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I'm sorry,,,but STOP. YURI ON ICE DOESN'T DESERVE ALL ITS AWARDS ITS A SHITTY SHOW FOR FANGIRLS TO NOSBLEED ABOUT HOT YAOIZ!!!!1! literally the only reason it won b/c of all of its fujoshis and ur just one of them,,,

I don’t know about you, buddy, but unless you know, this anime was basically given a low-ass budget, had to go through hell to get greenlit, and then got popular.
Part of the reason is the healthy, beautiful, and consensual same-sex relationship (which, by the way, is not yaoi), and other reasons include the beautifully orchestrated OST, the non-stereotyped representation of POC, how the show humanizes every character in the end of just 12 episodes, the gender-fluidity of the characters. and how mental health is treated with actual respect. 
If you’re one of those fans who are yelling about how it won ‘best animation’, here’s some insight on how hard it was to animate (part of the reason why so many companies turned the idea down). 

22 skating programs. That’s already thousands and thousands of frames.  Given the lack of downtime in between competitions (episode 6 on must have been hell), the animators had to constantly be drawing these programs. Combine that with Yuri on Ice’s low budget and lack of time- of course it’s going to look a bit distorted. Yet it still managed to make the skating scenes presentable, and and even enjoyable, to the point where many ice skaters are able to recreate the choreography. Honestly, as someone who’s tried to animate,I can say that the animators really deserve some respect.
Should they have won? Maybe not. Did they? Yes. Should you go yell at a fan because of it? No and honey, you need to chill

You make it sound as if it’s only young females that watch this show. Like, it’s not as if a multitude of professional ice skaters such as Johnny Weir, Evgenia Mendvedva, Denis Ten, Michael Martinez, Stephane Lambiel, Deniss Vasiljevs, and Evgeni Plushenko and so many others have tweeted about it, some even spamming their followers about this anime. South Park referenced Yuri on Ice. The amount of men in places such as Indonesia and Malaysia, with a bit of a warped vision about homosexuality, stating that the show had opened their eyes and made same sex love look not so taboo.
So, just fangirls now?

Maybe, the reason why Yuri on Ice won was because of its way of drawing non-anime fans into appreciating anime because of its realism. Because it had an OST that was more than memorable. Because the POC were represented so well (especially with characters like Phichit, Otabek, Leo, etc.) and were normalized, instead of treated like stereotypes. Because it humanized every single character, like JJ, Chris, and especially Yurio. Because it allowed characters to explore their gender-fluidity (Viktor’s past, and Yuuri performing Eros). Because it didn’t shy away from mental health, with Yuuri and JJ’s panic attacks, and how the people around them did nothing but give their full love and support. Because it refused to ever make anyone look like a complete enemy, every skater had their own dreams, goals and hardships. Because when we’re presented with Yuuri and Viktor’s romance, we don’t just see them as two boys who want to get into each others’ pants. We see them as two people, people who developed a relationship through consent and talking their feelings with one another, and in turn, are now on their way to being married. Because two women had a dream, and even with a low budget, high expectations and a smaller studio, made it happen and people all over the world are more than ready to share it. 

Yuri on Ice’s Bluray and DVDs already sold 50,878 copies in the first week, and 0.5% of animes actually reach that kind of result. The OST is the third best selling CD and first best selling in digital sales in its first week. We’ve already topped more bestselling anime soundtracks than Viktor Nikiforov has records. 

For an anime ‘directed at fujoshis’

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"βίος" Orchestral Cover
Hiroyuki Sawano feat. Mika Kobayashi [Covered by Mike Reed IX]
"βίος" Orchestral Cover

Hi Everyone! (*´・v・)

Guess what! Time for another Hiroyuki Sawano cover. 
It was very nostalgic doing this cover since bios was the first soundtrack from Sawano-sensei I fell in love with.

