Hi everyone! 
I had this idea that we should all create this long list of the “problems” with playing __(insert instrument)______. I personally play both piano and violin (and I have yet to decide which one I will give up and which one I will continue to play…it’s an extremely hard choice). And that’s when I thought of this list…so here we go! Just add on/reblog your complaints under the instrument name please, and if you don’t find your instrument (those below were all the ones I could think of right now), then just add it! 

List of Complaints. 

  • Always having to perform on a different instrument


  • Having to tune every time you play
  • Shoulder rest will fall off anytime 
  • shifting
  • shoulder rest hickeys, FREAKING WINTER, not having keys or frets to help play in tune and having to rely on your own ear and muscle memory, I’m sure I could think of more, but that’s all I can think of right off the top of my head. (http://chasingideas.tumblr.com/


  • Violent teeth chattering when having to play on the C, when you’re craving for a delicious melody but just get a boring part, having to be the butt of every joke, not having to shift literally ever and then not being able to do it correctly (kindestofkisseshardestofhearts)


  1. You can’t wear a dress when you play for obvious reasons, but people do anyway and it’s very uncomfortable. (caffienatedcellist)




  • Reeds are clearly made of solid gold based on how much they cost, but they break every time you breathe on them (caffienatedcellist)






  • There’s so much tubing to go through, you have to take a breath every other note, especially if you have asthma, as I do (gameofsofas)


  • You are unacknowledged by OrchestraHumour (<– oh my gosh! so sorry!) 

    Packing. Unpacking. For rehearsals, performances, competitions, tours, etc. I have actually gained arm muscles from lifting heavy things.

    • When people don’t help with said un/packing. (THANK YOU TO THE ONES WHO DO!)
    • You watch helplessly during demos as kids recklessly bash your babies using the wrong mallets/sticks.
    • If other sections have too few members, they generally can compensate by playing louder. If there are too few percussionists, we end up running around like headless chickens. (adagiothebeats )