order of ontario

So stand up and be proud
And sing out very loud
We stand out from the crowd
‘Cause Canada’s really big!

Happy Canada Day ^_^

I thought this year I’d pay homage to one of the first fandoms I’ve been in and draw Canada and all the Provinces and Territories from the IAmMatthewian Project!

v0idchild  asked:

I got your light stimmer variety pack yesterday and I love it! The blossom pendant isn't that great for me personally, but the ufo and the dulcimer are both great! I got it 2 weeks after ordering (I'm in ontario/canada), which is pretty good in my opinion

Yay! I’m glad that 2 out of 3 are working for you. 

I tried to get some variety into the packages so people could discover what they like and I guess part of that is finding out what you don’t like too …