The Making Of Orcrist

The most iconic prop in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is arguably Orcrist, “Biter”, “The Goblin Cleaver”. The sword found by Thorin Oakenshield in the hoard of the troll brothers William, Tom and Bert.

Orcrist was launched recently as the fifth sword in Weta’s Master Swordsmith’s Collection and is available to order.

The sword and some of its design history features in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Chronicles: Art and Design, but we wanted to delve deeper. We therefore looked up concept designer Paul Tobin and Master Swordsmith Peter Lyon for a chat about how the sword was designed and made.

A commonly asked question on Facebook and various forums has been if the sword has been inspired by any particular type of sword.

Paul Tobin explains: “In terms of a classification of weapon, it’s probably closest to a falchion. However, the main reason for the blade shape is the need for a strong visual weight as it needs to look impressive in the hands of a bulky and potentially scaled down dwarf.

"If you take a sword like Glamdring, which is quite a slender blade, and while it looks fantastic in the hands of the tall slender wizard Gandalf, when you place it in the hands of a dwarf, it’s begins to look a bit like a rapier or large letter opener.”

“Although some argue Orcrist is the brother of Glamdring, this doesn’t necessarily mean they have to look the same, only that they perhaps are made by the same smith. Tolkien never actually described any swords in any technical detail, so a lot of interpretation has to be done”, Peter Lyon adds.

“So we started looking at Sting”, Paul continues. “There you have a wider blade and for the second round of designs, I drew heavily on that blade shape.”

“We needed a heavy blade with a good on-screen presence and although Orcrist is a single-edged blade, there are lots of similarities, like the hand guard - very similar to Sting.”

“Something there’s much discussion about online is the dragon’s tooth handle”, Peter interjects. “People are saying that there is no record in Tolkien’s work of a dragon being slain in earlier ages and therefore no way anyone could have a dragon’s tooth for a handle. But I guess you don’t actually have to kill a dragon to get hold of a tooth. Perhaps it was knocked out in battle and made its way to a smithy in Gondolin.”

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Dressed up like a Mirkwood-type elf for the Battle of the Five Armies release. complete with the Gondolin-made elvish sword Orcrist and a Thranduil-ish crown hand-made by my lovely girlfriend. Pictures taken in Vancouver WA by my girlfriend, edited by myself :P

Loved the movie but I’m a little sad we won’t be returning to Middle Earth. Long live Peter Jackson, my hero, for making these beautiful movies.


Proud to introduce my custom Mini Munny Thorin Oakenshield! :)

The amount of work behind this fellow was honestly huge! Just to provide an example, the tiles of his armor are entirely handmade one by one, and there’s 42 of them on his arms alone. :)

I tried to be as detailed and close to the original as possible. The belt buckle, coat pattern, boot tips & arm bracers mimic the outfit he wears in the movies, I used real metal beads for Thorin’s braids, and of course I gave him a tiny replica of his sword, Orcrist (which can be removed from his hand). 
The base I used is a 4 inch Kidrobot Mini Munny. 

Here is my original blog post with the full photoset:

While Thorin is available for sale here.

Hope you will like him! :)

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