orchid jewelry

An Art Nouveau gold, plique-à-jour enamel, pearl and ruby pendant, by Georges Fouquet, circa 1898. The pendant designed as an orchid decorated with plique-à-jour enamel, centring a round faceted ruby, surrounded by four small pearls set to the anthers, mounted in yellow gold, suspended from a gold chain set with gems.

Mother's Day Gifts for the Signs.🎁
  • 💐Flower Bouquet:
  • Aries: Tulips.
  • Taurus: Lilies.
  • Gemini: Roses.
  • Cancer: Delphiniums.
  • Leo: Sunflowers.
  • Virgo: Daisies.
  • Libra: Hydrangeas.
  • Scorpio: Peonies.
  • Sagittarius: Carnations.
  • Capricorn: African Violets.
  • Aquarius: Orchids.
  • Pisces: Alstroemeria.
  • 💎Jewelry:
  • Aries: Bracelet with Carnelian.
  • Taurus: Lapis Lazuli and Diamonds Studs.
  • Gemini: Tiger's Eye Earrings.
  • Cancer: Moonstone Teardrop Ear Cuff.
  • Leo: Golden Amber Ring.
  • Virgo: Yellow Sapphire Bracelet.
  • Libra: Smoky Quartz Pendant.
  • Scorpio: Onyx Earrings.
  • Sagittarius: Turquoise, Opal and Diamond Ring.
  • Capricorn: Blue Chalcedony Charm.
  • Aquarius: Green Fluorite Earrings.
  • Pisces: Labradorite Earrings.
  • ⚗Perfumes:
  • Aries: Dior Diorissimo.
  • Taurus: Couture! Moschino.
  • Gemini: Tous Tous H2O.
  • Cancer: Gucci Guilty Gucci.
  • Leo: Obsession Sheer Calvin Klein.
  • Virgo: Miss Dior Chérie Christian Dior.
  • Libra: Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb La Vie en Rose.
  • Scorpio: Black Opium Yves Saint Laurent.
  • Sagittarius: Rose Essentielle Bvlgari.
  • Capricorn: Oscar Flor Oscar de la Renta.
  • Aquarius: Euphoria Calvin Klein.
  • Pisces: Ange Ou Démon Le Secret Givenchy.
  • 🛍... Or any of these:
  • Aries: Wine.
  • Taurus: Scented Candles.
  • Gemini: Phone Case.
  • Cancer: "Best Mom Ever" tee.
  • Leo: Makeup.
  • Virgo: Notepad.
  • Libra: Gift Card for her favorite shop.
  • Scorpio: Keychain.
  • Sagittarius: Photo Album of Family Vacations.
  • Capricorn: Alarm Clock.
  • Aquarius: Bike.
  • Pisces: Shoes.

I’ve been working on this orchid style for quite a while now and I’m very happy with the progress. This a custom pair of pink ivory plugs with brass orchids and peach moonstone. The petals all have subtle bends that are hard to capture in a photo but really mimic the look of a Phalaenopsis orchid, from the light backward bend at the tips of the top and side petals to the ‘lip,’ which protrudes outward from the bottom.

As a botany nerd, I would be delighted to make more of these pieces. If you have a love for orchids, please do email support@onetribe.nu and let’s have a chat about building you a pair of these unique, wonderful flowers.


Stylish storage solution for your sparkling statement necklaces. We love jewelry but wanted a fun way to display our must have accessories. Eliminate the dread tangled necklace with an easy DIY that adds a unique addition to your jewelry storage solution.

Create this inexpensive pop of style with 4 easy steps: Sand your hanger, paint (we heart Behr Majestic Orchid) and let dry. Once dry, measure out equal spacing and screw-in your 7/8" hooks. Now enjoy.

For almost $10, you can a few of these pretty meets functional storage solutions. What goes great with this project? A playlist. Get your weekend “To-Do” to a “Ta-Da” listening to our favorite songs this week:


I started with an orchid I made and then turned it into a pendant. I then had a play with some stones and plan to set a synthetic ruby in the orchid. More photos once the pendant is cast… :)