orchid picture

the 99 on tumblr

Jake Peralta:
basically introduces the squad to tumblr. reblogs die hard gifs and shitposts, but sometimes tags amy in cute love text posts and images of animals cuddled together

Amy Santiago:
Her blog is full of aesthetic images of study spaces, vintage (gina calls it ‘grandma’) fashion and home decor. also reblogs essays on self-improvement and conflict resolution. reblogs love poems and tags jake in them.

Raymond Holt:
At first, he rarely uses tumblr, but after he finds science blogs, his blog is filled with pictured of orchids and scientific phenomena. also writes posts about being a cop. Amy likes and reblogs all of his posts.

Rosa Diaz:
Her blog is 98% pictures of cool knives and other deadly weapons, but sometimes she reposts pictures of cute animals. which she deletes 3 seconds later.

Gina Linetti:
She doesn’t use tumblr. twitter is all she needs; her large fanbase keeps her occupied.

Charles Boyle:
posts constantly. the entire squad has had to resort to blocking him. he reblogs cooking recipes and pictures of dogs that remind him of his dead dog who humped everything. also reblogs any photo with 2 people/animals in it, tagging it with “me and jake”

Terry Jeffords: reblogs inspirational quotes about family and love. also rants about yogurt and yogurt related issues, which charles sometimes reblogs. he started following workout and exercise motivation blogs, but then porn blogs started following him. he’s blocked 127 of them so far.

Kevin Cozner: oddly, kevin uses tumblr… he reblogs images of classic lit art and quotes from classical texts, his blog actually looks really aesthetic. the whole squad fawned over kevin and holt being sappy and romantic when kevin tagged raymond in a love quote. they’ve never interacted on tumblr since.

through the crows death card
ghost orchids did grow
seeding encyclopedias
of scattered dreams
& lost notes
where one memory
bled upon the next
until eternally worn
as moonlit stitched wings

~Cherokee Soul


Meet a few of my plants. I know this is silly but ever since I moved to Portland OR all I do in my free time is garden. I thought I’d share my other passion besides drawing. And They make great reference material. So feel free to draw them. 

I love lanterns and I love plants so I combined them, the top three plants hang in my kitchen window. I removed some of the glass panels and added a screen fixing patch in their place so the plant could grow out of the windows and so it could contain the dirt.  

The bunny container is cute and new. I planted it around christmas. It sits on the kitchen table with two little jades, a few cactus and a orchid (the fifth picture). The bunny container is from amazon. Here is a link. 


The sixth picture is of the plants in the bedroom window. The tall vine (pink jasmine) usually spends it’s time outside but I brought it in for the winter and it was very happy. 

The last two picture are of my H potter Terrarium.  Which is super happy and my Schefflera has quickly outgrown it’s container. I also put my kodama in there because I’m a nerd. I got the terrarium on amazon. Here is a link. 


I leave the top part open most of the time, because the other terrarium I have from H potter the Barrel Roof edwardian case, Tends to get mold really fast. I still am getting used to dealing with plants in such a closed off environment and I have not mastered it yet. XD

I have a lot of other plants in my work space and in the bathroom, plus the ones outside and as spring begins to show up in full swing I will share more. :)

After days of agonizing and fruitless swatching, the beginning of a new pullover is finally on my needles!! The yarn is luxuriously soft Plymouth Superwash Merino in a sea foam colour. Mom’s orchid merino (also pictured) is waiting to be knit up just like this! A pattern is in the works!! 💕 ~ Katya

Work-in-progress of a picture from the Witchcraft!AU which, depending on how I think things through, might end up being its own story someday!  For now, here’s a picture of Orchid Spell, hapuki‘s deer oc, as a flora-based magician giving Ickle some pointers.
(He’s probably helping her figure out how to grow tomatoes without Mudpie’s groundwater experiments destroying them.)

Also another thing to add–given the intense use of hands in witchcraft, I’m guessing that each user has some sort of growth/stain/derezzing. It’s a good way for magic users to tell who’s a user and who isn’t, and who uses what.

Nick took a long look at the cigarette he was holding, then slipped it in his mouth. No one made a sound as he lit it.

“Broke your streak,” Kelly said as he sat beside Zane and started working on the new bandage for his arm. “Twenty years.”

“Even condemned men get one last smoke,” Nick said, blowing a stream of fragrant smoke into the air.

Crash & Burn by Abigail Roux

The Mentalist series finale is airing in the UK on 30th April, here’s what it says in the Radio Times.

“There’s absolutely no point in watching these two final, back-to-back episodes unless you’re a fan of the show. But if you are, they’re irresistible, wrapping up the series with all the sweetness and wit that made it a global hit.

Showrunner Bruno Heller has an unusually secure grip on exactly what his quirky, real-seeming characters would and wouldn’t do. So as Patrick Jane goes after one last serial killer, just as his relationship with Teresa Lisbon reaches a crisis, we’re quietly confidant the emotional loose ends will be tied just as they should.

Meanwhile, there’s the prickly character comedy The Mentalist has always done so well (look out for a scene where Teresa goes clothes shopping with, of all people, Kimball Cho). But we’re also reminded of the tragedy that has been at the heart of the series: it always had a light touch, but it took us to the dark side.”