me: *takes deep breath*

me: i-

everyone within a 12 mile radius: love dear evan hansen. we know. you feel like it’s changed your entire perspective on the world. you love that it has really good mental illness representation. we know. it’s all you care about. you love the cast as if they were your own children. ben platt is the light of your life. we KNOW you would sell both your kidneys to go to new york and see it. we get it, you could go on about any one of the characters for 87 hours without stopping. we understand that you love the complexity and depth of the plot. we get it, the songs are playing nonstop in your head and you’re obsessed with the orchestrations. we understand that it’s all you want to talk about and it has been for months now. yes. we know. we get it. YOU LOVE DEAR EVAN HANSEN. WE KNOW. 

be still my heart
don’t let sadness
flow in ever beat
don’t let it orchestrate
a frantic pattern of anxiousness
you are bigger than the pulls and tugs
louder than the sounds of your doubts
time is a melodic, uneven spell
and you will listen when you’ve stopped your worried self

I went to a Sonata Sinfonica concert with a friend and it was the most magical experience ever. The Symphony orchestra of Oulu played Sonata Arctica songs as orchestral versions with Tony Kakko. I heard so many songs that I could only dream of hearing live such as Deathaura, White Pearl Black Oceans part II, Larger than Life and Everything fades to grey (it has been an intro on their gigs but always playback). And White Pearl Black Oceans as an orchestral version as well, which was absolutely epic. One of the greatest songs ever.

It was just so amazing to hear all these songs as different versions and so many songs felt like “this is how they are meant to be played”. The symphonic aspect is so prominent in many of Sonata’s songs that this concert was definitely a success.

Oh man, I still get emotional when I think of the show. It was fantastic. A dream come true for many for sure.

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Do you think that Aro does regular 'checks' on the guards, like every few months or so he reads their mind to make sure that they aren't up to anything suspicious or does he just read their mind when he needs to.

I definitely think that Aro makes a point of reading his guards’ minds every few months, although he doesn’t treat it like a formal inspection. Just a request that could come at any time and that they can’t refuse, as if that were any better. 

In the case of Jane and Alec, he doesn’t really need to orchestrate an opportunity to monitor them. He hold their hands and pats their backs or their heads casually, so he’s almost constantly aware of their thoughts. Renata and Corin are shy, so they give him their hands often as a means of self-expression. With Heidi and Demetri– both of whom are quite smart and not perfectly loyal– Aro doesn’t mess around. He extends his hand and makes no pretence as to what he’s doing or what he wants from them. The giftless guards are monitored less frequently, but again, Aro doesn’t really hide what he’s doing when he asks for their hands. 

(When I read NM, I thought it was rather ingenious for Aro to kiss Jane. Whatever she got out of the gesture, he received full access to her mind, I reasoned. But then, Kate implies in BD that Aro’s gift is restricted to his palms, shooting that theory down. Which sucks, because I kind of liked the idea of Aro figuring out what sort of physical affirmation the people around him like and then exploiting that knowledge.)

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Artist question 3 & 12! Love, Foxy (I hope you're having a wonderful week!!)

thank you foxy!! i hop you do as well :D thanks for asking cutie <3

3. what song(s) do you listen to when you do art?

honestly, this depends on what im drawing but usually I will listen to legend of zelda, in love with a ghost, and light orchestral playlists! more of the soothing music I guess :D

12. draw one of your favorite characters in 15 seconds.

omgg of all time?? hold on–

CRAP THAT’S NOT ENOUGH TIME OMG ugh i tred to draw chat noir but it didn’t work out so well xD

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Analogue memories: a little bit of Richard Robbins’ gorgeous, award-winning orchestral soundtrack for Maurice (James Ivory, 1987) playing on vinyl.


What if Asriel lived and developed his magic?  Hope you guys enjoy!  Sound Design done by Strelok, and music done by Sully Orchestrations and animation done by me.

Sully Orchestration: https://www.youtube.com/user/comeonfhqwhgads1
Strelok:  https://www.youtube.com/user/carmelo580

Flute news - Circular flute

So I just saw a photo on facebook of what I thought to be something done on photoshop…

What  you are seeing is in fact real… four flutists playing a circular flute with a woman dancing in the middle… That was the rehearsal and this is the performance:

Looks like some kind of Pagan ritual
and here are what the flutes look like:

So now the question is:  :) What are your thoughts?


Hot dang…

An incredible orchestrated medley of Undertale songs that resurrected this blog from the dead.  Exquisite arrangement with beautiful playing.  Toby Fox himself tweeted about it on Twitter.  

0:04 - Determination (speech intro)
1:07 - Spear of Justice
2:47 - sans.
3:32 - Papyrus (Bonetrousle)
4:32 - Bergentrückung / Asgore
5:45 - Toriel (Heartache)
6:39 - Asgore (reprise)

I have no words to say except that I love pretty much everything about this, and I highly recommend you give this a try if you like good things.  It’s a little on the longer side.  It is well worth the length.

Also the second half of the song is quite possibly my favorite Undertale performance of all time.  It’s at least top five.

when you’re so busy thinking about not missing your entrance that you miss your entrance.

perhaps one day for @thedisdainfullysilentvisitor


Emotional Steven Universe episodes come out so fast I can’t draw fanart of it quickly enough !!  This one though… Wow…. _(:‘3 」∠)_