orchids prints

Fleurs des Îles Lointaines, Mers du Sud = Flowers of Disant Isles, South Seas
Paul Jacoulet (French; 1902–1960)
Woodcut (carver: Kentaro Maeda; printer: Yoshizo Onotera)


Guys look at how good i look here! I’m posting this everywhere because I love this photo!

also an orchid print so that i’m not massive


Thanks to advice from Rian Sygh and Annie Stoll, I’m starting a series of prints of terrariums with gold foil frames and maybe doing a pin or two to accompany them! Here are some sketches and WIPs of the first ones!

I’ll definitely have the prints for MoCCA (table 102, with Annie!) and miiight try to get some pins if I can wrangle them. Lemme know if you’d be interested!