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i feel like lydia has always just been so thrown by stiles' affection for her bc it wasn't only based on looks, you know? like people say "she never gave him the time of day" but i just don't think she knew how to handle his feelings for her bc she didn't think she deserved them. he'd call her smart or say he believed in her and she'd look at him like she couldn't believe someone could think that of her. hopefully when she believes in herself a little more she can see herself the way he does.

ugh thank you anon for basically saying what everyone in the stydia fandom thinks and fails to explain


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Does no one get that maybe stiles and malia become a thing because lydia has never given him the time of day? Now another girl is showing him attention she wants him.

Just because I get it doesn’t mean I agree with it. And if we’re going there, let’s talk about how Lydia’s proven about 59580 times just how much she cares about Stiles. Randomly at the top of my head, the time she helped him stop his panic attack (I’m not even talking about her kissing him, I’m talking about seeing a friend in distress and not leaving them to fend for themselves), the time she risked her life to save him from a live flame, the time she faced Peter in order to learn more about her powers and try to save Stiles… I’m not going to go on here because there’s really no point. I’m just going to say that it’s completely unoriginal to go on a stydia-heavy blog and complain about people still thinking Stydia is real given what’s happening on the show. I don’t care if Stiles marries Malia, I’m still going to ship Stydia and think of ways they can become canon so

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Do you think stiles still loves Lydia? Cuz we haven't seen many signs of him still loving her since Malia. :-(

I don’t think feelings disappear overnight, but Stiles is discovering that he has other options than holding out for Lydia when she’s not showing any interest. I think Lydia’s on the verge of realizing that Stiles is the only constant in her life and that she should maybe give him a chance, and I’m pretty sure this will make Stiles question his decision to move on

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I finally figured out why I have such a pure loathing for Malia. She's basically a bad fanfic OC. Tragic bask-story that has no bearing on the character other than her saying she feels guilty but not acting like it aka "tragic back-story is tragic" She's perfectly sassy/snarky. She's conveniently a Hale/has powers. Is introduced and in her second episode has a connection with the fan favorite and they bone. Like, I've read better fanfic OC's than this. I've written better. So annoyed.

This so accurately describes how I feel about Malia it actually brings tears to my eyes.


If ya just want a temporary restrainin’ order, fill these out ‘n it’ll be ready in about 48 hours. If ya want a permanent one, I’ll get ya a court hearin’ 'n ya can use the temporary one 'til then. Ya don’t need a police report for these things, but they help, so lemme know if ya filed any complaints against the pony/ponies in question. Keep this thing on ya at all times when ya get it.

Miss Pearl, didja wanna consider suin’ for defamation, too?

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What do you think of Dylan's interview about Stiles not being bisexual?

Honestly, I never really thought Stiles was bisexual, and that’s not just cause I ship Stydia. Despite his lack of “experience” (well not really because 3B), he always seemed the most comfortable with his sexuality (he doesn’t mind pretending he’s gay to excuse his being out at a nightclub, he’s very touched when Danny offers to sleep with him), but his attraction to Lydia, and then Heather and Caitlin and Malia has proven that he’s very much into girls. But because he is so very open and comfortable with himself, I’m not scratching the possibility of him being attracted to a guy. He doesn’t really seem like the kind of guy to care what the sex is, he just likes the person, and so far, they’ve all been girls. What I’m trying to say is that he’s not a bisexual, that much is clear, but if a guy comes up later on the show that catches his attention - a that’s a big if - he wouldn’t have a problem going there.

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