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the different parts of a high school string orchestra
  • first stands: great pals with the conductor, talk all the time but it's usually mostly orchestra puns. the first violinist and first cellist are probably dating
  • second stands: best behaved and generally silent, for someone reason they almost all wear sweatshirts, the 'burbs
  • third stands: filled with those snubbed by malicious conductors, juniors plotting their overthrow of the system, whispering, and an air of general discontent
  • fourth stands and beyond: the coolest people you'll ever meet, super chill, always have gum when you ask, lots of talking that could only very charitably be called quiet
  • bass section: you've left orchestra class far behind. no one can hear the conductor here. the first violins are a sigh on the wind, the folder cubbies a distant memory. we try to move the malfunctioning stands to the viola section, but they return. they always return

I was talking to my mom earlier about getting me measured at the music store later so we can order my cello considering she said we’d look into it in July, and she was refusing because the month had just started, and in response I said “But, if we don’t look into them this month…that means……..Julyed

I’m getting measured next time the store opens.