orchids in time


Oncidium Tsiku Marguerite

It has a total of five spikes, and these super cute tiny little blooms smell just like vanilla >w< Unfortunately however, I believe this is a seedling of that cross, so it bloomed far more white and Twinkle-like than Tsiku Marguerite is supposed to. It still has a very faint pink blush in the center, and its so pretty, so I dont mind too much

Larry has been the only one out of the main 5 to not have a crush on anyone

Vanilla imperialis ‘DBG’ HCC/AOS

(Sub-Saharan Africa)

Many people don’t understand (or realize) that Vanilla is an orchid. Every time you enjoy your delicious vanilla “bean” ice cream you are actually eating cured orchid seed. Vanilla is a vining genus (a somewhat unique attribute among orchids) which will scramble up any host if given sufficient light and water. This particular species is the largest of the vanillas and its vine can be over 1″ in diameter with 8″ leaves and can get 60′ + long. The large rosettes of flowers usually appear at the top of the growths where they receive ample light and fresh air with individual flowers only lasting a day or two but produce flowers in succession over a few weeks at a time. These 6″ flowers were 12′ high in the rafters and required a large ladder to photograph. 


Part of my Gran’s actual planting area, it’s overwhelming! Will cover the anthurium/orchid area another time!

Another stunning submission! Your Gran’s plants are out of this world! She’s really created something great that’s awesome you enjoy it also!! Ps can you resubmit me the other photos by any chance I pressed delete instead of edit by accident. Thanks again!
Community Service

AU: Police (Park rangers count, right?)

Obi eyed the boots with suspicion. “I need these?”

Shirayuki, already buckling her waders on over her uniform, shrugged. “You can suit yourself, but you’ll want to throw out your shoes tonight if you don’t.”

Community service, they said. Assist the park ranger, they said. Nobody had said anything about hip boots. He eyed his jeans, his shoes, thought about how he really didn’t have the money to replace anything, and decided to trust the redhead. Boots it was. No matter how stupid he looked.

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The lovely girls from the tea house I work at have been getting together to have tea! This is our little Summer Picnic Tea party! On the East Fork Lewis River in Washington.

Check out my instagram for more tea time photos! https://instagram.com/teatime_withemma/

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number 2 for Shinran? i'm in love with all the fluff and the romance #crying

From this list of kiss prompts. | Filled Prompts

2 moving around while kissing, stumbling over things, pushing each other back against the wall/onto the bed

“Ran, I—”

“Shinichi, don’t.” Ran says, her voice quiet in the dim light. A full moon shines through the giant bay windows and bathes the hotel room in a soft pale glow. “It was a case. It’s always a case.”

“Ran,” Shinichi repeats, helpless, lost the way he always is around her. In but a look, she robs him of the ability to think. Oh, but she is gorgeous in her tattered white wedding dress. They’d had a western wedding, and the white lace of the bodice makes her look like an angel. Well, more so than she already is, in any case. She is glowing in the soft moonlight, even with her tear-stained cheeks. She picks at the hem of her dress. At some point in the frantic chase, she’d torn it on something, and it is stained with mud and filth. “I’m sorry,” is all he can say. She’s beautiful, even so.

“I’m tired of apologies. I'm​ tired of excuses,” she says, turning so he sees her in profile. Her full, heavy bust, trim waist, lean muscle that still makes him go weak in the knees. The curve of her hip as the dress flares into tulle, the veil blending almost perfectly in with it. She has fresh orchids in her hair; wilted now, but still gorgeous, the purple flowers bright against the off-white.  “I’m just tired, Shinichi.”

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Happy Lunar New Year ! 🍊🍊

Loads of people buy orchids during this time, here’s one of mine that I’ve had for a few months :) Proud of this baby cos it was flowering when I got it, and when that flowerstalk withered another one appeared (which you can see blooming happily now), and it’s got a little baby plantlet with its own flowerstalk starting to push out on the right 🌸

Here’s to good health and peaceful days and happy plants ! 🍀


wishing you
blooming flowers and success
in 10,000 things that you do, you will get your heart’s desire

(actually it’s metaphorically more like prosperity and status when the flowers bloom in spring, but there aren’t seasons here SO we shall all wish for flowers 🌸)