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The childhood friends of Masara Town/Pallet Town: Satoshi, Sayako, and Shigeru. Red, Blue, and Green.

Will be a photo found in Satoshi’s room in the comic.

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I know there's a Hawaiian tradition of wearing flowers on your ear and one side means single and the other means taken. Any more info about that? Is type of flower important? How about flowers in the leis. Any flower language involved there?

Hey Nonny,

Generally, a flower worn above the left ear is considered a sign that the woman is taken (in a relationship of any sort), and a flower worn on the right side implicates being available, albeit it doesn’t have to mean you’re also looking for someone, it just simply means single. While all sources agree that the ear and placement of the flower is important, there is never a specific flower mentioned. Given that, arguably any flower can be worn by your character. If they choose so while attending any type of major cultural or family event (like a wedding), they should look into the meanings the flowers might be given in association to the event taken place to avoid a faux pas.

Even if the tradition with its meaning doesn’t extend to men, wearing flowers in your hear isn’t exclusive to them and some men may choose to wear a flower simply for its fragrance or beauty.

Commonly a lei is considered a collection of flowers, or other materials, to be hung around the neck, but instead of wearing it like a necklace, a lei should be gently draped over the shoulders, hanging over both front and back.

While flower lei (always lei) are probably the most common, lei can be crafted out of many other materials including nuts, seeds, shells, feathers, fern and sometimes even bones and teeth of various animals. There is no limit to the material and creativity when it comes to making lei. Most commonly they are crafted out of plumeria, orchids, tuberose, ti leaf or kukui nuts.

There aren’t many rules to wearing a lei, and they’re not exactly rules either it’s more a form of an unspoken cultural custom. A lei can be worn by anyone, anytime. However, when offered it should never be refused, as a lei is viewed as a welcome celebration of one person’s affection for another, which in turn would make a refusal obviously quite rude. It is also considered rude to remove a lei in the presence of the person who gave it to you, the scale is quickly upgraded because in all technically this includes everyone present while they gave it to the recipient. The giver should remember to kiss the recipients cheek, while the recipient should generally wait till they are alone to remove the lei if that is not possible your character should be as discreet as possible about the removal.

One important thing should be added though, it is considered bad luck to gift a pregnant woman a closed lei, the florist or lei maker should be asked to open the lei in this case. An exchange of lei is also a common part of weddings.

Overall there seems to be no flower language in the same way it developed in the Victorian era involved (which also clearly was not involved any of the above), but there is still a cultural use of flowers with meanings, values and customs attached to them. Which in my opinion makes a flower language of its own.

- Mod Jana








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chanloot replied to your post “How long will my budgies live on a full seed diet? :(”

I have tried giving my budgie a huge range of fruit and vegetables and he turns his nose up at everything. The only fresh green he has ever eaten was my boyfriend’s orchid leaf! I give him dried greens on his food and he loves that. Wish he wasn’t such a fusspot!

It’s so frustrating when they refuse healthy food, isn’t it? I wish they understood it was for their benefit!

Now that you’ve found one thing your budgie likes, you can try and use that to your advantage to get him eating other things. Try cutting something like kale or broccoli really small and mixing it in with his serving of dried greens (just remember to remove it after a couple of hours). The colour is similar so hopefully he’ll end up eating them too while going for the dried stuff. Once he’ll eat that happily, sprinke some of it on top of something like mashed carrot, and see if he starts eating the carrot while getting his dried greens. Every time they accept something new, let them get used to it for a while, then maybe add a new ingredient to the mash.

A good thing I learned while getting my birds interested in veg, is to always feed treats from the same bowl at first, even other things like crumbled up millet or nutriberries. That way they learn the bowl means something tasty to eat, and they may be more likely to investigate if there are veggies in there instead. My budgies get excited when I bring over their little polka dot bowl, even before they know what’s in it, so it’s a great way of encouraging them to try new things!


my stuff from a cute lil haul with @freewaylifter

EO Grapefruit & Mint Body Lotion - $25
Jewel Leaf Orchid - $26
Shiseido Retino Vital Essence - $65.50
Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor (14 Seduction/12 Addiction) - $28.40
Cactus/Container - $6.75
MediHeal Dress Code sheet face mask x 3 - $9
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Total: $225.45

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Please tell me how you got a S on that rank I need one

sure thing it took me forever

i used another guide but i was missing a few pieces so i substituted them for different simple/pure things (and use the chinese classical tag if u can)
u can also use elegance, warm, and mature 

  • Hair: Lady Yan
  • Dress: Mulberry Leaf
  • Coat: Orchid Mist
  • Hosiery: Lunar Ripple
  • Shoes: Graceful Orchid
  • Make up: Swan of Innocence 
  • Head Acc: Warbler Whisper
  • Necklace: Jade Necklace
  • Bracelet: Moonstone Bracelet 
  • Held: Camellia Branch
  • Face: Talent’s View
  • Foreground: Lunar Fragrance 

and i used Smile (6), Picky Immune (5), Charming (5), and True Love (3)
THO she does use clock so u can replace Charming with Clock Immune