This is one of my Larp characters The Blackblood troll Hî Mashkod.
She belongs to the orch tribe Zagaraûk (my larp group) that consist mostly of Uruk-Hais. Hî is a spy and loves to steal everything she can get her hands on. Her most important job is to drag the Uruk-Hais of the battlefield if they get wounded, as a reward they let her be to do what she wants.  

I made everything my self except the two inner necklaces, the brass pieces, the chain-mail and one of the bags is made by my boyfriend ^__^


MAN FLESH, hahahahaha




Had an amazing night spent with my girls Grace, Camille, and Annie!

-Shared interesting college experiences

-Went to La Corneta, even though I didn’t get a burrito since I ate before I met up with them

-Watched the Sota orch/vocal performance

Can’t wait to catch up with them again and have burrito dates during this winter break<3

Shchedrin, Rodion - The Little Humpbacked Horse ( Dachenko , Orch , Zhiriathis ) - CD4

Shchedrin, Rodion mp3 download


The Little Humpbacked Horse ( Dachenko , Orch , Zhiriathis ) - CD4 album:

  • Artist - Shchedrin, Rodion mp3
  • Album - The Little Humpbacked Horse ( Dachenko , Orch , Zhiriathis ) - CD4 mp3
  • Year - 0
  • Genre- Classical


  • The Little Humpbacked Horse 37 the firebird
  • The Little Humpbacked Horse 33 ivan variations
  • The Little Humpbacked Horse 36 ivan entrance
  • The Little Humpbacked Horse 38 catching firebirds
  • The Little Humpbacked Horse 34 the humpbacked horse fourth flight
  • The Little Humpbacked Horse 44 epilogue
  • The Little Humpbacked Horse 42 the funeral march
  • The Little Humpbacked Horse 40 the duet of ivan and the princess
  • The Little Humpbacked Horse 35 the tsar expects ivan
  • The Little Humpbacked Horse 41 the tsar and the boyards
  • The Little Humpbacked Horse 39 the cage
  • The Little Humpbacked Horse 43 the duet of ivan and the princess

Download The Little Humpbacked Horse ( Dachenko , Orch , Zhiriathis ) - CD4

. Scedrin-Plisecka1.JPG. International Maya Plisetskaya and Rodion Shchedrin Foundation Rodion Shchedrin. Shchedrin combines folklore and tradition with collage, aleatoric and. Rodion Shchedrin: Information from Answers.com Rodion (Konstantinovich) Shchedrin ( b Moscow, 16 Dec 1932). Rodion Shchedrin The Russian composer Rodion Shchedrin, born in Moscow in 1932, began his musical career. Rodion Shchedrin.jpg. Rodion Konstantinovich. He was a pupil of Shaporin at the Moscow Conservatory (1951-5) Shchedrin,rodion Vinyl Records, CDs, Shchedrin,rodion Albums. 1,034,781. Russian composer. Internation Maya Plisetskaya and Rodion Shchedrin Foundation Internation Maya Plisetskaya and Rodion Shchedrin Foundation Shchedrin Shchedrin’s output roughly divides in three periods. His early works. 5,601 bytes. Rodion Shchedrin CDs, MP3s, lossless audio | Ariama.com Buy CDs, MP3s, and lossless audio featuring works and performances by Rodion Shchedrin, with insightful editorial and search tools tailored for classical music discovery. Shchedrin’s early music is tonal, colourfully orchestrated and often includes. The works of Rodion Shchedrin are published by Schott Verlag and Sikorski Verlag.. Category:Rodion Konstantinovich Shchedrin - Wikimedia Commons Media in category “Rodion Konstantinovich Shchedrin” The following 4 files are in this

if the members of seventeen were in band or orchestra
  • s.coups:good enough to be in the top orchestra but second violin and always is in the back; relevant and popular; was unanimously voted orchestra president for his last year; knows exactly what to say to hype up the whole orchestra
  • jeonghan:that really good cellist who is super focused and moves around a lot when he plays so his luscious hair flops around everywhere; super nice and always willing to help out someone who is having trouble with their music
  • joshua:second violin who would play the electric guitar alongside the strings and percussion during the pop shows; would bring his acoustic guitar and serenade his friends outside the orch room before and after sectionals; looks embarrassing in all of the combined portraits
  • jun:that one super serious, really dedicated violinist that's still willing to help (but not in a condescending way bc he's so nice); always first violin region and always makes all state but doesn't let it get to his head
  • hoshi:really good percussionist; volunteers to do everything aka full orchestra, musicals, and jazz band; his mouth hangs open and his head bobs to the beat as he stares at the baton in concentration during concerts; you just take one look at him and just KNOW he's in band
  • wonwoo:he's that one that joined just because his friends were in it but ended up loving it (see: seungkwan) and is actually pretty good; always tries to come up with excuses to skip his private lessons but still flirts with his private lesson teacher nonetheless
  • woozi:all state oboe player; when he's playing, his dimples stand out SO MUCH making all the girls swoon; probably one of the only band members that cares about full orchestra
  • dk:the cocky trumpet player that isn't too obnoxious so everyone still loves him despite being So competitive; drum major for two consecutive years; during summer band all the girls put their water jugs next to his so they can appreciate his existence during breaks
  • mingyu:the second violin that's good enough to be in the top orchestra but not rly since he's second; has the most focused and straight face while playing; pisses his stand partner off bc of how high he sets his stand; would probably pretend to mark his music when the director tells everyone to; has rly ugly drawings on his sheet music; writes stupid notes making fun of the director on his music just to make his stand partner laugh
  • the8:the genuinely nice and dedicated exception to all of the other conceited, cocky trumpet players; the directors love him; tries not to laugh at dk's bad jokes since it'll upset the directors but fails bc they're funny af; looks super cute in the marching band overalls
  • seungkwan:the loser lame viola that isn't actually lame bc everyone wants to be his friend; influences ppl who aren't really into music to be able to appreciate it; the only one to get the strict deadpan af director to crack a smile with his dumb jokes during rehearsals
  • hansol:the one really lazy, always slouching, always shadow-bowing bassist that's actually pretty good if he took it more seriously; makes faces during other ppl's playing tests when they're a lil rough; the only one that smiles at the audience while everyone else has a straight face when the whole orchestra stands up at the end of their performance
  • dino:that one freshman drummer that's super good at percussion so he got sucked into participating in full orchestra even though he doesn't rly know what he's doing; messes around so much that you expect the tense orch director to get rly angry but since he's so talented precious and charming they just let him off easy