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IT IS HERE!!!! THE FIRST TRACK! Well this is just a clip. (Link in the bio)
The first track is out everyone! Its an updated version of a song from an old album but I thought it would fit right in with this one! You can get it at tommytoxinz.bandcamp.com! CHECK IT OUT AND DANCE!!!….or headbang… or just do what ever you want just listen! lol #electronicmusic #electronicrock #dubstep #edm #bassmusic #orchestral #spooky #spoopy #halloween #music #newmusic

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Heya guys, I thought I’d do commisions for my music as a way to earn money in my free time. I’ll be doing song commisions via PayPal and will making all songs on Garageband until I can get a better program for other songs. I’m still a little new from doing music production after a good two or so years but here are my prices.


$5-10 - For Ringtones, time will vary depending on song

$10-15 - For Remixes, this includes games song, movie songs, already made songs, etc(I have permission to decline if there isn’t a tutorial for said song.

$15-20 - For Original/Pre-made Songs, this will include fan music, original songs, and genre requests such as trap or dubstep

$20-30 -  For fan-albums or Mixtapes to be used for any event. These will not include my work but the works of others depending on how you want the mood for it to be, these will be sent to you through Google Drive as a folder


Welp, that’s pretty much it, if you guys have anything going, lemme know!

~Message box is for purchase inquiry only!~ (except for my mutuals…obviously lol)

Gemsonas and possible musical motifs/dancing styles~ I tried so hard. I’m not even sure if I’m getting the terms right

I have nothing specific for everyone, but Lead Glass would probably have something along the lines of Immobile Toe Shoes, Amethyst Druzy would have something similar to the Acane_Madder version of Moonlight Restaurant, Rainbow Obsidian would have something Lindsey Stirling, and Bertrandite as a fusion of all three would probably have orchestral dubstep~

also bonus:

heromight  asked:

theme song!


D U B S T E P. Specifically, Orchestral dubstep! Unlike Lyn’s, this is solely based on battle and Deku’s recklessness in the field. He gets heavily injured during serious battles because he doesn’t know when to say “That’s enough” to himself. Which is a good thing for being a hero, but a bad thing because he’s risking losing his arms. The steady kicks and increasing bass are aggression, the will to fight, but at some point he’s going to get tired and burn out.

So, I’ve never actually heard this song before today so I couldn’t really tell you anything about the producers, and I don’t regularly listen to orchestral dubstep so I can’t explain that much either. However, I can tell you why I chose this song specifically, from a musical perspective. One, it’s a great battle theme in general. Two, the progression isn’t too fast but it’s not too slow either, and the drop doesn’t overpower everything else getting closer to the end of the song. It’s balanced more towards kicks, which is still important to me in Deku music, and it’s more active, with a sense of urgency the previous song didn’t have. It’s like Deku’s need to get stronger before he completely loses All Might, but he can’t because he’ll risk losing himself.

“You’re next.”


Watch on lasermusic.tumblr.com

So i know I’m late posting this, but i must say this was the best Grammy Collaboration performance (other than Pharrell, Daft Punk, and Stevie Wonder) since Janelle Monae, B.o.B, and Bruno Mars’ performance a couple of years ago. The energy was something else, and they made their different arts blend well.

I was going to upload the official Radioactive Remix, but all the versions i found were sped up, pitched up/down, etc (which i hate!). But if you get the chance to listen to the real song, I love how the beginning has a sort of folkish feel, the singing verses are like dubstep, the chorus is pure rock, the bridge is orchestral, and then they top it off with a rap verse with one of the best MCs out right now. Put that altogether on an almost year old song, and people will jam to it for a good long while.

Great job Imagine Dragons and Kendrick Lamar.


What’s this, you ask? Is this the album cover for some random brony’s generic album of MLP remixes with vectors he found on DeviantArt? Wrong. This is the album art for the very first official MLP remix album.

Yes, I said official.

On June 23rd, this 13-track album is going to be released of remixes of songs from My Little Pony through Hasbro and Lakeshore Records. These songs are being remixed by professional DJs and musicians from around the globe.

The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Smile Song (Buddygirrl Remix)
  2. Love Is In Bloom (Angel Bunny Remix)
  3. Bab’s Seed (Hollidayrain Remix)
  4. Every Pony (Daisy O’Dell Remix)
  5. Winter Wrap Up (Feint Remix)
  6. Welcome Song (Faust & Shortee Remix)
  7. Cutie Mark Crusaders (Heavygrinder Remix)
  8. Raise This Barn (I Am Orange Remix)
  9. This Day Aria (Acid Paradox Remix)
  10. Every Pony (Rubicon 7 Remix)
  11. Love Is In Bloom (Hollidayrain Remix)
  12. Friendship is Magic (Justin Lassen Remix)
  13. Fluttershy’s Song (Arkasia Remix)

DO YOU KNOW WHO THESE ARTISTS ARE?! Sit your ass down and let me explain to you how good this remix album is going to be. I’m serious.

