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Hellos and New Starts Part 01

Draco Malfoy X Reader

Request: Nope

Warning: Torture. Fluff. Marriage talk? Fear

(AN: Takes place post wizarding war. Draco is smol bean. Haha… Next part is fun)

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Shyly, you placed a shaking hand into Draco’s, fighting the tears stinging your eyes. You had absolutely nothing in common with Narsissa or Lucius Malfoy except for your love for their son.

You were a Hufflepuff, a half-blood, a fighter on the light side. You and Draco’s love was strange and forbidden, but intimate and passionate, simple and classic. The same relationship that your grandpa and grandma had always had ever since you could remember.

Noticing your nerves, Draco squeezed your hand and kissed your neck, “They will adore you, Y/N… Fret not.” He whispered tenderly in you ear causing a small ghost of a smile to spread on your lips.

“This is me we are talking about Draco. Fretting is more of a hobby than something I do.” Chuckling, I laid against his shoulder while he knocked on the door, rubbing my hand as I took deep breaths in order to calm myself, knowing that it would most likely be his mother who would answer.

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