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Number 11- everlark of course 😊💜

Number 11 is : “Lavender? Plum? Violet? They’re all purple!”

So, here we go, @straw-flower :) Thank you for the prompt !!!

“Lavender? Plum? Violet? They’re all purple!” Katniss sighs, as she looks at the painting tubes in front of her. “I don’t even know what she wants… “

in front of her dozens of different shades of color are laying, a full set of rainbows ready to lit the whole store with their brightness.

“I can help you, maybe?”

The voice is rich, deep and so masculine it makes Katniss jump in surprise.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you..” the man adds, as she turns around to face him. She’s met by a pair of blue eyes, bluer than Prim’s, bluer than the sky on a spring day.

“Oh…” She’s left speechless by the warmth that radiates off of him. His curly blonde hair were a contrast to her dark mane, his fair skin the opposite of her olive tone, his smile the answer to her scowl. If two persons could be the exact opposites, it would be them.

Ying and Yang.

“I’m Peeta, by the way. Can I help you? You seem to struggle with what to pick?”

“Yeah, thank you, I could use some help….” She answers shyly.

He ends up explaining that Lavender is softer than plum, that violet is somewhere in between them, but that purple has a bit more red in it, and he thinks her sister would rather need orchid to finish her painting.

She follows his advice.

He gives her his card, with his number written on it when she agrees to go on a date with him.

Prim freaks out when she finally finds out Katniss dates the famous painter, Peeta Mellark.

Katniss doesn’t care.

She still tries to figure out the color of his eyes.

Hope you will like it :)
I’m always taking prompts :)

Change of plans! (And title, too). I had started a piece for @mores2sl based around Katniss as a street musician and Peeta as a street artist. While I plan on finishing that at some point, the muse went on a picnic and got distracted by THIS. Take that with a grain of salt as I’ve already done some hefty edits to it, but that is basically the first draft of the first chapter for what I’m hoping to finish in time for the August submission deadline. So here we go, another preview:

Spiral & Collision

SUMMARY: With all the empty space between planets and stars, one would think that two galaxies colliding is a fairly peaceful process. What if it’s not? What if life complicates the process as once distant planets become neighbors? Populations of species vanish. Others colonize new worlds. And some pick up arms against fellow living organisms as resources shift and change, become scarce. And humans…we take war with us everywhere we go…

Meridia: A planet caught between strictly adhered to ancient rituals and customs, and the questions and progress that inevitably follow scientific advancements, the people of Meridia have been fighting a war to protect their sovereignty and that of their neighboring systems for over sixty years. Peeta Mellark, one of three Crown Princes and the future General of Meridia returns home after sustaining a severe injury in combat, but he’s not allowed to stay for long as his father sends him back across the galaxy on an errand that promises to be far more difficult than he initially thought and will test his loyalty to family, king, and home.

Arcadia: A colony of humans on a vibrant planet, intent on protecting their freedoms and their valuable resources from falling into the hands of Coriolanus Snow, self-proclaimed emperor of two still merging galaxies. In a desperate attempt to push back and end the fight once and for all, the Lady Katniss Everdeen reluctantly agrees to what she believes is a marriage of convenience in exchange for troops and allegiance from the military might of Meridia. But just because she agreed to the marriage doesn’t mean she’ll go quietly. After all, it’s more than just her life affected by this arrangement.

WARNINGS: RATED E, for explicit sexual content, sci-fi themes and elements, violence, character deaths, arranged marriages and associated dubious consent and general fuckery, also polyamory. Oh and Peeta’s bisexual and there will be a few scenes of him with someone who is not Katniss. M/M, M/F, and M/M/F scenes. Don’t like, don’t read. Inspired by a word prompt: Agelast - A person who never laughs.

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"What the Hell is a Stiles?"

