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Special Requests (Peter Parker AU)

A/N: yES HONEY pizza delivery boy!peter is the best i love him and also Y/A is your address so ya ok (warning: crappy ending)

It has been a week since you ordered a pizza from Stark’s Pizza Shop and Peter wanted to see you again. 

Peter was getting bored of the pizza deliveries he’s done. Get the right address, take the money, then go back to the pizza shop. The customers never put something at least a little interesting in the special requests bar, nothing like giving him the opportunity to go slightly insane on the pizza. 

“Missing your Cute Boy Requester, Parker?” Sam teased him one Tuesday afternoon as he put a pizza box in Steve’s bag. Peter made a mistake of telling Sam and Bucky, the gossip queens they secretly were, what happened that night. He told Sam and Bucky about how you admitted that he didn’t get your request wrong and just how gorgeous you were. 

He was glad that he shut up the moment he realized he was talking too much, much to Sam and Bucky’s disappointment.

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THATRANDOMPROMPT recap [5/15 - 5/20]

Here are last week’s participants in no particular order:

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Thanks all for your participation last week! If you participated but don’t see your name up there please message me here or @thatrandompoet.

The prompt for this week will be up shortly!

Guinea pigs!

Hey everyone, I’m completely new to the world of piggies so I was hoping for some friendly advice/tips or literally anything you think I should know about them beforehand!! I’ve been doing my best to read up on them and watch plenty of videos but if you are knowledgeable on all things guinea pig…! please give me few words of wisdom :)!

Mainly I’d like to know what you think is the best food/bedding/hay brand!! Want my little guys to have the best :,).! I’m possibly getting two this week! I have already ordered a MASSIVE cage off of Amazon!

Thank you for your time :*

anonymous asked:

Hihi, I was just curious to know if you'd sent/shipped the Galaxy Cat orders yet. Thank you for being you, I love your art xx

Hi! Yep, I shipped everything long ago. But if you ordered it with an artbook then I shipped those orders last week.

The royal freak combi

Ugh I feel kinda down lately; pretty much because of school exams. BUT drawing my ship made me happier! :’) I really should draw more of my ships like OkiKagu, NaLu, BokuAka, GinHiji and so onnnn

Credit to the amazing KageHina artist for the pose:  (Wrong Direction)

anonymous asked:

Ahh sorry to ask but could you please draw furuta from tg, (your art is amazing I'd love to see him in your art style) thanks you Sm xx

hey i just want you to know i kept opening my laptop and this thing would pop up and scare the crap out of me

but thanks for calling