I hope you like it :)

Artwork by Redjuice


*plays the orchestral version of Undertale OST - Heartache because it sounds fitting*

Yooo! I happened to have stumbled across @melbert‘s beautiful Nintendo x Undertale animations and couldn’t help but get inspired to make one as well.

So I made Marth and Ike, since they haven’t been done yet.

Poses taken from the Fire Emblem Fates: 4Koma & Character Guidebook

UTOPIA drops KILLER for new drama ‘Suspects’ ost

  • Track name: Killer
  • Artist: Utopia
  • Genre: Pop, RnB influence, Modern Orchestral pop
  • Type: Single (OST)
  • Release date: April 17, 2017
  • Line Distribution: here

[ Listen to the song: HERE ]

Utopia finally released the track that they contributed for OCN’s new drama: Suspects OST. Suspects which stars several 2K artist, which includes Utopia’s Cosmo, premiered two days ago April 15, 2017. The drama received good critics so far, from it’s amazing plot, all-star studded cast, and it’s OST that many fans had been waiting for. Fellow label mate Krokos had released their track for the said OST days ago, and now Utopia graced us with a killing Pop rnb track entitled as Killer.

Killer is mid-tempo song that has mixed influences from rnb, pop and modern orchestral which adds an elegant flair and color to Utopia’s style. The song is about a guy falling for a woman, and wanting for more.


  • thelittlespermaid: I want them to BANG BANG me on public stairs ughhh I love this.
  • clothedutopia: OMG OMG! this song is sexy, and I need to go to the church! Boys please! I’m a christian, stop this!
  • smtmiscoming: The rap line! Amazing as usual. I’m going to watch the drama and buy this song!
  • btsxblackpink213: BRUH THIS SONG IS BOOORRIING bwahahah flop drama, flop ost. Any Lisa fans here?
  • wetopia: I just got so wet and flooded my room from 00:00 to 03:33 minutes! Time to buy this.
  • naughtyfanboytrump: UGHH THIS SONG! It makes me wanna mpreg them! one member each day for a week!!! dfgrbgsdfsgr!!!

This is so amazing, no words can describe how much effort that’s been put into this

"Glassy Sky" Orchestral Cover
Yutaka Yamada [Covered by Mike Reed IX]
"Glassy Sky" Orchestral Cover

Hi Guys!  (•‿•)

For this week I decided to do a cover of Glassy Sky. I did like 34234234 version of it until I was finally somewhat satisfied.  눈_눈
Hope you guys like it!

Original Soundtrack: “Glassy Sky” by Yutaka Yamada

01. S E R E N A D E

With 8tracks being really glitchy and annoying these days, here’s a study/revision playlist on SoundCloud instead (you can see what tracks are on it, and can forward at your will). Beautiful and lifting instrumental soundtracks written for various movies and TV Shows by the likes of Hans Zimmer, Alexandre Desplat and Dario Marianelli. Let these classic and orchestral pieces serenade you in whatever you are doing, whether they are soft and gentle, or hymnal and epic.

Listen here (Time: 2h 45min; Tracks: 42)

Do not remove caption. Picture from Boston Ballet production of “Serenade”.

"On my Own" Orchestral Cover
Yutaka Yamada [Covered by Mike Reed IX]
"On my Own" Orchestral Cover

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ  How is everyone doing? 

Yet another Tokyo Ghoul cover. Every time I think about Root A I’m like “What if ufotable/wit studio did the anime” it makes me sad … 
Anyways. I hope you guys like this cover.

Original Soundtrack: “On my Own” by Yutaka Yamada.

"Release My Soul" Orchestral Cover
Hiroyuki Sawano feat. Aimee Blackschleger[Covered by Mike Reed IX]
"Release My Soul" Orchestral Cover

Hi Guys! 

I think it’s time for another Hiroyuki Sawano cover. 
“Release my Soul” was always very special to me because everytime it plays it instantly brings back memories of the series and it’s sad moments.

Anyways, hope you guys like it!

Original Song: “Release my Soul” by Hiroyuki Sawano feat. Aimee Blackschleger