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omg did you just say. Dad. Avvar. Cullen? *flails*

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Yes. I. Did. 

Like, you know

Dad avvar Cullen introducing his toddler to the holdbeast, helping them stand in front of him while he holds their hands so that a giant red lion can sniff them. “It’s okay, little one. Terava won’t hurt you.”


Dad avvar Cullen teaching his kids how to move silently through the underbrush of the forest so when they go raiding or hunting they’ll be quite as spirits. 


Dad avvar Cullen when he first finds out he’s going to be a father and getting super excited to teach Elena all about avvar pregnancy, childbirth and child rearing traditions and customs. 

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Love thy neighbor. Or hate them. Hate them so passionately you trim your hedges in the shape of ‘get fucked’ in hopes of ruining their day.

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