orchid nails

Sooo @thegoliathbeetle tagged me a while ago but I just noticed so I’m doing this now. Btw it’s the first time I actually do one of these bc I always found out way too late before.

Rules: answer 20 questions and tag 20 awesome followers you would like to know better.

Name: Christina(but in Greek)

Nickname: Crispy and a bunch of others

Birth month: February 19

Height: Uhh like, about 1,65 m

Ethnicity: Greek!

Orientation: Who knows? Not me anyways

Fruit: Grapes

Favorite season: Winter

Books: Oh man, this is really hard… I really don’t know which book is my favorite :/

Favorite flowers: Orchids! 

Favorite scent: Nail polish. It’s so addicting!

Favorite animals: I don’t think I’ll ever be able to chose.

Favorite beverages: It used to be coffee, but I drank so much of it while studying to get into university that I got sorta sick of it… So let’s just say lemonade for now.

Hours of sleep: 7 hours at most

Favorite fictional characters: APH ROMANO, Khun Agero Agniss from ToG, Kyoko Mogami from Skip Beat!, Damian Wayne from the Batman comics, Caroline Forbes from tvd, Rood Chrishi from Black Haze and MILLIONS OF OTHERS.

Number of blankets you sleep with: Just one is enough.

Dream trip: EVERYWHERE

Blog Created: I created this blog for my Hetalia needs when I entered the fandom, so about 2,5 years I think

Number of followers: 470

Tagging @schnano@heysoymilk @sarahwolverine @fairyfairypie @cillo89 and whoever else wants to do it!

I broke two nails and I hardly ever break a nail!  So, I chopped them way down. I’ve been very busy at worked and stressed it’s even taking a toll on my nails. Things should get better in March for me.  Anyway, this is stamping plate Pueen 91.  The gradient is with Sinful Colors Mint Apple and Rimmel Wild Orchid.