“Hey y/n!”
My body trembles in nervousness immediately at who that voice belongs to, the one and only Theo frickin’ Raeken.
“Y-yes,” I stutter out ignoring the squealing escaping my best friends mouth.
“2 things,” he breathes out still flustered from jogging across the hall, “One, are you seeing anyone and two, are you free tomorrow night?” Is this forreal, is Theo Raeken asking me out?! I stand there frozen, still replaying those words he just said because again, Theo Raeken is asking me out and two, I am seeing someone, I just don’t know who, sounds crazy right?
“No, she’s not seeing anyone,” Lydia replies to the green-eyed boy, “And yes she’s free tomorrow night. Pick her up at 8? Oh and a bouquet of orchids wouldn’t hurt,” she finishes, sending a gushing smile to me and Theo. I roll my eyes and turn my head in embarrassment; I could’ve answered for myself. “I’ll see you tomorrow at 8, princess,” the beautiful boy says as he winks at me. “Can’t wait,” I smirk at him as I turn to walk away dragging the annoying red head with me. “Lydia!” I snap at her while nudging her hard in the side as we, urm I, speed walk away from my supposedly date for tomorrow night.
“Ow, y/n what the hell was that for? And stop running!” She snaps back while yanking my arm to a halt. “I can’t believe you did that to me Lydia, that was so embarrassing,” I groan while yanking the roots of my hair in attempt to forget what just happened. “What’s your problem, you finally got a date with the boy you’ve been drooling over all year, which you almost screwed up on by staring at him as if he were a ghost,” she says casually.
“Yes. Theo’s attractive but I have a boyfriend,” I say assuredly.
“Oh y/n give it a rest. You don’t have a boyfriend. Now you have the opportunity to actually have a REAL boyfriend and he was about to back out. You should be thanking me that I saved you,” she says, flipping her fiery curls over her shoulder.
“Thanking you? Lydia you spoke for me! He probably thinks somethings wrong with me!”
“Well, you are the one claiming to have a boyfriend whom none of us have seen or can recall, not even you,” she says.
“Why did you have to say yes? You always do this you’re always making decisions for me!” I admit to her, a conversation well overdue.
“Y/n quit being dramatic!”
“I’m not being dramatic Lyds, you’re being controlling!”
“Controlling? Wow, you need to chill. You’re just feeling a lot of emotions right now, relax, everything will be fine,” she assures me as she grabs my hands and stares into y/e/c eyes. “Let’s hit the mall, find a new outfit that’ll make Theo’s mouth drop to the floor. Get our nails done, maybe some facials, get coffee? Come on you’ll feel better,” she says as she flattens my hair trying to tame it.
“See! This is what I’m talking about! You’re controlling!” I snap as I stop her hands from touching my hair feeling a little bad when sadness spreads across her face.
“Okay, we don’t have to go to the mall. We can go for a run, usually that calms you down,” she says yanking me towards the exit.
“Will you stop! You can’t make me do something I don’t want to! I yank my hand out of her grasp.
“Oh so you don’t want to go out with Theo?”
“No, and I’m not going,” I say standing tall to her, which doesn’t take much.
“What do you mean you’re not going? Yes you are,” she says sternly.
“I mean I, y/f/n y/l/n, will not be going on a date with Theo Raeken tomorrow,” I say back to her with the same tone.
“You’re so unbelievable! You cry and bitch for the whole year about being alone and now you have the chance to not be alone and you’re gonna back out for something this stupid!” She screams at me catching a few glares from students running late to practices or detention.
“No Lydia! You hate the fact that you can’t control my love life because I already have a boyfriend! Remember Stiles?”
That’s it! That’s him! That’s who I was supposed to remember! Stiles Stilinski, the honey hazel-eyed goof who had my heart ever since he offered me curly fries.
“Oh my goodness, Lydia! That’s him! Stiles is whose missing!” I say full of happiness as I hug her tight and pull out my phone to text the rest of the pack to meet at my house.
“Come on, we gotta go!” I say excitedly as I grab her hand and run down the hall and out the school, the red head surprisingly quiet.
We get to my car and quickly get in, I put the key in the ignition.
“Yeah, Lyds?” I say briefly looking up at her.

“What the hell is a Stiles?”

Can’t Use Plain English

Back when Mike left law for investment banking, he teased Harvey for not sending flowers to celebrate his new office.

Years later, Mike returns to Pearson Specter Litt, finally freed from jail and the burden of fraud. He finds a gift waiting in his office.

Mike enters Harvey’s— his office on Monday morning and finds it strangely empty, now stripped of signed basketballs and vintage records. Yet a burst of color catches his eye.

He turns to the coffee table and sees a smooth glass vase. It holds a single green stem, twined around a straight rod and tied to it for support. At the top blooms a cascade of flowers that curve the stem down with their weight, the petals shining gold at their centers before deepening into magenta. He reaches out to feel a frilled petal and finds it delicate yet undeniably substantial between his fingertips—

“Glad to be back?”

Mike whips around to see Harvey leaning by the door, his smile a touch too soft for a smirk. “You remembered.”

