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Help I’m about to make a questionable life choice and pre-order Mass Effect: Andromedea.  Despite the release date being right in Hell Week and the fact I haven’t even managed to play Fallout 4 yet.

My dad is texting my mom despite there being a restraining order & said that he might be permanently disabled bc his leg surgery didn’t go well. he wants to come back home after the court hearing for the restraining order in a few weeks but I told my mom there’s no way in hell that’ll happen & that i don’t feel safe around him.

my aunt keeps saying not to pick sides & the thing is i haven’t picked sides, my dad is being abusive & i’ve tried to support him and deal with what i can, but it’s not in my mental capacity to do so - and frankly, i don’t want to. He’s never been there for me, and just because, yeah, he’s biologically my father, doesn’t mean he’s my dad.


Signal boost this: today is the LAST day you can sign up for Obamacare in order to get health insurance for the year

Last week, the Trump administration announced that they were rolling back advertising for Healthcare.gov, the website where U.S. citizens can sign up for Obamacare. So writers and celebrities started making their own ads for you to share so that everyone gets health insurance.

Gifs: Colton Dunn


I was hired to design and order “school spirit” t-shirts for a K-12 school. 

Client: Why are you ordering so many more of the medium and larger sizes?!

Me: …because most of our kids and parents we’ll be selling to wear these sizes?

Client: No, no, that won’t do! Order equal amounts of each size!

Me: But…

Client: Just do it.

Several weeks later…

Client: Why are there so many childrens’ small and extra small shirts left?!

but thanks for calling

Me: I have very high standards!
Everyone: -submits their fanart/fanfics-

I’m sorry. Not really. I just love all your fanarts.