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This man has been coming through my drive thru at tbell like 3 times a week to order, I sh*t you not, 5 large diet pepsis and 3 large regular Pepsi. It comes out to like 18$ why are you spending that for soda please go buy a bottle or two. Its crazy to make when I'm alone, you know how many times I have to spin in a circle to make those drinks?? Like 3 times per soda man plz shoprite is across the street buy some bottles and save yourself the money and me the effort.




► “She can taste the failed attempt in her mouth, the bitterness at the back of her throat, the paralyzed tongue. She can see his cool blue eyes looking down at her, sardonic and amused, he who is rarely anything but elegant. She took the course on nuance, but he wrote the book.”

Barista Boy || Yoosung X MC

You waltzed into the coffee shop as you did every other morning. There was something different this time, though. This time, you were heartbroken.

“ Hey! What can I get you ” a quirky blonde at the register gleamed.

“ Can I get an Affogato ” you sighed, checking your phone to see if an apology text would spontaneously arrive.

“ Rough morning? ” the barista frowned, grabbing a mug and writing your order on a small tag that was attached by ribbon.

“ Rough week ” you laughed, earning one from the blonde as well, “ I’m just waiting for my friend to get off of work. I can’t wait to get on my computer and talk to him. ”

“ I totally understand. If I’m not at school, I’m gaming my days away. Today is my first day so I didn’t want to make a bad impression coming in with dark circles from staying up all night ” he brewed the coffee and pulled the ice-cream out of the freezer.

“ Ah, that explains why I’ve never seen you here before. I come every Saturday ” you sat at the bar, attempting to make small talk.

“ I think the last guy got fired for throwing an Irish coffee at his girlfriend. The nerve of some people ” the barista hissed.

“ I was that girlfriend. I am now that ex girlfriend ” you huffed, recalling the stinging sensation of the hot coffee and whiskey dripping down your torso.

“ I am so sorry. I hope I can make happier memories for you here ” blondie shook his head, spooning the ice-cream into the cup and drowning it with coffee. Once you finished your drink, he pulled out his wallet and put some cash in the register, “ On the house. You really deserve it. ”


“ I missed you ” you dragged out, adjusting your headset and signing onto LOLOL, “ How was work, cutie pie Yoosung? ”

“ It was great, MC! I met one of our regulars and she seemed really nice ” Yoosung giggled. God this boy was precious. “ How was your day? Are you feeling better? Has the wood troll spoken to you? ”

“ Everything’s been good. The evil wood troll has yet to return ” you sighed happily, wishing there were more guys out there like Yoosung. Once you told him about your ex, the two of you made jokes and began to refer to him as the ’ wood troll. ’

“ Let’s kick some ass! Seven offered up a raid before I left for work ” Yoosung declared. The two of you spent all day on LOLOL making jokes, kicking ass, and what not. Talking to him really made you feel at ease. Yoosung was your escape from the harsh reality. He never cared about what you look like or what city you live, he just wanted someone to play games with. Someone who would laugh with him and be his partner.

“ Yoosung! ” you cried, “ My computer is heating up! ”

“ Can you still call me? Pretty please? ” Yoosung begged.

“ Oh, of course ” you logged off of discord and shut down your computer. Dialing Yoosung dragged out for what seemed like forever before his lovely voice rang through your ear.

“ Thank you~ Talking to you makes me so happy. I want to meet you one day. ”

“ Yeah… maybe one day ” you grinned to yourself, realizing how much you liked this guy.

“ It’ll happen! You’re my best friend, MC. We’re bound to meet. ”

Ouch. Friend zoned.

“ You’re mine too ” you yawned.

“ MC, am I keeping you awake? ” Yoosung quizzed.

“ I’m keeping myself up. It’s one in the morning now~ ” you giggled.

“ Go to bed, my warrior princess. You did well tonight ” Yoosung cooed.

“ Thank you, guild master. You did excellent as always ” you played along.

