drinking, jamming, and skating one of the best parks in the u.s with bailes, kuhn, magaziner, martz, schwab, and crobzombee on orcas island


Two super intense wonderful days (yet more than that if you include + prep +travel +marketing etc. etc.)…

A whirlwind 2 day visit to the San Juan Islands to teach “Real Estate in the Social Age”  a 3 clock hour class for local Realtors®. After my last session (2nd day) on Orcas Island I was finally done about 12:30 pm or so and headed to the waterfront in Eastsound.

Just off Main Street there’s a wonderful little waterfront park just off and west of old downtown. It was so (unusually) quiet, so peaceful. I got to.decompress for a while and just be quiet and listen to nothing but the water and the birds who call it home. No agenda…

Much needed time for reflection, to reassess, re-evaluate life and everything that is, and enjoy it… It actually took a few minutes, but this old Pacific Northwest guy felt the glow and brightness of his soul again.

I come from here, the Pacific Northwest. Not from Orcas Island, from way farther south (Renton/Seattle) but just the same it’s the Salish Sea, my Puget Sound.

I’m reminded it’s true what Grandma Pauline and my Mom said often when I was growing up. “You’re so fortunate and blessed to live in God’s country.” Amen… I am…