orchid sarong


GW2 Fashion week 1/? 

jumping on the bandwagon a little late but anyways, here’s my shiny mesmer Valariél

↳ Enameled Morning Glory, Wine, Shadow Purple, (Deep Glacial Sky) 

Set 1: Bunny Ears, Trickster’s Light Mantle, Trickster’s Light Vest, Primitive Handwraps, Carapace Leggings, Zodiac Shoes
Set 2: Devil’s Horns, Nightmare Court Mantle, Nightmare Court Robes, Nightmare Court Sarong, Orchid Boots
Set 3: Bunny Ears, Trickster’s Light Mantle, Zodiac Chest, Chaos Gloves, Zodiac Leggings, Zodiac Boots 

↳ Twilight, Chiroptophobia, Whisperblade, Wall of the Mists, The Anomaly, Nightmare Staff