This is one of my Larp characters The Blackblood troll Hî Mashkod.
She belongs to the orch tribe Zagaraûk (my larp group) that consist mostly of Uruk-Hais. Hî is a spy and loves to steal everything she can get her hands on. Her most important job is to drag the Uruk-Hais of the battlefield if they get wounded, as a reward they let her be to do what she wants.  

I made everything my self except the two inner necklaces, the brass pieces, the chain-mail and one of the bags is made by my boyfriend ^__^


MAN FLESH, hahahahaha

Had an amazing night spent with my girls Grace, Camille, and Annie!

-Shared interesting college experiences

-Went to La Corneta, even though I didn’t get a burrito since I ate before I met up with them

-Watched the Sota orch/vocal performance

Can’t wait to catch up with them again and have burrito dates during this winter break<3