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Song Of The Week #2 - Presudeos by Alon Mor

Long and strong masterpiece. This track is a unique blend of so many different concepts, it’s wild. It has compositional storytelling done with both western and nonwestern aspects/elements to it. It maintains an interesting balance of sounding simultaneously eerie and epic throughout. The sound design is amazing, it combines various forms of orchestral, electronic, and natural sounds. There’s a lot of use of water sounds, distortion, some neuro-influenced and granular synth design, interspersed with brief acoustic instrumental clips. Alon Mor really demonstrates his engineering ability here with the fantastic mixing, stereo imaging, and attention to dynamic range. The song as a whole isn’t trying to win the loudness wars, as he wants to stay true to the musicality, but when he wants to get loud, he gets loud. The piece also has great pacing with a certain motion to it that you can almost physically feel. I also enjoy the turn in tone that it takes towards the end with the pure emotion that was evidently put into it.

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Musical instruments?


2P!Italy: Violin, cello, piano, and guitar (acoustic or electric) (hella singer)
2P!Romano: Piano, violin, flute, and acoustic guitar (hella singer)
2P!Germany: Electric guitar and some drums
2P!Prussia: Piano, harp, flute, and violin (angel voice alert)
2P!Japan: Keyboard and electric guitar (he heard it was sexy)
2P!America: Guitar (acoustic/electric), drums, a bit of bass, and basic piano (he learned for musicals and plays)
2P!England: Piano, bass (orchestral) and viola (hella singer)
2P!France: Is like, a boss at piano??? Sudden musical talent??
2P!Russia: Knows a little piano
2P!China: Drums (heard that girls like drummers B )  )
2P!Canada: Guitar (acoustic, mainly) a bit of piano, and violin (also a hella singer)

Music Fact: Classical musicians are 50% more likely to suffer permanent hearing loss than rock musicians. This is almost entirely due to exposure to bass drums; a single orchestral bass drum is louder than an electric guitar at maximum amplification, and provides one-third of the audible power of a standard 75-piece symphony orchestra.

Björk. I really admire her as an artist, the first time I was introduced to her music I fell in love instantly. I think Vespertine is my favourite era. I would love to do an arrangement of one of her songs but I can never decide which one. Should stop overthinking. 

“It always seems impossible until it’s done” - Nelson Mandela 

 I really believe in this quote but sometimes I need to be reminded.

My dad gave me these stickers with motivational/positive quotes for Christmas! I love them so much :)