“Of course I did. You wouldn’t shut up back when you ran off with Sidwell, so I cut you off early this time and ordered your goddamn flowers.”

Mike chuckles at those memories, still exquisitely clear in his mind. “You mean you had Donna order me flowers.”

“No, that present right there’s all mine.”  

Mike pauses. “Wait, really?”



Harvey gives an exaggerated sigh. “You didn’t just ask me for flowers, Mike, you asked me for orchids. Repeatedly. Eventually I got curious enough—” his eyes take on a predatory gleam— “to do more research.”

“Maybe I just like orchids.”

“I asked Donna, who asked Rachel, and none of us have heard you mention orchids anytime else. So no, you don’t care about just any orchids, Mike. Fortunately,  those—  ” he gestures at his present— “are not just any orchids.”

“They’re beautiful, obviously, but I don’t see what’s special about them …” Mike trails off, considering.

“Out of curiosity, I Googled the symbolism behind orchids— turns out flower meanings are a giant, contradictory disaster, and I don’t see why people can’t use plain English for their messages,” Harvey explains with a huff. “According to one source of arguable credibility, purple orchids represent admiration and respect, and yellow orchids stand for friendship, fresh starts—”

“So you got me purple-and-yellow orchids,” he finishes. “Wow, Harvey, that’s—”

“I’m not done,” he says, and Mike’s mouth snaps shut. “Sure, kid, I got you orchids in appropriate colors, and you’re welcome. But you never asked for a specific color in the first place. Throw in the fact that you don’t care about orchids unless I’m giving them to you, and I have to conclude that your subconscious wants any and all orchids, to hell with the color. You just care that those orchids are  mine.”

Mike’s breath catches.

“I learned a lot of things from that Google search, Mike,” Harvey plows on. “Wanna tell me where the name ‘orchid’ comes from?”

“Ancient Greek.”

“Be more specific.”

Mike groans. “The word ‘orchis.’”




“Testicle.” He mumbles the answer.

“Damn right.” And now the grin Harvey’s been restraining bursts forth as he declares, “Feel free to enjoy those orchids however you want. After all, you’ve been begging for them for years.”

He starts to go, leaving Mike flushed magenta himself—


He turns back. “Yes?”

“I read that in Victorian times suitors sent orchids as part of courtship rituals, to show their affection,” Mike says, raising his chin to meet Harvey’s gaze, wearing an increasingly cheeky smile. “The more expensive the flower, the deeper their love.”

Harvey’s own smile fades, and he raises his eyebrows. “Is that so?”

Mike nods, suddenly unsure of what to expect. He certainly doesn’t expect Harvey’s eyes to darken as he remembers Rachel, as he readies himself to dismiss the flowers as a costly but tasteless, meaningless joke …

“Well, Mike,” he at last murmurs, “I’m sure it’s just coincidence that those are the most expensive orchids in Manhattan.”

Harvey strides out of the office without another word.

Straight from New York Fashion Week. Hot off the Divergent movie set. The latest from the Color of the Year collection. Sephora Hot Now rounds up beauty’s most wanted and buzzworthy.   

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Dr. Dennis Gross / Clinical Concentrate Boosters™

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Perricone MD / Chloro Plasma

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Bumble and bumble / Cityswept Finish

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Bite Beauty / Matte Crème Lip Crayon

Lush, modern, feminine—and irresistibly versatile. Inspire your beauty with the year’s most covetable new color and discover ravishing ways to wear it now.

on a base of Shade 1 from the Cream dream quad of the eye: Radiant Femme Artistry Palette from lids to brows. BLEND Shade 2 up to the creases and along
the lower lash lines. BRUSH Radiant Orchid shadow over the outer half of the lids, blending outward and upward. LAYER Shade 3 along the lower lash lines, softly shading upward to diffuse the Radiant Orchid. FINISH by blending Shade 4 over Radiant Orchid
and into the browbones.

DAB Ravishing dew Cream blush onto the apples of the cheeks, buffing color in a circular motion upward and outward along the cheekbones. REPEAT, this time diffusing color into the hollows of the cheeks.

lips for vivid color by exfoliating with a lip scrub. Wipe off excess and smooth on a hydrating lip balm. SKETCH on a saturated base of Radiant Rush Matte Lipstick. Start at the edges and work your way in, using a lip brush to distribute pigment and perfect the lip line.

The Sephora + Pantone Radiant Orchid collection will be available in store and online 3.13.14. Find it here ▸