Considering the 100% canon information… this is 99.9% likely to have happened. Drang would probably read something really confusing about magic or whatever, and Sturm would be hanging out with Orchis. Sometimes Sturm would hang around with Orchis and make Drang the subject of their experiments. I doubt he’d mind, and c’mon you can’t deny that this is cute.

Drinks in Egypt 🇪🇬 - Tea & Cocoa

Egypt adopted the custom of tea drinking from the Arabs and the Brits - tea is served with sugar, milk & lemon on the side. The strongest tea is the Bedouin, served in glasses. Shay bil na’na is popular, prepared from dried mint mixed with tea leaves and sugar.

Kakoow as in cocoa is a hot chocolate drink common in winter.

Karkaday is also very popular - people say that served hot, it calms the nerves. It’s red, made from native dried hibiscus flowers 🌺, and served either hot or cold.

There also is Sahlab made from crushed orchis mascula, sesame seeds, coconut, milk, and sugar, with nuts and raisins on top and served hot. Coffee shops have really good ones.