“ Good night ”

“ Rest well, cutie. ”


The next morning came a bit too quickly. You decided on going back to the coffee shop to wake yourself up a little.

“ Oh hey! I thought you come on Saturday’s? ” the same blonde barista from yesterday spoke up.

“ I gotta wake myself up a bit. I stayed up pretty late ” you yawned, sitting at the bar.

“ What can I get for you this time? ” the cute barista quirked, leaning over the counter.

“ Flat white, please ” you ordered. The barista boy grinned and nodded.

“ So what game you play that keeps you up all night? ”

“ LOLOL. I’m number four in my server ” you stated proudly.

“ I’m number two in mine ” the boy stuck his tongue out playfully.

“ What’s your screen name? I’ll be sure to add you ” you quizzed, watching him take a toothpick to the coffee to make a heart.

“ Shooting Star Yoosung ”

Your jaw fell slack as the ever so familiar name fell from his lips.

“ You Leeroy Jenkins cunt! ”

“ Suck my water nymph! ”

The two of you burst into fits of laughter. You were happier than ever now that you knew your crush in person.

“ MC, am I dreaming? Pinch me ” Yoosung fixed his hair, a bright and beautiful smile remaining on his lips.

“ I’d rather hug you. Get over here ” you gestured. Yoosung emerged from behind the counter and wasted no time pulling you into his arms. Everything about this boy was soft, his voice, his smile, his laugh, and especially his embrace. You nuzzled further into him, never wanting to let go.

“ Let’s go somewhere after my shift, together ” Yoosung offered.

“ I actually can’t tell if your asking me on a date or to hang out ” you pulled away.

“ I-I mean… w-well….. if you wanna…. I mean… I like you…. um….. whatever you…. prefer- ”

“ Let’s go to the arcade. Like a date ” you cut off his stutters.

“ Sure thing, my warrior princess. ”

“ I’m glad I got to meet you, barista boy. ”

- Admin Taylor ( Not Revised )

Weekly goals

I am back on track and looking to stay that way. To help me out, some goal setting is in order.

- Walk at least 7,500 steps on week days.
- Walk at least 5,000 steps on the weekend.
- Drink at least 12 cups of water daily.
- Workout 3 days.
- Go to playgroup with my daughter 2 days.

I’ll post daily updates on how my day went.

Help I’m about to make a questionable life choice and pre-order Mass Effect: Andromedea.  Despite the release date being right in Hell Week and the fact I haven’t even managed to play Fallout 4 yet.

My dad is texting my mom despite there being a restraining order & said that he might be permanently disabled bc his leg surgery didn’t go well. he wants to come back home after the court hearing for the restraining order in a few weeks but I told my mom there’s no way in hell that’ll happen & that i don’t feel safe around him.

my aunt keeps saying not to pick sides & the thing is i haven’t picked sides, my dad is being abusive & i’ve tried to support him and deal with what i can, but it’s not in my mental capacity to do so - and frankly, i don’t want to. He’s never been there for me, and just because, yeah, he’s biologically my father, doesn’t mean he’s my dad.


Signal boost this: today is the LAST day you can sign up for Obamacare in order to get health insurance for the year

Last week, the Trump administration announced that they were rolling back advertising for Healthcare.gov, the website where U.S. citizens can sign up for Obamacare. So writers and celebrities started making their own ads for you to share so that everyone gets health insurance.

Gifs: Colton Dunn


I was hired to design and order “school spirit” t-shirts for a K-12 school. 

Client: Why are you ordering so many more of the medium and larger sizes?!

Me: …because most of our kids and parents we’ll be selling to wear these sizes?

Client: No, no, that won’t do! Order equal amounts of each size!

Me: But…

Client: Just do it.

Several weeks later…

Client: Why are there so many childrens’ small and extra small shirts left?!

but thanks for calling

Me: I have very high standards!
Everyone: -submits their fanart/fanfics-

I’m sorry. Not really. I just love all your fanarts.