Buddygirrl, more recently known as Skyelle, is a progressive house/chillout producer whose crisp production and enchanting chords have even earned her a spot on Deadmau5′s record label, Mau5trap. Listen to her incredible remixes and originals here: https://soundcloud.com/buddygirrl

Angel Bunny is obviously not the official alias of a real musician/DJ, but rather an undercover name for a musician who doesn’t want to be associated with MLP, most likely for professionalism’s sake. That would generally mean they’re going to be someone very big and very talented. I’m looking forward to this remix a lot.

Hollidayrain’s been producing chill and/or uplifting music since 2006. We’ve heard prog house, chillstep, complextro, ambient, and pretty much every feel-good genre out there from this guy, and he’s very good at it. The best part about his music, it’s always free. Check out his SoundCloud here: https://soundcloud.com/hollidayrain

Daisy O’Dell isn’t as well known as the other artists on here, but she specializes in taking others’ music and, not necessarily remixing it, but enhancing it. She can bring an old, forgotten rock song back to life with crisper drums and powerful pads. Her take on… Every Pony?… should be a good one. You can find her work on SoundCloud as well: https://soundcloud.com/daisyodell

I LOVE FEINT. DO YOU GUYS KNOW WHO FEINT IS. I don’t know that the Feint featured in this remix album is the Feint I have in mind, but the Feint I know is a very good drum & bass producer/DJ who has active features on the prestigious dnb promotion/record company, Liquicity. His music will sweep you away every time and I would love nothing more than to hear his take on Winter Wrap Up. Seriously, listen to this guy’s stuff and tell me it isn’t some of the most powerful and moving music you’ve ever heard: https://soundcloud.com/feintdnb

Faust & Shortee? Are you KIDDING ME?! DJ Shortee is one of the best female DJs, if not the best female DJ, in the world (that’s right, Paris Hilton. Get your weak beat looping out of here). She later took on production after teaming up with her good friend Faust and currently releases DUBSTEP AND DRUMSTEP with Heavy Artillery Records under the alias Urban Assault. ARE WE SERIOUSLY GONNA GET A DUBSTEP REMIX OF PINKIE’S WELCOME SONG RIGHT NOW?! Listen to the stuff this crazy duo has made. They go hard af: https://soundcloud.com/faustandshortee/red-mob-hk-fifty-one-circus-1

Heavygrinder, another female producer/DJ, makes exactly the type of music you would expect from a name like that. She takes metal and other hard rock genres and makes awesome, heavy hitting dubstep remixes - and she’s going to be remixing the Cutie Mark Crusaders theme song. This is gonna be insane. Here’s one of Bobby’s remixes of The Smashing Pumpkins as an example of what we’re gonna be hit with when this remix album drops: https://soundcloud.com/djheavygrinder/bullet-with-butterfly-wings

It’s ironic that someone named I Am Orange is going to be remixing the Apple family’s most popular song, but after some research I don’t think anyone’s going to be disappointed. I Am Orange is another dubstep/drum & bass producer who knows what he’s doing. Not only are his drops excellently constructed, but his melodies are incredibly captivating as well. Listen to his great collection on SoundCloud. I’m really digging Crow Machine: https://soundcloud.com/iamorangemusic

Acid Paradox, a dubstep producer with features on EDM.com, is going to be remixing This Day Aria. That song’s notorious for its dubstep remixes, but AP’s gonna take this to a whole new level. 10 minutes on his SoundCloud is all it’s going to take to get you hype for what he’ll be bringing to this album. https://soundcloud.com/acid-paradox

Rubicon 7 is a fantastic duo between club-pandering EDM and powerful vocals, both male and female. They’re touring DJs and quality producers who will have an excellent contribution to this album, I’m sure. R7′s stuff is on SoundCloud as well: https://soundcloud.com/rubicon7

Justin Lassen isn’t very well known in the producer scene as he tends to work commercially on movie scores and video game OSTs. His orchestral compositions are breathtaking and I’m excited to see what he’ll do with the MLP theme song. I would highly recommend browsing his library here: https://soundcloud.com/justinlassen

And finally we come to Arkasia, a talented dubstep/orchestral fusion producer who I’ve really been a fan of as of late. He’s actaully collaborated with Lassen on a few songs and he’ll be taking on one of Fluttershy’s pieces for this album. I’m sure we can expect something powerful from him as a finale to this incredible remix collaboration. Listen to this amazing tune from Arkasia featured on EDM.com’s SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/dubstep/arkasia-gravity


I hope everyone is as excited for this as I am. For the first time in 4 and half years, MLP is going to be receiving professional treatment from some seriously talented producers, and we have bronies to thank for this. Our consistent musical contributions have gained widespread attention and are still one of the strongest contributions in any fandom to date.

You can pre-order a physical copy of the album from Amazon here, or you can wait until the album’s official release and snag a download for the album from iTunes, Amazon, and other popular online retails.