orchestral design

paris is the strangest city i’ve ever been in i’ve never lived somewhere for a month and not known it even a little. paris felt like a perfectly constructed lie or a theatre piece that had its belly up at me but i still couldn’t understand it. you can think you’ve started to get at the “real” city but then you realize: so does everyone else and that’s why they came here, you can stand somewhere high up and see how it has been built planned orchestrated and designed so you can hand over something and have an “experience.” authenticity will elude you and the guilt of how “authentic” your experience was will chase you long after. the strangest thing of all is how happy you’ll feel anyways and how powerful it is to sink comfortably back in to what is comprehensible, what signifies as a “good” experience: it was the experience you expected to have in the first place, and so you had it.