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To discover the new frontier of urban farming, you’ll have to look up — and look sharp — for hanging fruit.

Urban orchards are dropping everything from apples to persimmons to avocados on Seattle, Bloomington, Ind., Boston, Toronto, San Francisco, Los Angeles and other North American cities. Groups like the Portland Fruit Tree Project advocate for public access to existing fruit trees so that people can glean crops that would otherwise go uneaten — an idea some are calling radical. Other groups are more interested in planting new groves of fruit trees on previously fallow city land.

Fruit trees produce food, but also provide shade, keep greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere, improve water quality and may even deter crime. Advocates say they also have a longer lasting impact on communities than vegetable beds.

Urban Food Forests Make Fruit Free For The Picking

Photo credit: Courtesy of Philadelphia Orchard Project

anonymous asked:

Love the blog! Makes me want to start one of my own actually. But anyway hcs for the paladins whos s/o is a major gardener? Plants on every surface, brain is 75% plant facts and puns, always covered in dirt smears and often found in the greenhouse.

i really want to leaarn how to plant but everytime i try it dies like the next day and im sad :(


- oh god he’ll think s/o is adorable

- he’ll listen to s/o ramble all day long because it makes him feel all warm inside

- will blush eveytime he sees dirt smears and tries to casually wipe it of them but ends up a blushing mess

- will kindly accompany s/o in their greenhouse 

- probably memorizes the plant facts by heart so he can impress them

- finds all their jokes so cheesy but endearing

- enjoys giving s/o flowers or seeds

- shiro is so awed at their green thumb like he isn’t faking it at all

- asks s/o toteach him sometimes

- occasionally helps them watre plants and all that

- really loves how earthy they smell like


- Lance would be amazed at their skillss

- will ask millions of questions about it

- ofcourse asking questions would lead s/o to ramble about plants 

- but he loves it

- falls more inlove with s/o when they start making plant puns

- starts a “who can make a better plant pun” challenge

- everytime there’s dirt smeared on s/o’s face he will wipe it off then pepper kisses all over their face

- will drag s/o out of their greenhouse to visit like orchards or huge gardens

- will thinnk it’s adorable when they get all excited about it

- gets worried that s/o will get poisoned by a plant

- wouldn’t mind getting his hands dirty because of helping s/o

- probably will be that type of guy who likes making out in greenhouses lmao


- will think iit’s cool

- is shook at some of the plant facts

- he’ll snort when s/o says plant pun for the first time

- will think it’s adorable when he gets used to it

- kinda cracks a smile as well

- will take s/o out camping because why not

- he likes it a lot  when s/o starts to ramble on about plants

- oh god he’ll bring always bring a packeyt of wet tissues to wipe s/o’s dirt smears

- will kiss the places where the dirt was because he’s just romantic taht way

- will blast out mcr or bmth in their greenhouse


- she’ll be so happy to learn about new plants

- shares facts with eachother

- helps s/o creat the best fertelizer and things like that

- will crack up evrytime s/o says a plant related pun

- will endlessly watch s/o take care of plants because its so cool

- will hangout at their greenhouse to do research whilst s/o is planting

- asks a bunch of questions about plants and weeds

- everytime she sees a new plant she will take a sample for s/o

- pidge would be so proud of their skills in planting

- will help digitalize s/o’s greenhouse 


- he finds s/o so interesting

- willbond over the taste of vegetables and fruits

- will help s/o harvest all the fruits and veggies

- takes s/o out on a picnic with all the dishesh he made with s/o’s produce

- probably a place where it’s green and near a lake

- will teach s/o how to cook 

- s/o would teach him gardening in exchange

- will occasioannly bring snacks in their greenhouse incase they get hungry

- will tease s/o abouut the dirt on their face

-  man he’s so whipped

-would love it when s/o would start to ramble about plants

- he finds it so precious

- will ask pidge to help him learn more about plants


“Pick Of The Crop.” Julia Nobis photographed by Stephan Ward for Vogue Australia, October 2013.