wan win.

OK OK OK this is great, BUT ALSO THIS JUST MADE ME THINK: Jedi Order HOME MOVIE NIGHT. I don’t even care if this is in the documentary AU, I just want this to have been a thing that happened, like the GFFA equivalent of a grandma showing old home movies to people at a family reunion. Everyone gathered ‘round in the Temple (in the dark because we all know that even if it wasn’t movie night there’d be no lights on,) in their jammies, watching on a giant holo screen as Yoda queues up some of his favorites:

  • Tweenage Obi-Wan and Quinlan Vos showing off to the camera (Anakin laughs so hard at this – “oh my GOD master you were A BABY LOOK AT YOU!”)
  • Lots of cute creche footage (Plo yells out “It’s you, Little ‘Soka!” during one part and everyone awwwwws)
  • Yoda encouraging Mace Windu after his first saber lesson where he fell and chipped a tooth and cried (he is so embarrassed about all of this)
  • Dooku and his then-teenage Padawan Qui-Gon working in the gardens (everyone gets SO MISTY during any and all Qui-Gon footage)
  • The party Obi-Wan threw the day Anakin was knighted that most of them only remember parts of (what a party it was)